DIfferent kind of phone sex
Got home the other day after work. Lisa is on the phone, standing by the window. She smiles at me as I walk in, she mouths "Suzie" to me, telling me she is talking to her best friend. That can take a while. I get a beer from the fridge, loosen my tie, sit down on the sofa, watch my fiancee talk to her friend. I admire her toned, elegant legs, her tight ass and the full tits that I love so much. It's Friday night and I am relaxed, workweek over and all. I lean back and stare at her. Her lips, which I love some much wrapped around my cock, her long fingers which drive me crazy when then run over my chest. She turns me on and I am getting hard just looking at her.

She comes over to the sofa, notices my bulge, and give me a wide-eyed smile. I get up, put my hands on her hips from behind and pull her towards me. I rub my hardening cock against her perfectly round ass, making me even harder. I slip my hand into her white pants and pull them down, along with her burgundy thong, while I massage her ass. I want more of her. I undo my belt, push down my pants, and slide my rod between her willing legs. She giggles a little. I kneel down and begin to lick her pussy from behind. She bends over the sofa, and I can tell it is getting harder for her to keep talking to Suzie, but she makes a valiant effort. I spread her ass and am eating her pussy, making sure I flick my tongue over her clit just how she likes it. Her legs tense up, she shudders under my touch. My cock is ready to explode.

"Listen, Suzie, Ben just got home, I gotta go" she says, and sounds a little out of breath. "Ok, then, talk to you tomorrow; Bye, love you". She throws the phone on the sofa and turns her head.

"Oh my God, baby, I want you to fuck me right now!" she almost screams. I love seeing her so excited. I get up, rip her top off, still from behind and without hesitate I slide fully into her. She moans loudly. "Oh yeah, fuck me babe, do me hard today".

I know this will not last long, we are both so ready to come. I thrust deep and hard into her, skewering her with every push. She moans louder and louder. I groan and grunt, loudly, I work her hard. From behind, almost cumming. I now she does not cum easily when I am behind her and because I now I will cum no matter how, I turn her around to make her scream more and to make her come. It's not a bad deal for me either, as I now have full view of her glorious tits. Bouncing as I stab my cock deep into her. She is now draped over the side of the sofa and I love watching her under my hammering thrusts. "Of fuck" she keeps screaming. "You want to cum, babe?" I ask her. She pleads "yes, make me fucking cum, right now". I hit her even harder with my jackhammering cock and there is no holding her back, she howls, she gasps, she screams and as she comes down from her orgasms her moans come in waves.

"I want your cum on me, hun", she says. She takes out my cock, I stand over her, she reaches up and pumps me. I tell her "Harder, go harder. Oh yeah, make me, hun, make me, fucking cum". She works me hard, she milks my suffering cock. "Oh yeah, here it comes, I am so fucking cummign all over you, oh yeah" I scream and there I blow. A fat stream of spunk splattering all over her abs and tits. I scream out loud and hard. This is exactly what we both wanted.

I go around and lay down next to her on the sofa. My arm touches her phone, I pick it up to move it aside. There is a crackling noise, I put it on my ear. It is still on "Suzie?"

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