You sat me in a chair, walked across the bedroom and turned on the CD player, and the room was filled with music.
As soon as the music started so did you. Your body immediately began moving in time with the easy jazz. You looked fantastic.

Your hips and bare feet moving in natural sync had your lower body flowing while your arms floated up beside, then above your head of black curls. I had never seen you dance before and I was transfixed, my gaze followed every subtle movement of your fluid body.
Your smooth dancing brought you back into the middle of the room so that you were standing before me as I watched your arms glide back down your sides. Your fingers took hold of the beige sleeveless loose-fitting body dress that invitingly showed off your dark brown aureola and nipples, and you began lifting it tantalizingly slowly, rolling your hips the whole time, making disrobing part of your freely sensual expressive dance.

As it came off your head and flew away you smiled, shaking out your hair. You were naked under the thin dress, and now without the hinderance of any clothing you seemed to be feeling a new sense of freedom as your dancing moves became more pronounced and were suited specifically to the particular music that was flooding the room.

My god I'd never seen your amazing body, and to see you naked for the first time while you were dancing was almost more than I could take in.
It was perfect.
Your beautiful face was expressing the music erotically as you pursed your full lips and flung your dark curly hair around your head.
Hot hot ass on you girl, and the way you were pushing and pulling your pelvis, lowering and raising your ass and grinding it to the music you looked like you were fucking without a partner.
Your raised arms seemed to control the upper part of your fantastic body, guiding your stomach, chest, back and shoulders in swaying, twisting, undulating interpretations of the music that so obviously brings out your most expressive sexual self.

As you moved and danced your magnificent tits held me prisoner, unable to take my eyes off them. Unbelievably full and beautifully shapely with large broad chocolate nipples, my cock was straining so hard it felt like it would rip through its tightly stretched skin.

You fixed your eyes on mine and began dancing toward toward me, turning to one side and then the other with each step, giving me full view from every angle of your gently swaying, bouncing breasts.
By the time you reached me my hard-as-stone cock was standing straight up, fully engorged, long and thick, with its swollen head covered in a heavy pool of pre-cum.
You bent over from your waist so that your black curls were hanging over my big cock. And as your turning head moved with the music you slapped my straining prick with your hair, spreading and smearing the pre-cum as my chest tightened and I held my breath, watching in amazement.

You rhythmically raised back up, your heavy tits moving from side to side.

That's when you did it, you wicked sex creature.
You pushed out your chest and lowered your breasts until you were moving your large tits in a way so that both your huge dark nipples were brushing across the tip of my cock.
Jesus christ it felt so fucking sensitive and LOOKED so damn HOT that I really thought I was going to cum.

You held your tits with both hands and guided your erect chocolate nipples to slide back and forth, side to side, and in circles around and across the tip of my cock. You looked down at your nipples stroking my wet cock head, then raised your face and smiled your beautiful smile at me, knowing from the look on my face that you were driving me fabulously insane.

My lips were partly open and my eyelids were drifting downward as you raised back up. I was in another world....a world of intense fleshly pleasures and overwhelming sexual sensations.
With one squeezing hand wrapped around the base of my cock and the other pinching and pulling my nipples, I watched as you entered a world of your own.....Dancing freely and expressively to the jazz, running your fingers through your hair and sliding your hands over your ass and your large breasts, giving over your fabulous caramel naked body to your musical and sexual muses.
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