On autopilot, not paying attention,I am walking down an isle at the local food store shopping for the week, buying the usual. It wasn't until the cart I was pushing ran into the person in front of me and a grunt of pain brought me back to reality.
He stood up from a bend over position with a pained look on his face...on his handsome face. His dark greys eyes drifted over the part of me that was above the cart then back again to my face. I felt a shiver run up and down my spine, whacking my pussy as it went by,waking it up. The rest of me screaming "HELLO" as he smiled down causing me to suffer verbal diarrhea as I apologized for being so clumsy and...horny...that last part I kept to myself.

"No it's ok, I am fine and so are you," he said with a smile that warmed his eyes and wet my panties.

"Ah I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going," I said still suffering verbal diarrhea.

"Daniel," he intoned looking down from his considerable height. At 5 feet tall everyone seems tall to me, but this guy,Daniel must be at least 6ft and a few inches over.

"I am Mia," I said in a nervous breath as I wondered what the hell was wrong with me! Here I am acting like a blushing school girl getting attention from the most popular guy in school.
We stood there smiling at each other for a moment or two, giving me time to get control of myself and to take in the view in front of me. Daniel appeared to be approximately my age in his 50s. He had a very masculine angular face with lips that were now smiling at me. They had me wanting him to put them anywhere he wanted to as long as it was on my body. He had salt and pepper colored hair that hung in a mass of waves with some curls to just below his ears gave him that bad boy look. It was his naturally tanned skin, a wonderful backdrop for his large slightly slanted dark grey eyes that just did it for me. Finally able to move beyond his face I took and the rest of him could have sworn my panties had melted. There were all kinds of possibilities there and there was one imprisoned by his jeans lying hard and large against his stomach. I looked up at him through my lashes with a slight smile and saw he was also taking me in more than before and he seemed to be pleased.

I am skin is the color of honey,petite, slightly heavy on the curves, with shoulder length curly dark auburn hair and large whiskey brown slanted eyes.

Daniel stopped smiling long enough to take in the contents of my shopping cart,which were meager and suggested that I lived alone. I quickly did the same to him and saw that he was cooking for one as well.

"I know that we have just met, but can I make a suggestion?"

I looked at Daniel with my heart in my throat and curious about his suggestion." Please",I said I am all ears."

"Well we are both fixing a meal for one, how about we combined our efforts? I will prepare the meat and you bring the sides," Daniel said as he leaned on the front of my basket smiling into my eyes, inviting my soul out for a dance.

"Hummm... how about this, place, but I will prepare the meal and you can bring dessert," I said knowing I must be insane to invite a stranger to my home. I knew that Daniel would be a cool drink of water to my desert of a love life.
He nodded slowly with what seemed to be an appreciative reverence as we exchanged numbers and addresses.

We completed the shopping for dinner and went our separate way,planning to meet back at 8 pm that evening.

Once home, I called my BFF and told him about what happened in isle five and he laughed and said that it was about time. I could hear his husband in the background laughing as well I told them both to shut-up. It made them laugh harder, I then asked for his chicken in white wine sauce recipe, which I get after being given unsolicited advice on what to wear and how to act. Truly scandalized and laughing, I hung up on the two of them and set about preparing the meal. Once I had it going, I made a mad dash to get myself ready. After taking a nice warm shower and oiling myself down with my favor amber scented oil. Then I dressed in black leggings and an orange and bronze flowing v neck top that hinted at my generous cleavage and curves.

Daniel arrived right on time with a large baker box and a bottle of wine. The wine he handed to me after entering, the box with the dessert he kept.

"No, desert until after dinner," he said teasing with a suggestive smile which just peeked my interest in wanting to know what was in the box. I let it go for a moment as I stepped back to take the rest of him in. Daniel was dressed in dark blue jeans and black tee shirt,both hugging his body to perfection. I loved a man with broad shoulders, a nice chest and tone muscular arms, his tee accented it all well against the tanned tone of his skin and the darkness of his tribal tattoos. Lowering my eyes to take in his jean covered body started me sweating in intimate places as my girl bits jump for joy in anticipation of maybe being able to see and touch?

