Daddy's Words and Daddy's Hands
My husband comes home from a long day at work.
When he walks in the door I am on my knees, with my collar on and his drink tray in my hands. With my head kept down I say" welcome home Daddy. He shuts the door behind him and takes the drink from the tray. He takes a sip from the drink and takes the tray from my hands. He grabs my chin making me look directly Into his deep brown eyes.

Daddy says " Bedroom Now". I reply " yes Daddy".
I stand up and walk to the bedroom. Daddy comes In not long after me. I am in the Inspection position. Daddy smiles, Looks at my dress and says that my dress is pretty. Just the right length to barely cover your bottom. It is a black dress with a v neck and skin tight except the frilly skirt with ruffles at the bottom.

Daddy circles around me loving what he sees. My cleavage pushing out from the top. He puts my arms down at my side. Gives me a soft kiss on my lips. I place my arms around his neck and kiss him back. He gave me a tight squeeze and says Baby girl. I want to see you in your natural form. He whispers in my ear. Tells me that he loves me with all his heart.

I want you to remember those words and let them run through your mind as I have my way with you. That is an order not a suggestion. I don't want you to ever forget how I truly feel about you. His tone changes from sweet to confident and serious. He looks at me and orders me to strip. I obey without a thought in my mind. He sits down on the bed In his T-shirt and jeans and pats his leg.

Daddy says" come to me baby girl". I walk over to him and he lets me pull his shirt over his head. I love the way Daddy looks when he is shirtless. He looks at me and says" bend over on Daddy's lap so that I can spank you. My body starts to tingle at the thought of his hand on my bottom. I love Daddy's touch. I bend over and get comfortable.

I push my ass up Inviting strong hands to make my bottom red by his touch. He gives me a spanking a
spanking and I politely ask Daddy for another one.
He continues the delicious torture that I crave so much. Rubbing my bottom in between spankings. Making them susceptible to more permanent marks. My pussy gets wet every time he hits me. I bite my lip and I moan.

Daddy hears me and says" are you getting off on me spanking you. I look at him and my cheeks turn bright red. I say "yes Daddy". I automatically thought that Daddy would be displeased with me but he looked at me with a loving smile on his face and continued. My soul was happy. My heart felt all warm and fuzzy. Daddy's touch was the most amazing feeling in the whole world.

His touch makes the reality and stress melt away Into nothing and I am in complete ecstasy. It's like standing in a field and taking a breath of fresh air.
My body completely relaxes. Daddy spanks me one more time and says " stand up baby girl ". I automatically stand up and wait. Daddy places a blindfold over my eyes and I smile. Daddy is going to play with me in my favorite way.

Inside I am jumping up and down like a little girl.
Daddy comes up behind me and says" bend over the bed sweetheart and get ready to please Daddy. I do as I am told because I want to make Daddy happy. Daddy rubs my bottom and I relax. Then comes a hard smack against my bottom. " I think in my mind " Daddy's belt". I lay there and keep still.

Enjoying the sensation that is resonating. I love it when Daddy whips me with his belt. He still rubs my bottom In between, creating a lovely sensation and preparing me for the next Impact. All of a sudden I feel the assault come quickly and I moan" Daddy will you please allow me the pleasure of having another one"

I can hear Daddy when he smiles because he laughs and loves that his belt gets me all hot and bothered. Daddy whips me at least 20 more times but I lose count when my pussy starts to contract and I feel the orgasm come on strong. Daddy knows I am about to lose it. He says" I want you to hold off your orgasm for as long as possible". I'm not finished playing with you yet.

The sound of Daddy's voice makes it harder to control my urge to cum. Daddy lays on the bed and I feel him next to me. I move In between his waist and unbutton his jeans. I stand up at the foot of the bed. I pull his jeans off one leg at a time and I crawl in between his legs. I pull his cock out of his boxers and I lick it slowly. I place my tongue at the tip and swirl it around.

Then I place my tongue in the hole at the tip. Daddy loves the way that feels and I know it pleases him. I suck on the head of Daddy's cock and he says " that's it baby girl give Daddy what he wants". I bury Daddy's cock all the way down the back of my throat. I hear it start to rain outside and then I hear the thunder rumble. Daddy says " come up here and kiss me.

