Daddy's Baby Girl
I ran to my room and hid there. Daddy would be home soon and there was no way that I wanted to be there when he got home. I wanted to run away, but he would only use the GPS on my Camero to find me. Plus, there wasn't a lot of places that I could go without his money either. Damn, I was so screwed.
Okay, you are probably wondering why I am hiding from my Daddy. I have had only Daddy since I was 10 years old. Mom just up and decided that she no longer wanted to be a mother anymore. So, it has been just Daddy and me. And let me tell you, he needs to calm down on the rules. My friends think I'm nuts, but they don't live here. Daddy demands that everything look spotless. There are no sleep overs, because he was afraid there would be to big of a mess. There was no telephone calls after 6 pm. Come on, my friends and I don't typically get home from practice until 7pm. I can only have one friend stay over night, again, because of the mess possibility. I was not to come out of my room after 9 pm. If I heard any strange noises or sounds, I was to turn a deaf ear. The list is endless and I hate them all. They are just to much.
Three weeks ago, I turned 16 and Daddy turned weird. I have always thought Daddy was an attractive man and often worried that he needed a female companion. Okay, I admit, I thought if he got laid, he wouldn't be so strict with me. But on my 16th birthday party, I looked over at Daddy and saw a look that was totally not fatherly resting upon me. Would I dare to say that he was looking at me with lust in his eyes. Like I was no longer his little girl, but almost a woman. And I realized that it was Daddy that I wanted to bed me. I even started masturbating at night. Images of Daddy running through my head. Man, I wanted him badly. He pulled me aside and told me that he realized that I would be having sex and that it was okay with him. But he didn't want any 'messes' on his furniture or my bed. That if I were to have sex, I would have to change my sheets immediately after. No boys were to be staying overnight. His words were: "Just fuck him and have him leave. Then clean up your mess." I started wearing my pajamas without my robe, to entice him to fuck me. Then I started to wear just a tank top (no bra), panties, and socks before bed. Laying on my stomach, in front of him, letting him have a good view of my pussy. Still he didn't bite. But I did notice him adjusting his cock a lot more than normal.
So, why am I hiding like a coward in my room? Well, I was masturbating in the living room (like I do daily) and this time, I watched a porno and got really excited thinking of Daddy doing those things to me. When I came, I actually squirted all over the couch. I thought I got it all cleaned off, but I was wrong, you could still see the puddle that was on the couch. Then I put that movie away (Daddy owned it) and went to his room. There was always something so erotic about masturbating in Daddy's bed. I crawled into bed and imagined Daddy coming home and finding his little girl in his bed. I was so hot thinking about fucking Daddy in his bed, that I barely had to touch my clit before I felt like I exploded all over his bed. That is why I am hiding in my room as I hear the garage door open and the Jag pull in. I know that he'll kill me when he sees the couch and he'll definitely be able to smell me on his bed. But when he sees that spot on the bed, he'll flip.
Damn, I should have left the house. Head hanging down, I made my way through the house to the study. A room that I had actually never gone into before. Daddy always making sure I knew that when he was in there, he needed quiet to pay bills and things. Standing before those doors, my heart stopped beating. He bellowed at me to enter and I squeezed through, closed the door, and leaned against the door. I needed to have something to keep me upright. I was shaking and didn't know what in the hell he would do to me. I stood there, head hanging down, and waited.
"Tell me what happened to my couch," he ordered.
I so wanted to turn into a puddle of water and flow under the door. I mumbled what happened and grabbed the door knob. Thinking that if he got really angry and started towards me, I could get out of the door quickly. He asked me to repeat myself and louder. Again, I replied and was barely audible.
"Do Penrod's hang their heads and mumble answers, Soith," he asked softly.
Looking up at him, I had to agree. We are to proud to hang our heads and mumble. Gathering up what little courage I had left, I looked him in the eye and told him that I had tried to clean it up as best as I could. Nodding, he said that it looked like someone tried to clean it up. Then he asked what it was exactly. Grimacing, I told him that I had watched one of his porno's and came all over the couch.
"Come here," he ordered.
