Dance Night at the Club ( Part II)
We left the club and headed down the lane and as we walked we passed others with the same ideas on their minds. I found a spot in a dark entranceway to the back of some shops on the lane.

I could feel Mary's heat through my hand when I walked along with her and the passion in her eyes grabbed my heart as well as my blood as I walked along trying to keep my erection under control. It was throbbing ready to burst at the slightest touch of her.

She grabbed my arm and started to kiss me deeply on the lips, sticking her tongue in my mouth, it felt electric and and heady as I tongue kissed her back, she nearly swallowed my tongue down her throat with abandon like she was sucking on a cock. Poor girl must have been sex starved for a while.

I was struggling to find an opening as she held my head in her hands as she took my tongue into Mary's mouth, me wishing it was my cock instead. But I knew that would come in time. I managed to free a hand and slid it down to her breast.

Mary's nipples were already rock hard and as I brushed them through the material she moaned and arced her pussy against my cock with every touch. If I didn't make s move soon I was going to blow a load of into the bottom of my trouser leg.

I slid my hand down and found the hem of Mary's skirt and slowly ran my hand up the inside of her thigh as he whispered in my ear. " Rip them off. I need you now "

I needed no second whisper as I slipped my hand up and caught the seam of her silk panties and they were that sheer the ripped easily. Mary slipped her hand down to my fly and undid the zip and pulled my boxers away and my rod slammed out stiff as a flagpole into her hand and she started tugging at it like a thing possessed.

I lifted her up and slid my cock slowly into her tight but wet pussy and she moaned " Drive it deep, I want it hard, Liam. I am so desperate for your cock inside me." I slid in and was astonished that I got up to the hilt in one push. She moaned and pushed against me as I pinned her against the wall, driving my shaft up to the hilt.

My knees were trembling with trying to stop cumming too fast. I drove her like my cock was a piston in a car and then she squealed with abandon as she came over my cock and I could feel her juices running down my balls. At that I only managed a couple of more pushed and shot right up her alley as she bit my neck moaning in delight.

I was shaking like a leaf in the wind and as I let her down she got on her knees and started licking our mixed juices off my cock. It was delicious.

"Liam." she said, still a bit garbled as she was sucking and trying to talk at the same time."Will you take me home and stay the night"

At that I started to spring to attention again and would have cum all over her pretty face, but I stood her up and said. "If you keep going I will have nothing left to give you, so lets make a move, and she kissed me like she really meant it."

In between the fun of the sex and the fact that my wife was with another guy I had made my mind up. If you can't beat them, join them.
(More to cum in Part III)
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