Things took a drastic turn and in your favor. The rain eases up and Daddy leads me outside. My blindfold is still covering my eyes. Every time that the thunder rumbles my pussy gets wetter. Daddy lays down on the grass and I start to pleasure him with my mouth again. I feel the raindrops on my skin. Once Daddy is satisfied with the service I have given him, he whispers in my ear "your turn baby girl". Daddy removes my blindfold because he knows that I love to watch the lightening. Daddy kisses me softly on the lips.

He rubs the head of his cock on my lips and says" you will please me more later for giving you this little treat". I reply " yes Daddy". I lay there in the grass. My breasts, my pussy as well drenched from the rain. Daddy loves the look I get when my hair is wet and I am turned on. Daddy grabs my hair and pulls it so that he has access to my neck. He licks it and then sinks his teeth into it. Leaving bite marks where I will notice them the next day.

He lets go of my hair and as I look into his eyes he smacks each breast with his hand and the smirk on his face makes my pussy ache for his cock even more. He pinches my nipples as hard as he can. I cream from the pain but I love it so much. The rain has messed up his hair and has his body soaked as well. Daddy looks amazing when he is wet.

His nipples are hard and his body is glistening. I want him so much more. Daddy smiles and places my nipples in his mouth. HE sucks them and puts them in between his teeth and bites down on them. A moan slips from between my lips and Daddy is loving it.
Daddy puts his cock between my breasts and rubs the sides of his cock with them.

I stick my tongue out for when the tip gets close to my mouth and I wait for Daddy to give me the privilege of tasting him. After a few moments of stroking his cock with my breasts, his cum starts to shoot out from the head of his cock. It ends up all over my face as well as my tongue. The rain cleans away the cum on my face. Daddy continues to tease mu nipples and places clamps on them.

They are protruding out further than normal from Daddy's hand and the coldness of the rain. Daddy buries his face in my pussy and makes my clit visible with his tongue. He moves his hand in a circle around my clit and I moan. Daddy moves his tongue faster and as I am about to cum, I say Daddy's name begging him to give me my sweet release. Daddy says "not quite yet".

My legs start to tremble and it gets harder to hold off my orgasm. Soon after Daddy shoves his cock deep inside my pussy and fucks me fast. Daddy speaks and says" cum for me baby girl". I let go and I screamed as my orgasm was coming on strong. The thunder rumbled and the lightening filled the night sky as I was cumming all over Daddy's cock. When my orgasm is complete and my body is spent. Daddy stands up and picks me up off the wet ground.

He carries me inside. Daddy runs me a hot bath and strips completely naked. He gets in first and holds out his hand. I take his hand, sit in the hot water and snuggle against his chest. I kiss him tenderly on his lips and face forward again. Daddy reaches beside him. Places some shampoo on my hair and washes it.
He repeats the act with the conditioner. He massages the conditioner deep into my scalp.

Daddy tells me to stand up and he washes my body off.
I am covered in soap as he places me up under the shower head and watches the soap run down my body.
I sit back down in the tub and spread my legs. Daddy washes my pussy. I love it when Daddy spoils me. I let the water run down my body again and wash the soap from my pussy, Daddy stands up and reaches his hand out again. I take it and he helps me stand up.

I wash his hair and I take my time because I love to run my fingers through Daddy's hair. I wash his body making sure my touch is tender. That I don't miss a single spot of this sexy body. As soon as Daddy is done washing, he gets up under the shower and rinses off. He gets out and dries off first. He orders me to stay. I shave my legs and my pussy just the way Daddy likes.

I part my hair and put them in braided pigtails. I'm in the shower for another thirty minutes before Daddy tells me that I can come out. When I get to the bathroom door that leads to the bedroom, Daddy covers my eyes with his hands. He walks me into the bedroom and stops me. I stand in place and he removes his hands from my face. I open my eyes.

There is a bottle of wine on ice, rose petals all over the bed and restraints are noticeable on each corner of the bed. I turn around, I kiss him and squeeze his body tight. I automatically get on my knees awaiting Daddy's instruction. Daddy lights the scented candles that are on the bedside tables. The candles relax me as I take in the scent. I smile as I realize that Daddy bought candles that smell like lavender( my favorite).

Daddy speaks quietly but tells me to lay on my back on the bed. I do as Daddy says. He walks around the bed and restrains my wrists and my ankles to the bed posts. I am blindfolded again and I am excited. I can also hear the excitement in Daddy's voice as he closes the last furry handcuff. He asked me if I was ok and If I was ready to please him. I replied " yes Daddy".