I walked behind his desk and looked at him square in the eye. I felt like I was trying to stare down a lion. His eyes rolled up and down my body and I shivered in anticipation. It had been years since I had been punished. He told me to get into position. Swallowing hard, I realized that he was going to spank me. I bent over and placed my hands on the floor. I didn't try to pull my skirt down, only hoped that Daddy didn't notice how wet my pussy still was.
Daddy ran his hand over my ass and I shivered. It felt so wonderful having his hands on my ass. Carefully, he pulled down my panties and still rubbed my ass. I thought I heard him moan, but I could have been mistaken. He gave me five cracks on my ass and then rubbed my sore ass. I groaned half in pain and half in pleasure. His hand stayed on my ass and he continued to rub it. It felt funny to have him rub my ass as it still stung. Then I felt his finger slide between my ass cheeks and I shivered again. He acted like nothing happened, so I didn't mention it.
His hand slide over my ass and almost touched my pussy. My pussy throbbed for his touch. As his hand rubbed over me again, I wiggled my hips and felt his finger slide between my pussy lips. This time I definitely heart Daddy moan. He jerked me upright and pulled me close to him. I felt his cock against my ass and his hands cupped my breasts, squeezing and molding them. I twisted around and kissed him. My tongue sliding across his lips, rubbing across his. He moaned and grabbed my hair, tilting my head sideways and kissing me deeply.
"Damn it, baby girl. This is not right," he said.
I stepped back and looked at him. Keeping my eyes on him, I slowly unbuttoned my top and let it slide off. Revealing my firm breasts. Taking his hands, I replaced them on my breasts. Instantly, he was squeezing and molding them. Then his lips settled over my nipple and I squealed in delight. Loving the sensation that ran through me. Then he started backing away. Grabbing his hair, I pulled him back. He was instantly suckling me again. Playing with one nipple and sucking on the other. One hand snaked under my skirt and cupped my pussy. I stepped out of my panties, spread my legs a little more, and moaned against him. He tried to slip a finger inside and I sagged against him.
"Damn, your tight, baby girl. And I can tell just how good of a girl you have been as well," he said.
His finger slid up and down my slit, never going inside my pussy completely. I moaned and wiggled, trying hard to get his fingers in my pussy. He chuckled and pulled hard on my nipple. I moan in both pain and pleasure. Daddy stopped suckling me and kissed me. My head was spinning and I just couldn't ever think of any other fucking me.
"Couch," he ordered.
I walked over to the couch and then wiggled out of my skirt before sitting down. I crossed my legs and waited on Daddy.
"Play. Show Daddy what you have been doing on my couch in the living room," he ordered.
I put my legs on the coffee table, spreading them wide, licked my fingers, and started rubbing my clit. Daddy walked over and looked closely. Ordering me to stand, he sat down and pulled me down onto his lap. Spreading my legs over his, he stuck his fingers into my mouth.
"Suck my fingers, baby girl," he ordered.
I eagerly sucked his fingers until he pulled them from me. He told me to look and see how wet they were and that was how wet they needed to be to play with my clit. Then he started rubbing my clit and it was no time before I was moaning. I also started grinding my hips against him and wanting him inside me. I could feel his cock under my ass growing more and more. Just as I was about to cum, Daddy stopped rubbing my clit.
"On your knees and suck my cock," he ordered.
I got up and got on my knees. Daddy unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. OMG, it was the most gorgeous cock ever. It was longer than any I had ever seen and so thick. Tangling his hand my hair, he yanked on it until I opened my mouth. Then he pushed my head down, while thrusting his cock into my mouth. Daddy held me down as I gagged and choked. After a few seconds, my throat relaxed and his cock slid farther down. He pulled and pushed on my head, teaching me how to suck him. Once he thought I was doing well, he stopped and just kept his hand tangled in my hair.
"Don't spill a drop, baby girl," he said
Daddy pushed me farther down and my nose was buried in his pubic hairs. His cock felt like it was damn near into my stomach. Suddenly, his cock swelled and his cum spurted into my mouth. I started gagging again, but Daddy didn't let up. I didn't spill a single drop either. Daddy's cum was rather sweet and I really liked it. Pulling my hair, Daddy had me stand up and then sit on the couch.
