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Dancing runs deep in my blood. Not club dancing, bouncing up and down, no. Salsa, Swing, Bachata, Jazz, Tango I like having a partner who knows how to move a woman. Swing/ Jazz just might be my favorite, moving fast or pressing against each other feeling the rhythm take over my body. I have had partners who left me breathless after one song and kept me dancing through a half dozen more, but none to really satisfy.
The club I go to swing, has all glass on three sides and a beautiful brick wall on the north side, off the east wall is a long balcony that curves into darkness at the end, not visible form any place inside. The music wafts to this dark space like a dream.
This night I was feeling down, the male market was thin and between working in the theatre and school time to socialize wasn't appearing too often. So I did what I always do when I am feeling down. Dress up. I wore matching brown lace underclothes, a black silk slip with a 4 inch lace hem. A light chiffon dress that twirled beautifully with a top that barely covered the line where flesh turned from caramel to cream. My black curls falling as they will around my face. This night I looked hot.
Some friend s met me there and I was dancing before I could put down my purse at our table.

As the first song ended and I was dipped close to the floor I saw the long figure of a man I had never seen. But I was brought back up before I could get a look at his face. I danced the next 3 songs, 2 of them with guys I didn't know well. For all the dolling up I did for tonight I was less then satisfied with my partners until the fifth song, and a muscled hand was placed in my view "would you care to dance" "I never say no..." Mr. Mysterious was had deep brown eyes, and wide shoulders, he flashed me a smile , I could almost see all of his teeth. My body was thrumming.

He pulled me to the wooden dance floor and spun me every which way, only holding me to him for small moments. This was enough for my body to ache for him, I hardly noticed I was in his arms for 4 songs running. Sweating and out of breath he led me to the balcony. It was fall and the breeze was picking up to light wind. The moon a crescent guardian was watching silently. Mr. Mysterious and I spoke only long enough for him to close the almost foot distance. His lips were on mine, his hands pressed into my back and bum. I was like a feather in his arms, being carried pulled into his body. I wrapped my legs around him. My arms where pinned to my sides with his. The kiss ended as we reached the wall. The music was following us reminding us of the people who use this balcony, many of which were my friends, we didn't care. His hand lifted to my face, he pulled a curl and it bounced up and down.

As it came to a stop his finger pressed against to my pearl. He ripped my bottoms, making them useless, they fell to the floor. Finger slipped in as he rubbed lightly. I leaned back against the wall so he could better access me. His fingers and his mouth were moving with the tempo of the song. Just as fast and just as talented. I'd like to say I came with the end of the song, but I didn't I came sooner. I held tight to this body, arching in between a rock and a hard place. "I am not done yet, say good bye to your friends and come out front."

The electric blue sky had diamonds and black clouds. As we left the club they all blurred. His car had the top down as we drove. My hair was flying everywhere. He placed a penny on my knee. As he cocked his eyebrow asking the cliché question I slid my hand over his leg and right about his bulge, answering his question. The car rumbled as he presed the gas. Moving us toward our destination faster.

When we arrived I was in his arms before you could say sinatra! He layed me down on the hood of the car, the heat beneath me and the cool air blowing on my body made me want to have him inside me even mmore. And he wasted no time. My dress came off in seconds and my bra met the same fate as their partner. His lips were pulling biting and sucking at my nippes. His left hand had my breast and his right was taking off his pants.

I could feel my juices rolling down my body and onto his fancy car, this thought was expelled as I looked down and saw what he had to offer. It disappeared into me slowly, until I was full, then the speed increased. He thrusted into me and my nails dug into his back. The harder he drove me the deeper my nails got the higher I got on his cars hood. I came louder than I ever came before, with only streas and starry diamonds to hear me. And he came shortly after. He flipped me over and there we lay for an hour. The hood became cold and the dew began to set and just before sleep came I felt hand run down my back and a finger slip into my ass hole " are you ready for round 2?"
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