I know that Daddy has his toys laid out on the Dresser. I feel something soft slowly make its way over my ample bosom. The object is lifted off my skin and comes down hard on my bosom. That's when
I realize that it was the flogger. He brings the flogger down on my bosom again with a hard smack. I arch my back and push my breasts deeper into the flogger. Wanting to feel the pain upon my chest.

Daddy repeats this act of torturous pleasure upon my chest and every time the flogger lands, I push my chest up as hard as I can and my nipples get extremely hard. Daddy moves the flogger down my body and repeatedly hits my thighs as hard as he can. Placing red marks on my skin. Eventually making the red marks darker and Instantly stops when he is pleased with the amount of marks that have been placed on me.

My nipples are still rock hard and Daddy pinches them and walks away. I hear him turn the music on and play one of my favorite songs. " Daddy's Home by Usher".
when he comes back he places clamps on my nipples and a single clamp on my clit. He is making the clamps a little tighter and tugging on the chain until he hears a moan escape from my lips. That's when he knows when they are tight enough.

The next implement I feel against my skin has more of a sting. my voice only lets out whimpers at first but then the sting amplifies bringing my whimpers to screams and up to loud moans. Daddy places his hands between my pussy lips and it is completely soaked. Daddy spreads my lips and licks my clit as he tugs on the clamps. More moans come from my lips.

Daddy moves his tongue away from my clit and yanks the clamps from my nipples and my clit causing me to cum instantly. I could not help but cum but it was without permission. I apologized to daddy for coming without permission. He says that he accepts my apology but you will not learn unless you are properly punished. Do you understand? I reply " yes Daddy I understand.

Daddy releases me from the restraints and sits at the edge of the bed. He pats the same area on his legs as before and orders me to lay across them. This time Daddy is not as gentle as before because he is not pleased with my disobedience. I notice a paddle sitting beside him on the bed. He picks it up and gives me 20 licks across my ass. Once he is finished, he asked me if I had learned my lesson. I quickly and quietly reply" yes Daddy".

He asked me "are you going to disobey me again. Once again I reply quickly and quietly " no Daddy I will not disobey you again. I stand up and I have tears running down my face because I have disappointed him. Daddy says " now dry your tears baby girl the punishment is over". We are all back to where we were before the incident. The tears are barely there anymore but my heart still hurts.

I lay down on the bed and Daddy holds me. He squeezes me tight and feeds me fresh fruit and small sips of water. He hands me my favorite teddy and I hold him tightly to my chest. Soon after the tears dry up and the hurt in my heart subsides. I roll over and bury my face in Daddy's chest. He feels a smile sneak upon my face and lifts my chin up so that I gaze into his eyes. He says to me " would you like to continue baby girl".

I reply " yes Daddy if it pleases you to do so". I lay on my back again and Daddy starts the music over. I am not blindfolded this time. Daddy reaches for a candle on the bedside table and lets the wax drip on my body. starting from my chest and ending with my thighs. Daddy grabs the bottle of wine and lets the delicious liquid drip onto my lips. He motions for me to spread my legs and expose my pussy to him.

Daddy lets the wine drip onto my pussy. He sits the bottle on the table and laps up the succulent wine with his tongue and lets the taste linger in his mouth. Daddy comes up to my lips and kisses me before he covers my mouth with tape. He says" I don't want you to make a sound".

I will lick your pussy until you are about to cum and if you disobey me I will punish you again. I nod my head in agreement. Daddy starts to lick my clit vigorously with his tongue. I am able to ward off my orgasm from his tongue but he starts to insert his fingers inside me. At first It was just one. Then it was three. By the time his fist was engulfed in my pussy, it was harder to hold off my orgasm.

His tongue was making my clit throb. His fist was making my walls contract. My body was trembling and my legs were shaking. Just when I though I was going to lose control. Daddy says those special words. He says" cum for me baby girl". I let go of all control and I scream as my orgasm comes gushing out from the inside. As soon as my orgasm subsides Daddy comes up to me and whispers" You are my good little slut baby girl".

A huge smile comes across my face as I say" thank you Daddy I am glad that I could please you". Daddy gets everything cleaned up quickly and cuddles me until I am out of subspace. Once I am back from pure ecstasy Daddy bathes me again. Then he pulls me close and cuddles me. Holding me in his arms until I fall fast asleep.
June 2020
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