Dance Night at the Club ( Part III)
We walked along the shoreline ,it was a balmy night with a clear sky and the stars were glittering and a half moon was showing. one of those nights I wished I had my camera with me. It would have been nice to take a photo of Mary silhouetted by the moon and the stars behind her.

We walked along slowly taking the nights sights and sounds in as the gulls were out in force looking for scraps of food after all the nightclubs had emptied. There was always a couple of burger vans open till late on the shore front.

Mary was holding my hand and had a smile on her face and she was humming a tune to herself. I asked her "Do you live with your parents ?"
She replied "No, I share a flat near the hospital with my friend Judy, it's her flat but we share, she is a nurse and will probably be sound asleep by now so we better try and keep the noise down."

We reached her place around three in the morning, Judy and Mary lived in a quiet area near the outskirts of town, a four in a block setup, they lived on the bottom floor, all seemed quiet when we slowly got near the door it was locked and Mary slipped her key in and we went in like a couple of kids coming in late from school, trying not to giggle.

Mary guided me by the hand to her room and I felt myself getting hard again at the thought of more fun with her, she stopped and kissed me full on, her tongue probing for mine as we played a delicious tongue fight, we both won.

We got to her room and she put the bedside lamp on so we could see. We slowly started undressing each other, she looked amazing, her nipples were still hard from the earlier excitement we shared as I took of her bra and licked each one, giving her a smile as she moaned my name in a whisper, it sounded so sexy
as she was huskier in that whisper.

I started to tongue and kiss her body down to her panties and past to the wet spot between her legs. At that she started to quiver and stopped me to take my boxers off. My cock was stiff as a pole again and ready for action. Just at that we were so engrossed we never heard the door open and there stood Judy smiling at us like the cat that got the cream.

Judy was wearing a skimpy see through camisole top that left nothing to the imagination and a small bikini style bottom with ties at the sides. She was the Eurasian type, tall and slender with honey coloured skin, nicely shaped luscious boobs that at a guess would be a size 40DD. Her nipples were erect with the cold air in the room, and she kept fidgeting from one foot to the other in a shy way covering her groin with her hands. Her legs seem to go on forever down to the floor to neatly painted toenails that were done in rainbows.

"Oh well!! Judy said " What delights have we got here Mary?"
"Aren't you going to introduce me before you start sucking his cock?"
"Maybe there is enough for two, I missed dinner tonight."

She laughed and went and gave Mary a kiss on the cheek as she stroked her breast making her nipple rise further and Mary shivered involuntarily. At that Judy whispered something in Mary's ear that I did not catch, then smiled at me and said. " What do you think. handsome?" And then kissed Mary full on the lips as she stroked her pussy, giving a finger stroke along her slit then put it to her mouth.

"I taste some cum from there, have you fucked him already? " said Judy.

Mary told her we had a session when we came out of the dance hall and my name was Liam, and that if I was willing, she was willing to share me.
I coughed a bit and blushed a little and answered "I am fine with that as long as everybody is happy."

Judy said" There is one thing you don't know about me Liam, I won't let you fuck me as I am pure lesbian and Mary is bi so in essence you get to fuck one of us, but you will get some fun as I don't mind giving blowjobs or doing you anally. But you won't get into my pussy. Is that a deal?"

I replied " Well, that is a new area for me never explored so far but did used to wonder what it would be like."

Judy said " All right then of you are willing here is what I propose. I will play wound till I find your G spot which is in there somewhere, once I find it you will know and so will I and I have some prostrate vibrators I can choose from that I can strap on as well. If you are up for it, let's party."

I replied " Ok, I will try anything once." But inside my head I was still a bit dubious of this, like it was some taboo thing I was doing.

Mary took my hand and led me to the bed as she lay down and asked me to start to lick her out, that part was easy as I ran my hands up her legs and parted the, showing me a glimpse of her still wet pussy as I ran my tongue along her slit, this also gave me something to focus on while Judy started squirting some oil in to my anus and rubbing it on her fingers, I was nibbling on Mary's clit as Judy started to probe past my sphincter, I tightened up as I was not used to this attack from behind. Judy whacked my ass check and told me to relax, I was trying to but was not easy as I already had a hard on seeing Mary's pussy staring me in the face.

It got a bit easier eventually as I felt Judy slip two fingers in and started to massage my prostate at that I was about ready to shoot my load but Judy felt me judder and squeezed the base of my cock, which seemed to feel as if it had grown even more than usual. At this point Mary flipped round and started to suck on my cock with long deep strokes, I could just about feel her tonsils as my cock went deep into her mouth and she started rolling her tongue around the head making me twitch.

Then Mary turned doggie style as she told me she was ready to get stuffed yet again, and Judy picked out a six inch prostrate vibrator saying."We will start with this and see how we go"

At that I bent Mary over a stool so she would be in the right position for me and I would be in the right position for Judy and as I slid into Mary, Judy turned the vibrator on low and strapped in into her harness and slowly lubed and slipped it into my ass.

(More to come in Part IV)

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