Dance Hall Days
Dance Hall Days
by Miss Anonna

It was a long week and Joann had called me earlier in the day asking me to join her and her new beau and the new night club just on the other side of town. In fact, the new club was just out of the towns jurisdiction and I had heard that things go on there that just do not happen in town. In any case, I had agreed earlier and even though I had no energy to go out, I just could not stand her up again or I would chance losing her as a friend and ally.

I drove home from work and quickly jumped into the shower, got dressed in my clubbing digs and moved my ass up to the joint as quickly as I could. I had, in my attempt to make it look like I drove straight from work, managed to get there well before she did but vowed to myself to make the best of the situation so I wandered up to the bar and ordered myself a drink. I vaguely remember him from a tryst in another bar across town but he seemed to remember me well. After several minutes of sarcastic, flirtatious banter I finally got him to make my drink and bring it over to me. The place was packed.

"Hey!" I half screamed. "Do you have a monkey nearby that could lead me to a table?"

"What?" He hollered across the bar. "No date?" My eyes turned into little slits and had I been drinking Tequila, I would have no doubt clocked him in the smart ass jaw that threw that out into the open, nearly stopping every male patron within ear shot and pasting their glare upon me. I grabbed his tie and pulled him down into the bar like a bad bitch biker chick and planted my pouty Jessica Rabbit lips nearly into his.

"Look, Loverboy, I just need a monkey right now and since the whole world now knows I'm dateless, You AND your monkey need to find me a table or I blow this joint right now." I said barely holding on to my straight face. He laughed and soon agreed, looked to his left and waved a host in who let me down towards the dance floor to a corner bar table. I hung my jacket over the back of the chair and set my drink on the top. I didn't see Joanne there so I grabbed my phone out of my jacket pocket and dialed her number. It rang once and I headed towards the corner not more than a foot away. I leaned against a huge circular pillar and I was able to hear only slightly better. I felt a breeze on the back of my neck and heard the slap of a coat against the railing next to me where the legs of a man appeared before me through the railing.

I could hear my call much clearer now as his jacket seemed to block all the sound coming from the DJ. I leaned further into the nook created between the pillar and the railing and found it easier and easier to hear my phone call but Joanne wasn't answering. The jacket began to move above me as he slid it towards me on the top of the railing. I looked up at him and he seemed to be scanning the crowd below and just as I looked away I saw him look down at me. I pretended to be on a call, slightly yelling into the phone and watched as he slid the jacket closer and closer to me, nearly blocking all sound around me. Again I glanced up and he was scanning the crowd and smiling.

As my view dropped towards the floor I stopped at the view directly in front of me. Through the railings he was swaying his hips from side to side slightly to the music. I was momentarily mesmerized by his movements directly in front of me. I looked up at him and he was looking out into the crowd. I looked to the right but all I saw was his jacket. I looked to the left and there was a huge, concrete pillar. I smiled and then looked up again and he was looking down at me with a huge smile on his face. I smiled back, winked at him and pretended to be talking to a girlfriend, getting in comments about some hot guy near me. I looked dead ahead again and I could see some significant changes in the front of his pants and those changes were getting a bit drastic. I looked up at him again and he was looking into the crowd but I knew he was watching me closely. He began to sway some more and I pretending to be in a conversation while watching his crotch intently. I mimicked a conversation. "No!" I said slowly making sure my lips were right in front of his swaying crotch. "Really? Oh my God" Again I said slowly and then dropped my jaw as if I were absolutely stunned. I watched as the front of his pants grew to an embarrassing size and then smiled as he pushed his hips into the railing. I turned around to get a good look at the dance floor and realized no one knew I was even around. I went back to my pretend conversation. "Oh, oh, oh, oh my God" I said again really slow as I pushed my head between the railing toward his growing curiosity and accidentally bumped him. I backed off and looked up to see him looking at me in astonishment. "I'm so sorry," I yelled.

"No worries!" He said leaning over the railing to get closer. I could still feel the pressure against my lips and I tried to recollect the shape and feel of what it was that was against my cheek and every time I attempted to figure it out, I found it could have only been one thing and that thought drove waves of warmth through my panties.

I went back to pretending I was in the midst of conversation and again hid myself between his jacket and the big pillar. I leaned in towards the railing and wrapped my hand around one of the pickets while pretending to gossip into my cell phone. Soon I felt pressure against my knuckles and looked to my hand. Brushing against me every once in awhile was his obvious erection but I didn't move my hand. Instead I spread my fingers apart slightly and let his erection slide slowly between my fingers. Every so often I would spread my fingers further apart and squeeze them around the sides. He no doubt was quite endowed and very thick. Sometimes I could actually feel the rim of his head slide across my knuckle. I wondered how long he could keep this up while I chatted away on the silent phone.

I looked up at him momentarily and smiled. He winked at me and smiled and I noticed he was looking at my chest. I was wearing a tight top that showed quite a bit of cleavage but also had a hole at the base of my breasts revealing the roundness of my perky little titties. I don't have huge breasts but they are at the top of a size B and hold up very nicely with no bra. My nipples were as hard as his cock and I found myself moving to the music and trying to subtly push my breast through the pickets and against his throbbing erection. He was grinding harder into my hand but soon attempted to push into my breasts without being too obvious. I was having so much fun playing this game but I needed a drink so I turned around and reached for my drink on the table.

