Dad's Best Friend Pt. 3
"Mike! Open up." Came my fathers voice from the other side of the door.

"What are we going to do?" I asked quietly.

"I don't know baby. Maybe he doesn't suspect anything. Just, I guess, finish getting dressed in the bathroom and I'll stall him. Just hurry." He whispers kissing me on the for head as I grabbed my clothes and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

As I was trying my best to get my clothes on with shaky hands, I could hear Mike opening the door.

"Hey Tom! What brings you out this way?"

"Well I was coming to invite you to grill out at the house, but it looks like someone beat me too it.

"Where's Krystal?" I heard my dad say and with this I calmed down a bit, until I noticed the hickie on the side of my neck. I took my hair down and brushed it out hoping that was enough to keep my dad from seeing it. Then I walked out of the bath room and back down the hall towards the living room.

""Oh hey daddy!" I say trying to act natural. I also noticed that my brother was with him also.

"Hey baby girl. Did you come to invite him to the house?" he asked me.

"Of course! I don't just come out here for no reason. Hey Jake." I replied not thinking that what I had said sounded a little suspicious, but apparently he hadn't noticed.

"Well ok. I'm headed back to the house to fire up the grill. Mike I guess you can just ride back with Krystal. If that's ok."

"Yea, that's fine by me." Mike answered.

"Yo, dad! Is it ok if I ride back with these two?" Jake asked

"Yea I guess its ok, if its ok with your sister." Dad answered.

We stood and talked for a few more minuets then dad once again stated that he had to go. He finally left about fifteen minuets after that. Once he was out of the yard Jake turned to the two of us.

"You know your not fooling anyone right? Well Maybe him but not me."

"What do you mean?" I asked shocked and a little scared.

" First of all you have a hickie on your neck, and second the two of you completely and utterly reek of sex." he replied laughing a little.

"Jake.... Please don't tell anyone. Especially dad." I begged

"You really think I'm that stupid? I could see it now if I told him. Headlines of newspaper would read "Father murders daughter's older lover in small town.". he replied laughing.

We all stood around talking about how the whole thing with me and Mike started and how we wanted it to be a forever relationship. Jake seemed to understand how we both felt about each other, but only time would tell on him keeping it all a secret. We decided that it was time to get going so the three of us jumped in the truck and headed back to the house.

Later that afternoon while dad was cooking and mom was occupied inside I asked Mike if he wanted to go for a walk and of course he said yes.

"Mike, I never got to say what I thought of what you said at your place." I stated while we were walking.

"Well, how do you feel?" he answered the look on his face showed he may have been a little scared that I wouldn't feel the way he did.

"I feel the same way that you do Mike. I want to be with you regardless of what my father, or anyone else has to say. If I have to fight to be with you I will. I want to marry you and someday have your children. You are the only man that has made me feel like you do." I replied smiling at the last statement.

He stopped walking turned me towards him and kissed me very passionately for a few minuets pushing me backwards into a tree
. "And how exactly do I make you feel baby?" He said smiling at me as I tried to catch my breath.

"Like I am on fire. One look at you and I want to quite literally push you to the ground and rape you."

"Really! Why don't we test that theory." He replied

I grinned at the fact that he wanted to have sex in the woods. I had always wandered what it would be like. I slowly got down onto my knees unzipping his pants as I went down. I reached inside and pulled his cock out placing into my mouth, slowly sliding it in and out. I could hear Mike groaning and his breaths getting quicker the faster I sucked on his cock.

"Oh God Baby that feels so good." He gasped as his orgasm grew closer.

After a few more minuets he told me he was about to cum and I sucked harder. He Finally blew his load into my hot mouth and I swallowed every bit. When I finally took his dick out of my mouth he lays back onto the ground, his Cock still out.

I pull my pants off to reveal I was no longer wearing panties. I had never put them back on at his house. I think that fact turned him on even more. I walked over to him placing my knees on each side of his thighs and slowly lowered myself onto his rock hard dick, moaning the further in his cock inched. I started slowly bouncing up and down on him my breathing coming more quickly with each bounce. After a few moments he began to match my rhythm making the pleasure grow to a height at which I swore I was going to explode as my orgasm started ripping through me at a slower rate than it ever had, and god it was so amazing. It took about twenty to thirty more minuets and several more body shattering orgasms from me before he reached his orgasm. When we had both caught our breath we got re-dressed and picked all the leaves and dirt out of each others hair.

"I love you so very much Krystal." Mike said as we were walking back towards the house.

"I love you too Mike." I replied.

"Krystal, I know we have only been together for a few days but I want to be with you forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." he says as he fumbled for something in his pocket.

"I know baby, I want us to be together forever as well. No man has ever in the few years that I have been dating made me feel the way you have in the last few days." I replied.

" Krystal I want to ask you something." He replied as he turned to me and I saw what he was holding in his hand.

"Oh my god Mike!!! Are you serious??" I asked so shocked I was frozen where I stood.

"Yes Krystal I am. Will You Marry Me and Be the One Woman that I spend the rest of my life with?"

.................To Be Continued.

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