I sat on the couch and he put my legs on the coffee table, just like I had been before. Then he got down on his knees and looked up at me. His hand skimmed over my pussy and then he slipped a finger between my lips and found my clit. He rubbed it for a few seconds and then stuck his fingers in my mouth. After having me suck them for a few seconds, he took them out of my mouth and started rubbing my clit again. Soon, I was grinding my hips, wanting to cum so badly. Daddy only chuckled and kept rubbing my clit.
Right as I was about to cum, Daddy started working a finger into my pussy. I about came off the couch, the feeling was wonderful. Daddy pushed harder and was finally able to get a finger inside me. Between rubbing my clit and his finger wiggling inside me, I was bucking like crazy. Then he lowered his mouth and sucked my clit hard. Squealing, I jumped and Daddy grabbed my hips and pushed me back onto the couch. He started working another finger inside and then he was licking all around my pussy and clit. He was working his fingers in and out of my pussy, trying to open it up enough to accept his cock. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and shoved them into my mouth. As I sucked on them, I bucked hard as his tongue licked up and down my pussy, before stroking inside me. He sucked hard on my clit and immediately stuck his tongue deep in my pussy and I came in an explosion of sensation.
"Baby girl, you taste so sweet. Almost like honey," Daddy said.
I had to grin. I loved seeing Daddy happy. Loved seeing that lustful look in his eyes. He stood up and pulled me to him. Kissing me deeply, his hands cupped my pussy and my ass. Then he broke away and sat down, pulling me back onto his lap. Leaning me forward, he lined his cock up with my pussy. Pulling me back, he rubbed his cock head against my pussy, slowly working it inside. He pushed me down and I groaned as I felt his cock trying to get inside me. Tears sprang into my eyes, but I held them back. Daddy was thrusting up as he pushed me down. It was burning as his cock ripped and stretched my pussy to fit him. Then the head was in and he pushed hard on my shoulders, forcing me down hard on him, his cock breaking my barrier and was fulling inside me.
"Fuck, baby girl. It feels like all those wonderful pussy muscles are squeezing my cock like crazy. So much better than your mom. I still cannot believe that you waited for me to fuck you. I'm so happy to be the one to pop that cherry, baby girl. I'll teach you how to fuck me well. You'll never fuck anyone but me, baby girl," Daddy said.
He settled his hands on my hips and started lifting me up and down on his cock. I cannot describe the sensations that were running through me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have realized how full my pussy would feel with Daddy's cock inside me. Or how much my body would shake from the sheer joy of being so full. Just as I was about to cum on Daddy's cock, he pushed me onto the couch, on my hands and knees. Before I could think, his cock was slamming into my pussy from behind me. It felt like he was getting deeper inside me. Was that really possible? I was moaning and Daddy would grab my hips and push me back as he thrust inside.
"Yeah, take it all, baby girl. You like this? You wanted my cock inside that tight little pussy. Hmm, I think I'll take a picture of this. So you can see how well your tight little pussy is taking my 10 inch cock," he said.
He reached around and started rubbing my clit and soon I felt his cock swelling. Just as he started shooting his load into me, my pussy contracted and I came. My pussy juices mixing with his and covering his cock and balls. Once depleted, he pulled out and pulled me back onto his lap. Holding me, he stroked my hair and told me just how much of a good girl I was. Then he ordered me to take a hot bath. Saying that I would be sore later, but that he wasn't done with me yet.
Kissing him, I skipped out of the room and went to my bathroom. I ran a nice hot bath and added some bath salts. Sinking into the tub, I sighed and felt my pussy. It throbbed nicely and the lips felt even fuller than before. Sliding my finger inside, I could feel a slight difference. It wasn't nearly as tight, but still pretty tight. Pulling my finger out, I wasn't surprised to see blood. I relaxed and was half asleep when I heard the door open. Without a word, Daddy began taking the hinges off and removed the door. I looked up at him puzzled and he grinned.
"No more doors, baby girl. I wanna be able to see you whenever I want," he said.
After he removed the door, he walked over and pulled his cock out.
"Suck," he ordered.
Turning a little, I opened my mouth and he thrust inside. I sucked and ran my tongue over his cock. He continued to thrust until his entire cock was lodged deep in my throat. Then he pulled out completely and thrust back in. He kept this up and I sucked hard, trying to keep him in my throat. Groaning, he started thrusting in and out faster and harder, ramming his cock deep into my throat. He grabbed my hair and shoved me tight against him, as his cock swelled and his cum was pumped down my throat.