"What are you drinking?" He yelled down at me from over the railing. I twirled my straw around and looked up at him after taking a swallow.

"White Russian." I hollered back at him. "But it seems to be lacking cream." I smiled shrewdly at him and took another sip. I turned again to the table, took another sip and set my drink down on the bar table.

My phone rings and I slide it out of my pocket and flip the top up. Joanne was on the line but I could barely hear her so I ducked backed behind the jacket and next to the pillar. "Where are you?" I yelled into the phone.

"I'm running late," said Joanne. "I'll be there in about 30. See you then! Love you, Girl!" She hung up but I remained on the phone as I found myself again staring into the crotch of this young man on the other side of the railing. I smiled when I noticed his zipper was down and then wondered why I hadn't noticed that before. My only reasoning was that he had pulled it down while I was turned away. I also noticed his tool was pointing straight up instead of off to the side. I was intrigued. What was he planning? I remained pretending to be on the phone and watching him as he started moving to the music. I looked up but he was fixated on the crowd. I turned around towards the dance floor and then looked around. No one was watching me that I could see. I turned back towards the pillar and ducked behind his jacket while talking into the phone as if someone were on it.

I leaned against the rail and wrapped my hand around a picket again and pretended to chat. He was moving his hips from side to side getting closer and closer to my hand. It wasn't long before he brushed his hardened tool against my hand and then again a little harder. I didn't budge and soon he was practically grinding against the back of my hand. I waited for the right moment for him to sway again in my direction and I stuck my first two fingers up off the rail. As he pushed into my fingers I drew them up along the full length of the erection behind his trousers. He stopped swaying and remained there momentarily. I looked up at him and he looked down at me but I could tell he was staring right down into my cleavage but I didn't care. I gave him a flirtatious grin and pushed my two fingers a little harder against his bulge. I squinted my eyes at him. He pushed a little harder against my hand and my fingers began to slide along the ridge created in his trousers, pushing his thick cock towards the open zipper. He stopped and adjusted his position.

I kept my palm against the rail and outstretched all my fingers, placing them all against his pelvis and slowly drew them down, delicately manipulating the head of his cock into the open area of his shorts. A huge fleshy helmet appeared at the edge of his zipper and fell out against my thumb. I watched as he wriggled more to get the full length of his erection to lay directly into my hand and as it emerged I wrapped my fingers around the top and directed his huge shaft slowly onto my lip. My tongue rolled out like a velvety red carpet and he pushed his thick head past my fingers and into my mouth. I felt the rim pop past my lips and slide along the roof of my mouth. He pushed himself as far as he could into the rail. I moved closer until I felt him at the back of my throat. I paused and felt the rush of blood through his veins, then pulled him slowly from my mouth, leaving a slick coat of saliva across his thick, straight pole.

I left the head of his cock literally dripping with anticipation and while he waited patiently for my next move I slowly scanned the room with my phone to my ear and saw everyone dancing and having a blast. I pulled his hard staff down towards the floor to keep it out of sight and when I turned back towards him I placed his cock against the bottom of my breasts and slid his fat shaft up through my shirt between my breasts until his slick head poked its way through the top of my cleavage. I pushed my hand against my breasts and his cock to keep it in place but it was completely unnecessary. I took my hand and placed it against the bottom rail, boosting myself up and pushing my chest against him. He started pushing himself into me and I could see the tip of his tool darting in and out to the beat of the music. I could tell he couldn't take much more.

I drove my chest as far into him as I could and held his throbbing cock tightly between my breasts by cupping my hand across my cleavage. As the thick head of his shaft emerged from my bosom I wrapped my fingers around it and let his pulsating pole slide gently through my fingertips and let him to my bottom lip. He stopped and remained still.

I squeezed my fingers around the edge of his thick head and twisted just a little as I enveloped the tip with my mouth. I felt him kick back and then push forward quickly and the roof of my mouth was instantly coated with his seed. It tickled the back of my throat and I started to cough. I reached around the rail and placed my hand against his ass and pulled him deeper into my mouth. He let out another stream into the back of my throat and I felt it lay across the back of my tongue. I swallowed quickly as he jerked back and forth again. I opened my mouth and squeezed lightly across his thrusting head but he was nearly impossible to keep a hold. In the corner of my eye, I could see a thick trail of cream across my cheek and I quickly pulled my fingers along the bottom of his pulsating cock. Again he planted a thick stream directly between my lips and lay across my tongue.

He slowly pulled his swollen member back through my breasts and I watched as he pulled it out from the bottom. I quickly covered him up with my hands and tucked his cock back into his pants. I looked at him and our eyes locked. His were widened in a look of pure amazement as I smiled and wiped my cheek with my finger, pushing his cream into my lips. I turned to my drink and leaned over to take a sip, checked my phone and turned back to him. I saw him walking away from the railing, trailing his coat and in a matter of seconds, another man was in his place. Joanne showed up fifteen minutes later and we drank and danced the rest of the night.
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