Dad's Best Friend
My name is Krystal. I was seventeen my last birthday. I'm five foot seven and have an average body. I have always thought of myself of the kind of girl that would never find her dream guy, but one night changed everything.

As I lie in my bed, I hear someone come into my room and quietly shut the door behind them. I slowly open my eyes to look around, scared of who it may be. When my eyes adjust I am utterly shocked to see my dad's best childhood friend, Mike, standing in front of the closed door. Mike was gorgeous; six foot, athletically built, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was the kind of man every woman dreams of, completely out of my league, and yet here he was in my bedroom in the middle of the night.

"Mike! What are you doing in here? Dad would kill you." I sat up with a start, saying the only thing I could think of at the time.

"I'm sorry, Krystal. I didn't mean to frighten you," he said softly, still in position. "I was watching you sleep."

I knew he was lying because he knew I was light sleeper. He slowly closed the distance between us and sat beside me. When I managed to look him, I noticed he was wearing only boxer shorts. At that moment my body begins to react; chills crawled down my spin and tingled downstairs. I think he noticed, otherwise he wouldn't have continued.

"Krystal," Mike spoke cautiously. "I have wanted you for months but thought you would never speak to me again if I told you." He looks around the room as if wondering if this were a mistake. When he finally starts to get up I grab his arm.

"No wait!" I blurted. "I want you too, Mike. I'm in love with you. I...I," My eyes darted around the room then back to him. "I never had the nerve to act on it. I didn't think anyone wanted meyou of all people."

He looks at me and grinned from ear to ear. God I loved that smile. "Why would you think that?" he sat again. "You're sexy. No," he corrected himself. "You're beautiful."

He leaned in and when his lips touched mine I felt a burst of wetness between my legs. We remain in that position with lips locked for near ten minuets, the passion growing with every twist and touch of our tongues. He slowly pulled back the blankets away from my naked body and whispered in my ear, "I wandered what you slept in." he smiled. "I like this very much."

He kissed from my ear to my neck, and further to my perky full breasts. He licked and nibbled at my erect nipples, causing tiny shocks of pleasure with every move. I let out a cry of pleasure and stopped him, "What if mom and dad hear?"

He smiled, "They won't. They aren't here. They went into town and won't be back until morning." He placed his mouth on my breasts and explored with his hands. Slowly his hands find their way to the crevasses of my womanhood where he played with my clit and gave me a pleasing smile at the fact that I am already wet for him. "You're so wet, baby, and I haven't even started yet." Without warning, he plunged a finger into my velvety sheath. I release a cry of pleasure. Next thing I know his head was between my legs and he is licking, kissing and sucking my clit while working his fingers in and out of me. The more I moan the harder he licks and finger fucks me. I had been with other guys before but this was no comparison. My body began to shake from my looming orgasm and he stops...and I moan a protest and open my eyes.

"What do you want, baby? Tell me what you want." He said looking up at me, his hand pulling his rock hard dick out of his boxers. I had never realized just how big he was.

"You, Mike. I want you inside of me now. Please I need you inside of me."

Mike positioned himself on top of me and the head of his huge cock poked my wet entrance. He pushed his head where it would part my lips to accept him. Slowly he began to ease his head inside, bringing me further to the edge with need. Finally I couldn't take it anymore I bucked my hips so that his dick ripped its way into me. Adjusting to his girth hurt at first.

"Anxious are we?" He chuckled and I blushed. His dick moved in and out, bringing forth a cry of pleasure with each stroke. His strokes grew in speed and pressure. I had never felt pleasure like this. My body reached its max and I began shaking under him.

"I'm gonna cum, Krystal." He started to pull out but I stopped him.

"Don't you dare stop, Mike. I want you to cum inside me; cum with me."

"You could get pregnant."

"I don't care. I love you."

"I love you too, Krystal" He trust harder and I felt his orgasm before he did. His body shuttered and mine shook. We reached our climax together and I felt his seed spill out into me. We collapsed, holding each other as if there was no tomorrow. After a few moments, we heard a vehicle pull into the drive way.

"Shit, their home!" He pulled his now soft cock back into his shorts and kissed me passionately one last time, then whispered, "I love you!" onto my lips as he breaks off the kiss and ran from the room.

I laid back and look at the ceiling. I couldn't believe what had just happened. It was the best I'd ever had. And from that day on would ever have.

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