"When you are done, get that sexy ass in my bed," he ordered and left.
Sighing, I sunk into the water. My pussy was begging for relief. But I wanted Daddy's cock deep inside me. Even rubbing my clit just wasn't the same because I wanted Daddy's tongue on it so bad. So, I hurried up and bathed. Getting out, I got dried and put my tank and panties on. Walking to Daddy's bedroom was exhilarating. Never before had I been told to go in his room. I had only gone in there when I had nightmares when I was younger. Yes, I had been sneaking into his room every day for the last three weeks to masturbate, but this was different.
Daddy was already in bed when I got there. He smiled and told me that if he was going to be my lover, I needed to understand him better. Puzzled, I just looked at him. How much more did I need to know about him? He motioned to the side of his bed and I was quick to get over there. There was a look of possession on his face and my heart thumped against my chest. I loved that look.
"First of all, whenever you are in my presence, you will not be dressed. When I get home, you shall be on your knees, ankles crossed, legs spread wide, hands behind your back. You will immediately suck my cock upon my arrival home. First thing in the morning, you shall wake me up by sucking my cock as well. Whenever I call you, this is the position I want you in. Do you understand, baby girl," He asked.
Looking him in the eye, I stripped off my panties and tank, sank into the position he required, and told him yes. Daddy nodded his approval and then told me to get into bed and on my hands and knees. My ass was to be facing his cock. I did as told and he repositioned me to his liking. When he was finished, I was between his legs and my ass was in front of him. I heard him moan and then felt his hand sliding all over my ass. Then I felt something touch my pussy. I clenched up and Daddy smacked my ass, causing me to squeal. Then he told me that I would accept the vibrator or get spanked. Then he turned on the vibrator and held it against my clit. Then he ordered me to lay down, keep my ass up, and keep that vibrator on my clit. I held it against me and jumped when I felt Daddy's tongue on my asshole. Then I felt his finger circling and pressing against my asshole. What was he thinking, I wondered. But I was not about to ask. He slowly started pushing his finger into my ass. Clenching, I was frantic for him to stop, but he never. Instead, he started rubbing my ass with his other hand.
"Relax, baby girl. Let me in that ass," he said softly.
He started pulling on my hips, so I crawled backwards. He didn't complain, just had me stop once my pussy was over his head. His finger was still working on getting into my ass and then his tongue licked from my clit to where his finger was. I groaned and leaned back towards him. Then I hissed as his finger pushed hard into my ass. As he worked his finger, the pain stopped and it felt actually pleasurable. Then he started working more fingers into my ass, all the while he kept eating my pussy. He demanded the vibrator and as soon as I gave it to him, he shoved it quickly into my pussy and once wet, pushed it into my ass.
The pain was unbearable. I could feel my ass ripping and stretching all over it. Daddy laughed and then mounted me. Ramming his cock into my pussy with one hard thrust. I screamed at the pain it caused, which made Daddy laugh more. He fucked my pussy hard and fast, occasionally pulling the vibrator out and slamming it back into my ass. Once he came, he slumped over me, driving me to the bed.
"Ah, baby girl. Such a great fuck and a quick learner as well. Go to sleep, you'll be up early," he said.
Rolling off me, he pulled me to him and went to sleep. One hand was cupping my breast, the other was cupping my pussy. I was tight against him and had his cock between my ass cheeks. As I lay there, both my pussy and ass throbbed. I could feel the cum flowing out of me and onto my thighs. By morning, I would have to change Daddy's sheets, in order to clean my mess up.
I woke with the sun, as always. At first, I was disorganized. Wondering where I was at, then it dawned on me. I was in Daddy's bed. Pulling the sheets down a little, I stared in wonder at his limp cock. Slowly, I stroked him until it was not as soft. Then I slide my lips over it and found that limp, it was very easy to get all of him down my throat. I licked and sucked on his cock for a good ten minutes, lost in the sensation of feeling it swell to its hardened state. Then I took him out of my mouth and worked on his balls. Licking and nipping them, as I stroked his cock. Then I sucked his balls into my mouth and was going to town on them, when Daddy groaned.
