The bar was crowded when we walked in. The dimly lit room was a symphony of sounds as the band played and people talked. You held my hand tight as we walked through the room to the table where our friends were sitting. Your hands ran down my back side as we walked, teasing me by lightly playing with the hem of my short skirt as I walked. I could feel your warm fingers on the skin of my thighs as I walked and I knew that you were thinking about how I looked in my short skirt. I had seen you appreciatively looking at my long tanned legs as I got out of the car. Your eyes were the only thing that had visibly bulged as you had split your attention between the legs and the tops of my breasts that had threatened to spill out of my low cut shirt. As we reached the table, you held out the chair for me to sit down. I couldn't resist, I leaned forward and gave you a demur chaste kiss before sitting down. You grinned, well used to my antics and quickly settled into a chair near mine. The conversation amongst our group of friends was lively and fun. But all I could really only focus on two things; my hand as it rested upon and caressed your thigh and your hand as it gently rubbed my back. We leaned into each other to be closer, to feel each other's bodies lightly touching. We wanted, no NEEDED; to feel the presence and closeness of each other. After a while I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I had a plan.

You were still sitting amongst your friends when I came back. I walked up behind you and lightly kissed your neck and ran my arms around you , pressing my hands down your chest and closer to your lap. I could hear your soft breathing intake harshly as you anticipated my warm touch upon your body. My touch however, was not to be. I lightly dropped something in your lap and teasingly kissed you once more before I dropped back onto my chair beside you. I smiled as I watched you glance down at the item on your lap. Your eyes grew wide and your gaze was immediately drawn to me. I smiled as I watched your hands quickly grasp and hold tightly to the pair of still warm and slightly damp panties. I could see your chest rise and fall with each breath and I knew that you were only thinking of my tight wet pussy, uncovered and just barely covered under my short skirt. You slipped the panties into my pocket and valiantly tried to finish the conversation that was swirling around you.

The band switching gears from lively tunes to a slow tune was all you needed as and excuse. You jumped up from the table and grabbed my hand. Looking down at me you winked and gave your plea.
"Dance with me?"
I grinned up at you, anxiously desperate to feel your body pressed against mine. I stood up in acceptance of your offer. However; I still had one more little item to give you. It was in my other hand. I reached out and slipped it into your hand. You glanced down. In your hand lay the tiny remote control to my little sex toy, the bullet. Winking at me you pulled me onto the dance floor. Within seconds your body was pressed tightly against mine. I could feel your hard body, so inflamed with passion. That stirred my desire and I could feel my body begin to grow even more dewy with my womanly dampness. Your arms came around me and pulled me even closer, your lips caressed my neck, my ear and mylips. I closed my eyes, just allowing the passion of your touch to overtake me. And then I felt the vibrator that was buried deep inside me flicker to life.

"Ahhhh" , I moaned out against your ear. I could feel your chuckle rumble deep within your chest. You so love to watch me as my passion builds and eventually explodes. I smiled in bliss and nestled into your arms an allowed your body to buffet me and sensually pull me into the abyss of pleasure. The vibrator danced merrily inside my most secret of places while the fingers of your one hand reached between us to flick and pull at my nipples. Your hardened cock pressed tightly against me at the juncture between my thighs. And you just held me tight as we swayed with the music. I could feel the fire burning hotter and hotter until finally I couldn't contain it and I began to shudder. Right on the dance floor my world splintered apart. Your arms holding me tight were the only thing that kept me from collapsing to the floor in a quivering heap as an orgasm rippled through my body. I struggled to keep from screaming out as I buried my head against your shoulder. Your words of endearment barely penetrated my foggy mind as I spiraled out.
You stood there with me in the middle of the dance floor while my body descended from the high and then you slowly walked me back to our table, our bodies still pressed tightly together. As we reached the table I reluctantly began to pull away to sit on my own chair. But you were having none of that. You quickly sat down and pulled me down onto your lap. The conversation with those at our table stirred to life around us. You joined in as if nothing had happened, but I could feel your huge erection pressing up into the V' of my legs. I wanted more. The dance floor was just a prelude to what I really wanted. And lucky for you, I knew what to do and was actually prepared. I wiggled and under the cover of the table slipped the bullet out of my warm body. My movements caused my skirt to rise and I knew it wouldn't be long before you took the hint. It wasn't. Your hands deftly slipped down the zipper of your pants . Sensing every action of yours, I didn't make you wait long. I moved until your cock was poised at the entrance of my womanhood and I pressed downward. Slowly you pressed inside of me. I had to bite my lip to keep from gasping out my pleasure as your cock stretched and filled up my body. I don't know how you did it, the conversation swirled around us with you taking a part, albeit a reduced part. Once you were buried inside me I just sat still. I could feel your cock throbbing inside me. I could feel your heart beating inside my pussy as your cock nestled there. For long long minutes we sat there unmoving...just the natural ebb and flow of our bodies pulling us and drawing us toward the inevitable. Your hands held tightly to my waist as we both slowly gave in to the passion of the moment. My body shuddered and clenched you tightly as I came again. My spasms are what finally pushed your body over the edge and I sighed with pleasure as your body pumped it's hot cum into me.

Our sighs of relieved contentment as we relaxed after our slow unmoving orgasm drew the attention of our friends. When one of them laughingly suggested that you take me home and finish the foreplay that we had just started, you grinned and grabbed my hand and we made our hasty goodbyes even as you pulled me to the door, the evening was still young and we had a lot more to accomplish!
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