Dance Night at the Club (Part 1)
It was a Saturday morning after doing nightshift down the mine, I got the phone call

"Hey Liam,it's Alec, do you fancy going to the club tonight? There is a darts tournament and a band on later, bring Maggie with you."

"Sorry Alec but I can't,Maggie is gone for the weekend to her sisters with the kids, and I need to sleep, I am not long finished work." I said
"Come on man, cut yourself some slack, you work all those hours and get no fun." Alec replied

"Ok, but I won't be staying long. I will be there about eight for the darts to start."

I went to bed and woke about five and sat pondering what to wear. Should I wear casual, jeans and t-shirt with the wrangler top, which was easier to play darts in, or my suit?

I decided on my suit as this would be the last dance of the year as it was going to be until after the Christmas and News Year's festivities.

I had the suit hand made, an Italian cut, grey with silver lurex threads running down that sparked in the light, purple shirt and silver tie, finished of with my black Chelsea boots, but meanwhile had to wait on hot water, so I set to starting the coal fire I prepared earlier as it took about an hour to heat the water for a bath.

I sat in the kitchen in my boxers and had a coffee while I was waiting. A lot of thoughts ran through my head about Maggie. We had been married for nine years and had three beautiful kids together and our sex life wasn't brilliant but was alright.

I had heard little stories going around about her seeing another guy but I put it down to girl gossip, as some of them were both our friends but some were also jealous that we got together, Two that I know of felt hurt as I found out they fancied me back then too.
I wasn't sure what I would do if that was the case. I suppose in ways maybe I wasn't home as much as I should be but I had been working twelve hours a day, six days a week for the last year trying to build up a nestegg for us, and possibly get out of the mines and start my own business.

I put it to the back of my head as the water seemed to be hot enough and I damped down the fire.

Slipping off my boxers I stood naked at the shaving mirror, and shaved, dreading the signs of age coming on early with the stress of working down that damned coal hole, the gray was starting to show through at the sides, but luckily as yet no bald patch, I think I took the early grey from my mother, she went grey in her late twenties. I suppose I looked ok at 30, still muscled and a flat stomach with all the work over the years, although a bit white. I shaved and stepped into the bath adding some lavender bath oil to help me relax.

By the time I was ready it was nearing eight thirty and went out the door, walking down to the local pub for a quick pint before I got the the club. It was busy as usual and for once I didn't even have to buy a pint for myself as some of my mates were there on a stag do that I had forgot about. They asked me to join but I passed. I quickly drank the pint and headed out the door making my way across the road and down the alleyway to the club.

There was already a queue at the door and some tasty females. one in particular caught my eye, she wore a tartan mini that were the fashon and knee high boots, she was very tall and slender, not big boobs but just nice and the rest of her matched in.

She smiled and said "Hi, you wouldn't have a light on you? " As she came over and leaned on my shoulder, I could smell he prefume and it was already turning me on.

"Your in luck, I just remembered to fill mine up, here you go, just keep hold of it for now. I'll find you if I fancy a smoke." I replied

"My name is Mary, are you going to the dance hall?"
"Hi, I am Liam, I probably will later, but first I have a darts match upstairs, would you like a drink?"
"I don't usually take drink from strange men." she said with a smile as her eyes shone
"Well, you are in luck, ask anybody here , I am maybe a bit daft at times but not strange." laughing.
She giiggled at that and said "Ok, if you don't mind, can I have a vodka and coke please."

I said " Won't be a tick, luckily the barmaid is my cousin, it comes in handy when it gets busy."

She went and got a table next to the bar and sat down, as she did her skirt slid up to reveal that she was wearing stockings, that started getting my pulse going again, had to keep my mind focussed for now on the darts, fun may come later. I still had a twinge of guilt at me enjoying myself while the wife was away.

An hour later after playing my game of darts and losing miserably I came back down to the dance hall to find Mary still sitting in the same corner and she spied me and smiled holding up a drink she had bought for me.
"Hi" I said " Have you been up dancing yet Mary ?"
"Not yet, I thought I would wait for you and just listen to the music, anyway there is nobody about that catches my eye but you to dance with. " At that she put her hand on my knee and smiled seductively.
Just then a slow number came up and I asked her to dance and she sashayed on to the dance floor like a nymph gliding on water, sinuously swaying her hips as she went. I could feel the heat start up in my groin as I watched her. And when we danced it was like we were glued to each other as she smiled and pressed herself against me. I could feeel myself starting to react as my cock started to rise and press against her leg. She smiled even more then said

"Does this happen all the time you dance ?"

I blushed slightly and said " No, only with a beautiful woman in my arms." Then she wrapped her arms round my neck and brought my lips to hers and started to kiss me and slip her hot tongue between my lips. I felt like I was going to melt there and then as the heat spread up my body.
I said " I think we had better find someplace a bit more private before we have an audience", looking into her eyes.
She smiled and replied, "Ok, lets get out of here and go for a walk and then figure out where we can get some privacy"

I agreed but at the back of my mind was the nagging feeling that this was wrong, but although two sides of my mind were arguing my body was doing most of the leading at that time and it said go for it.

We decided to leave and walked along the shorefront with Mary holding my hand and sort of half leading the way. Half way along the promenadee there was a place that we could sit and watch the stars in the sky, mind you I was more busy watching every little move she made.

I slipped my hand around her waist as we walked and run my hand down towands her ass slowly enjoying the contours of her body. She snuggled in closer and kissed me and we sat for a while.

Just as we were going to get up and continue walking I looked around and couldn't belive my eyes when I saw my wife snogging with another guy, and also found out it was who I thought it was.

At that I gave up any feelings of guilt and turned and kissed Mary with a passion I had been holding back, she responed in kind taking my hand and popping it on her right breast.
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