"Yeah, baby girl. Suck my balls. That's my girl," he said and spread his legs farther to give me better access.
I sucked on his balls for a while more and went back to his cock. I nibbled all down his cock and then slid him into my mouth. That got a good moan from Daddy. Then before I could actually get him off, he was picking me up and slamming my pussy on his cock. This time, I was facing him and as I rode him, he pulled and pinched my breasts. I was moaning my pleasure and then Daddy pushed me off him and turned me onto my side. Lifting my leg up over his hip, he slammed his cock back inside. Thrusting hard in and out, in and out, til I was screaming in pleasure. Just as I felt his cock swell and knew he was gonna blow his load in me, he pulled out and blew his load on my breasts and belly.
"I want you to cum at least 8 times today. And you had better be in position when I get home," he said and got out of bed.
"Oh, and don't you dare change these sheets until I say so. In fact, you are to cum all 8 times in my bed," he said and walked into the bathroom.
I heard him shaving and then the shower start. I was sitting on the bed, absently wondering if my ass would ever stop burning. Then I heard him call me. Instantly, I was out of bed and in the bathroom. He ordered me into the shower with him and demanded that I hold his cock in my mouth while he showered. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. Daddy placed his cock in my mouth and told me to just hold it there, not to suck. It was very difficult to keep from sucking, but somehow I managed.
After his shower, he bent me over and filled my pussy with his cock. Soon he was filling my pussy with his cum, he pulled out, and worked his cock into my ass. It hurt worse then the vibrator going in and I was soon screaming in pain. Nothing but pain as he pushed and pushed until the head of his cock was in my ass. Then he worked my ass over until all 10 inches was buried in my ass. Then he started smacking my ass, while he thrust in and out. I was screaming non-stop and that just fueled Daddy.
"Yes, baby girl. Scream. Let me know how good it feels in your tight ass. God, it felt like my cock was going to break as I was going in, baby girl. That's how tight your ass is," he groaned.
My ass was burning and there was nothing I could do to actually stop Daddy.
"Rub that clit, baby girl. It'll make me fucking this tight ass feel better. Then once I've filled this hole with my junk, your mouth is next," he said.
I stuck my fingers in my pussy, got them all sticky and wet, then started rubbing my clit. My clit was already sensitive and it wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm coming up. Daddy was fucking my ass and he was right. Playing with my clit made it more pleasurable. I was actually starting to push back against Daddy's thrusts. I screamed in both pain and pleasure as his cock swelled in my ass and shot his load. It was burning like hell. Then he quickly forced me to my knees and started fucking my mouth. He fucked my mouth like a man possessed. As soon as I felt him swell, he pulled out and again covered my breasts and stomach with his jizz. Then slammed his cock back down my throat and finished cumming in my mouth.
He ordered me to follow him downstairs. Following behind him, I felt cum flowing out of me and groaned. I'll have to clean up the entire house. Once in the kitchen, Daddy said he was hungry. I started to move around him, when he forced me to the floor. Smacking me across the face, he ordered me to stay and went to get his breakfast. He fixed his coffee and got something to eat. Sitting down, he looked at me.
"Your head must be on my lap while I eat, baby girl," he said.
Smiling, I did as told and was rewarded with a pat on the head and his cock pulled from his pants and shoved in my mouth. I wasn't to suck him, just hold him in my mouth. After he ate, he tucked his cock in his pants and stood up. He grabbed his briefcase and headed to the door. I followed behind him and he gave me a kiss as he left. Closing the door, I went and gathered his dishes and washed them up. Then I started making sure there wasn't any cum drops from the kitchen up to the bathroom. Once that was taken care of, I heard my tummy rumble and decided to grab some cereal. Thankfully, it was Saturday and I hadn't made any plans. So, I could make sure that there were no messes anywhere, including his study and cum those eight times he had ordered.
