Daddy's Daughter Wives 1
Elektra Island is a sovereign island off the coast of the United States in the Pacific Ocean. This island paradise has no laws governing incest or the number of spouses one can have. This was the reason that Mr. Tom Jones selected the island as his construction company's headquarters.

At 42, Mr. Jones is an impressive figure of a man. Salt and pepper hair, a muscular body and blessed with a massive cock in between his legs that has blessed many a woman. Tom moved to Elektra Island with his two daughters, Shelly and Tracy, 18 and 19 respectively.

Shelly, who takes after her father, is a perky blonde with saucy petite breasts and the cutest apple-bottom cheeks that she frequently shows the world. She rarely wears anything but the tiniest bikinis she can buy and they are often mistaken for a thong and bra as opposed to swimwear. Tracy on the other hand takes after her mother, a brunette, with voluptuous breasts and a broad, jiggling ass. Tracy is the more conservative of the duo and has the tendency to dress as provocatively as she can, always showing off her cleavage.

Tom Jones moved to this island for the sole purpose of forming a polygamous relationship by marrying his two daughters(well and the fact that Elektra Island is also a tax haven, which is good for his business). For years now, Tom
has monitored the girls developmental stages of life as they grew up and now he's going to reap his reward. He cannot recall the number of hard ons his daughters had given him, making his cock throb and his balls ache, as he desired them. It was particularly hard for him to see the girls go on dates and be giving that sweet pussy to some fumbling, wet behind the ears teenage boys that barely could fuck them right. Shortly after Shellys 18th birthday, he presented the idea to them and proposed.

The girls readily accepted the proposal, as over the years they had seen their father fucking their mother as well as other women he had had affairs with and both girls had longed to feel his gorgeous cock in their cunts. In fact, while their father was fucking their mother and his mistresses, Shelly and Tracy were often in the next room, listening intently to the moans and cries of orgasm while furiously frigging their young cunts. Finally, the object of their taboo desires would be all theirs.

Mr Jones then requested a divorce from his wife Beth, who with surprisingly few questions or resistance, agreed. It was widely presumed that the fire had gone out of their marriage long ago, so not too many people asked awkward questions. Mr Jones and daughters then promptly left for their island paradise, for a prolonged 'family vacation'.

After a brief informal wedding ceremony, it is now the long awaited time for Tom to take his new brides/daughters on their honeymoon night. The girls are now naked, on their hands and knees on the bed presenting their bodies to their new husband. Mr. Jones walks to the edge of the bed and rubs their ass cheeks.

Toms cock is thick and both girls will have trouble getting their hands around it. Tom rubs his penis on his two daughters ass cheeks. He deposits a little bit of pre cum on Shellys right buttock, then rolls her over on her back. Shelly will be the first to take her father now husbands dick into her tight pussy.

Mr. Jones grunted and strained as he pushed his manly and fully erect cock into Shellys pussy. Shelly sobbed(with both pain and joy) as her fathers enormous meat pole pushes into her. It is slow going, even glacially paced at first- Mr. Jones even considers stopping altogether, for fear of hurting her. At every inch that his member goes in, Mr Jones asks Shelly if she feels alright, if he's going too fast, and only when she tells him that she's ready for more does he go forward. Shelly trembles with excitement and an overwhelming flood of sensual feeling- never before has she been so penetrated down to her very core. She is not a virgin but none of the teen cocks her cunt had previously received could have prepared her for this mammoth baby maker. Gingerly and with great effort(and inevitable twinges of pain), the snake pushes its way into the cave.

His cock now firmly embedded in his daughters womb, Mr Jones begins to establish a rhythm. Imperceptible at first, he begins to work his sweaty, toned ass back and forth, thrusting his manhood into his younger daughter with a methodical, smooth regularity like an oil rig plunges down into the earth for crude. Mr Jones balls slap against his daughter wifes cunt.

Tracy, sitting right next to this incestuous mating couple, can barely contain herself watching this depraved and unholy scene. She decides to egg on her father-husband with dirty words: "Come on Daddy, she's not as delicate as she looks. We have been practicing on each other for months, with dildoes and sex toys we took from mommy. She can take it, go on Daddy, fuck her, fuck her hard! Fill her up with hot cum! Hot cum from your big dick! Then fuck my holes too!"

To further encourage her father-husband, Tracy leans over and gives Tom a big sloppy French kiss, slobbering all over her fathers face and mouth. "Touch my big boobies while you fuck Shelly! I know you like them". Tom couldn't help but agree. All those years when Tracy was growing up he couldn't keep his eyes off those expanding and developing juggs. Oh how he had reprimanded her and lectured her when she wore a slutty outfit for the school dance or an overly revealing Halloween costume, oh how he grounded her once after one of those arguments. Oh how all the while he had wanted nothing more than to touch them, fondle them, twist and bite those jiggling and inviting nipples. And here she was, freely offering them to him.

With resolute force and resolve, Mr Jones grasped Tracy's breast with one of his big, strong hands, . He began to lose his restraints, grunting and growling like a wild animal as he pounded and shook Shellys young tight body. Shelly began to flop and undulate on the bed, her spasmic, helpless reactions resembling a unfortunate rag doll being slapped up and down. Her father was putting his all into turning her out, pounding and thrusting into her with fury and power. The bed was becoming coated with sweat and grease from this brutal but beautiful conjoining of flesh.

"Unghh Daddy unghhhh yes ohhh god yes Daddy fuck me fuck me hard, please daddy I want this, I've wanted it for so long, give it to me Daddy, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhh yes oh yes oh yes!!!!!" Screamed out Shelly.

Tracy's nipples tingled with an electric energy from being grasped and twisted by her father husband, and she squealed with delight. "Come on Daddy, cum in Shelly! Fill her up! Cum and cum! Fill her insides with your sperm! We are your wives, our bodies exist for you and only you now!"

Mr Jones ass contracted and his cock began to swell, although he had much discipline from sexual experience, the unique sensation of Shellys tight cunt walls as well as the sheer taboo excitement of of fucking and consumating his marriage with his own daughters took its toll on him. He was going to cum soon and he knew it. "Ohhhh Shelly, by princess, my darling, it's coming, I'm going to fill your pussy....." "Yes OHH YES DADDY" "HERE YOU ARE MY PRINCESS"



And it came forth. Like a flood, a tidal wave, a huge wat of fresh, warm milk spilling and flowing through every available orfice, every available crevice. Seemingly gallons of Mr Jones hot semen poured into Shellys cunt. Shelly screamed and grasped the bedsheets for dear life, almost as if she would be carried away in a great gale if she let go.

Moaning, screaming, grunting, and finally just the soft patter of panting, both father and daughter mesmerized by the enormity of what had just transpired. Both stayed interlocked with each other, Mr. Jones practically collapsed on top of her.

After a few minutes of post coital near silence, Tracy, always the chatter box, spoke up: "You aren't finished Daddy. I'm your wife too, aren't I? I have needs too, it's no fair for you to poop out already. Roll off Shelly pops. While you get that big thing hard again and ready to fuck me I'll occupy myself eating your hot cum out of my sisters cunt. I've always wanted Daddy's love juice from the source, nice and fresh"

Mr Jones grinned. This was going to be one happy and fulfilling marriage.

(Happy Fathers Day!)

PART 2 coming soon
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