Dance Night at the Club ( Finale)
Judy was busy sliding into my ass and it felt like an electric bolt as it hit my prostate forcing me to drive further into Mary's wet pussy, her moaning at every push as I groaned at every push from behind me with Judy slapping my buttock cheeks every so often, which stung a bit, but it was intermittent and made me feel even hornier than usual.

It was like being a yoyo as I was pulled back and forth with intense feelings at both ends as I happened to look up and there was someone else in the room, who had appeared from out of nowhere. This was another girl taking it all in. Somehow she had managed to come in unnoticed by us all, eventually I had to put this new event out of my mind as I was ready to explode.

Mary let out a yell as she orgasmed at the same time as I came and as Judy withdrew from me Mary wrapped her legs tight around me taking all my cum inside her and I could feel the warm juices run down between my balls and drip on the floor. We kissed passionately and hung on to each other as the tremors subsided.

Judy had a satisfied grin on her face as she spied this new arrival, who was dressed in a very short tartan mini with a basque that showed her curves to the fullest, she was a Eurasian but more oriental looking with an light yellowish tan that matched her tartan, which I was trying to place in my mind.

Mary and Judy ran across the room to cuddle and kiss her, Judy introduced her. "This is KIm, she has been a student here for a while and comes to visit us out of the blue sometimes."

"Kim" Mary said, "Meet Liam, I met him earlier at the club tonight and we have been having a fun time together."

"I could see that in all it's glory." Kim replied as she looked down at my cock, which had started to take a life all of it's own again as it twitched as if in salute.

Kim asked "Is this strictly a three way party or is there room for one more ?" looking at my cock greedily.

I said " The more the merrier." as I was in my stride by then although feeling a bit drained.

At that Judy said." Join us by all means, this should be an eye opener to Liam." Looking straight at me Judy said " Kim is not quite what you might expect, but will let you find that out for yourself."

I wondered just what Judy could mean by that as all the girls had a little look at each other and smiled in that teasing way.

Kim was not that tall, maybe about five foot two inches in her bare feet and looked deicious as she slipped of her skirt and took her bra of to show off her boobs, which had little perky nipples just starting to rise as she felt the chill in the air. She went in her bag and asked if anybody fancied a joint, I for one usually didn't touch the stuff but it seemed like the thing to do as I had done a couple of firsts that night. A bit late to be worried about what I was doing I joined in and we sat on the floor relaxing and Kim started stroking my knee as we looked at each other intently. Mary and Judy were sharing one toke, while Kim and I shared the other and that seemed to set the scene for the next part of our growing sexual scene.

Kim slowly edged her hand towards my cock and Mary and Judy started on a sixty nine probing each other with their tongues as if there was nobody else in the room. She started stoking me like she had a new toy to play with, purring as she bent hear head down to lick the precum and also the mixed juices from the earlier session.

I reached and started caressing Kim's back and kissed her neck, sliding my hands down to her luscious bottom, at that she stopped and said " Not yet Liam, let me play a bit first, anyway I have something to tell you." In a tone that sounded a bit lower than she had before.

As Kim came back up I kissed her and our tongues met in a hot melting I hadn't felt before and I run my hand over her right breast, which felt nice but there was something in the back of my mind that said to me they were either fake or she had gotten a boob job, they just didn't feel the real deal and I looked in her eyes she hesitated a bit and whispered in my ear.

"I am not quite like other girls, I wait on getting operation. A long story I will tell you later when we are alone." She took my hand and slid it down to her crotch and although nothing showed obvious what I felt was a small but distinct penis. I was taken aback how she could look so gorgeous and yet obviously a guy.
She said, " If you feel disappointed I will understand and go, but, I assure you ,you will enjoy being with me."

I was a bit smitten in a way with Kim's looks and she did have a nice figure. I was in the land of temptation here but the effects of the grass and the headiness of sex won me over and thought to myself, if I don't at least try at least once I will never know just what my sexuality was or how my psyche may be made up.

I gave Kim a full blown kiss as she started to stroke my cock again, bending her head down to lick the tip of of it tasting me again, my cock sprang to life in her hands as she rolled her tongue around the head gripping the base lightly so I didn't cum too quick, she kept staring me in the eye like she was daring me on to a higher level of sensuality.

Kim never allowed me to take her panties off but she turned round doggy style and asked me to fuck her good. This took me a little while as I reamed her ass for a while with my tongue then lubed 2 fingers and worked my way into her ass before putting lube on my cock and sliding in slowly. I was amazed just how easy my cock slid into her as I eventually pushed past her sphincter. It was tighter than I was used to being inside a pussy but felt nice and I got down to business pushing my cock in to the hilt as Kim watched and gave a grunt now and then as I hit some nerve deep inside her.

I ended up coming quick as I was not used to it but she was happy as we both come at the same time as she started stroking her little cock and gushed forth like a volcanic eruption. She must have been saving the cum up for ages. For my first time at this I found it deliciously exciting even though I was still in the grips of a taboo that I had been brought up with for years. Perhaps it might happen again. Only time will tell. At that we all parted and promised to keep in touch. I went home well satisfied. Did I feel guilty? On reflection, no, I felt I had found a balance with what had been done to me. Whether it was right or wrong to do it is something only I would find though karma.
Would I do it again? In the same circumstances, probably , a big yes.

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