Going into Daddy's study, I started cleaning up around the couch and coffee table. When I went to his desk, to make sure my pussy hadn't dripped onto the floor by his chair, I noticed a picture. Picking it up, I was shocked. It was mother. In it, she was tied up with ropes and hanging from the ceiling. I sat in Daddy's chair and stared at the picture. Then I started searching through his drawers. One drawer was full of folders with names on them. I saw one with mom's name on it and pulled it out. There were several photos of her in various positions. Mainly though, she was suspended from ropes. Then there was a receipt. It stated that one Maranda was sold to a Master T on December 20. Six years ago. Daddy had said that she just was done being a mom and left. I quickly looked through the other files. All were of women in various poses and positions. All but one had receipts on them. The folder marked "Sara" showed that she was not sold, but trained and returned to her master.
Furious, I went to my room and sat on my bed. What was going on? Why did Daddy have all those women that he sold? What was he actually into that required a woman to be trained? Then fear set in. If Daddy willingly sold mom, would he sell me at some point? I sat in my room for the remainder of the day. Not doing anything but fearful that Daddy would sell me off to another. I watched as the clock slowly ticked away. Not caring that I hadn't listened to Daddy. When I saw that it was getting time for him to return, I still didn't move. I wouldn't have moved at all except that I realized that Daddy would be furious if I wasn't at the door. Getting up, I slowly made my way to the back door. I was in position when he opened the door and I sucked his cock. After he came, he went into the living room and ordered me to follow. I went to sit on the couch and Daddy swatted my ass.
"Until I say otherwise, you are to sit on the floor and in position," he said.
I mumbled and sat on the floor. Thankfully, the floor in the living room was carpeted, so it wasn't so hard on my knees. I laid my head on his lap and he patted me head. He asked what all I did today to cum and I looked at the floor. Because I didn't answer, he ordered me onto the couch in the proper position. I got onto the couch, got into presentation, and waited. He rubbed his hands over my pussy and then smacked me across the face.
"When I give you instructions, baby girl, I expect them to be followed. I can understand that your pussy is sore today, but still that is no excuse to disobey," he said.
Wrapping me up in his arms, Daddy held me. Then he flipped me over and I was resting with my stomach over his lap. His hand rubbed my ass and he mumbled about being disobedient. Then I felt the first sting of his belt over my ass. I cried out of sheer pain. He had never used a belt on me before. After three cracks, he stopped and was rubbing my ass.
"Because you didn't cum eight times as instructed, you got into my study, you snooped in my desk drawers, and because you shouted at me; you are getting 12 cracks. Remember, I love you and this hurts me so much more than you," he said.
Daddy never cracked my ass until I relaxed again. Each crack was torture because he always waited until I relaxed, rubbing my stinging ass until I did relax. After I had all 12 cracks, Daddy continued to rub my ass. Then he told me to get on the couch on my hands and knees. I did as told and waited. It wasn't long before I felt his hand on my pussy, his fingers rubbing my clit. I was groaning and wiggling, wanting his fingers in my pussy. But he never did. He got me so close to cumming and then ordered me to suck his cock. Turning around, I found that he already has his cock out and ready. Instantly, I was deep throating him and moaning. Soon, Daddy was fucking my mouth in earnest and when he came, he groaned and pulled my head tight.
"You want my cock in your pussy, then you have to cum eight times as instructed. Cause until you do, this cock will only see your mouth,"he said and got up.
My jaw dropped. How could he possibly not fuck me? I stood up and was going to go to his room and do as told, but he stopped me. Ordering me to cum in front of him. Sitting back down, I spread my legs on the coffee table, licked my fingers, and started rubbing my clit. Moving my fingers from my clit to my pussy, making sure I was thoroughly worked up before I came. When I came the first time, it was a slow rolling orgasm. I kept this up until I got seven orgasms out of the way. Then I was furiously working on number eight. I had to admit, there was something erotic knowing Daddy was watching me. When I came this last time, Daddy was sitting on the coffee table, and I gushed all over the couch. Daddy was instantly on his knees and licking my pussy clean.
Standing, Daddy pulled his cock out and slammed it into my pussy. He pushed me back onto the couch and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. Ramming his cock into me like a man possessed, all I could do was claw into the couch and ride it out. My pussy was still very sensitive and soon I was cumming again. Daddy groaned and shot his load deep inside me. Then he shoved his cock deep into my ass and fucked me well. I felt his cock swelling and he pulled out and shot his load all over my pussy and stomach. Letting me up, Daddy held me and kept rubbing his jizz that was on my pussy and stomach into my pussy.
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