Whoa...down girl I told myself...don't attack the man before dinner! I had him follow me into the kitchen my favorite place in my home which was large enough to have separate dining nook from the formal dining room. I directed Daniel to take a seat and poured him a chill glass of white wine. As he complimented my kitchen and the wonderful aromas coming from it I checked on dinner. Sipping and checking for doneness I turned to find that Daniel was checking me out. Sitting there relaxed with his jean-clad legs a part,drinking his wine, and looking at me as if he wanted to drink from me as well. I was very glad I had decided on the long tunic top as the seat of my leggings became a tropical flood zone. A sharp pain followed by a shutter from deep within my core rippled out to my toes and finger tips. Finding it hard to walk on my shaking legs I took the chair across from Daniel and quickly down half of my glass of wine. Feeling his eyes on me I peeked at Daniel from the corner of my eyes and then I turned to face him fully. I started thinking that making through dinner might be impossible and to hell with dessert.

Leaning toward Daniel until our lips almost touched, we were just a breath apart and I could feel the draw of him through those lips strong and hypnotic and I moved closer, brushing my cheek against his on my way to his neck I couldn't give in...not yet. Once there, I inhaled his cologne, a masculine scent that added a trace to the true scent of him that made me swallow hard as I fought my desire to taste him... just a little. To lightly lick at the skin of his neck, maybe even nibble a bit at the muscle so tight and strong beneath his skin. I heard a moan this time,and it was me as I placed my lips on him. Daniel moaned deep within his throat and it vibrating against my lips on Daniel's neck. I latched on and climbed into his lap with his help. Oh my God I was about to rape the man! Quickly releasing my hold on his neck I got off his lap and out of the shelter of his arms, muttering something about the need to check dinner. As I needlessly stirred pots, I kept up a stream of conversation that was being shot from my mouth as fast as my heart was beating in my ears. Part of me was trying to take stock of the situation only to find that the seat of my legging was past flood stage. My skin felt hot and too tight for my body...desire had risen and it wanted out. Taking deep breaths and slowly letting it out in an effort to calm myself only to have the effort halted as I felt the heat of his body against my back and then his hands on my breasts. Cupping each in his large hands, Daniel massaged them through my top as his mouth took purchase of my neck. I knew he could feel the beating of my heart as I now was the one moaning my pleasure. As I leaned back into Daniel's caresses, I was able to maintain enough common sense to turn off the stove and oven.

Turning to face him,I looked up at Daniel and watched as his hypnotic eyes and hungry mouth came toward me. I went up on tip-toes to meet him and was rewarded with a kiss that curled my toes and gave me to him.

Music drifted into my conscience from the Bosso system in the living room and the voice of Leon Ware's whispered of being made warm inside from the fires of desire. It was where I wanted to be with Daniel and I knew he wanted the same. We danced slowly to the music as our hands wandered on to and around each other being rewarded with little surprises. It seemed both where not to be big on under clothes. He was hard more places than I was and took joy in my soft slightly generous curves. When my tunic top came off following his tee shirt into a corner of the living room I became a little uncomfortable. Silly I know, but it had been a while, and I wasn't sure...

"Damn...these are mine!" he said in a voice heavy with lust as he went to his knees. Daniel licked his lips as his large hands moved from my shoulders on to my chest. He had me sit down on my living room table, putting my large breasts level with his face where he seemed to be into a trance.
Watching him in all of his half naked glory caused my body to response with a wanton need to be taken. I imagined him fucking me and felt my nipples become firm and hot. Daniel growled as he came at me, licking sucking and lightly biting my flesh with his mouth as his hands reinforced his claim. I was stripped me of my leggings which maybe have been destroyed in haste to get them off leaving me naked to Daniel who was still wearing jeans.
Between his mouth and his hands Daniel had me stretched out on top of my coffee table, legs spread wide and arm up over my head. My hair was down from the carefully crafted up-do I had done early and was a blind hiding my eyes from Daniel. As I laid there looking at him from openings in my hair blind, I found myself spreading my legs wider in anticipation...want and need.

Daniel smiled down at me and my wanton display of my treasure as he unzipped his jeans. "I think... that dinner will have to wait until later," he said spreading the front of his jeans to expose himself. His cock appeared at first to be a motley mass of flesh ranging in color from white to purple. Then he started to massage his cock and balls for my viewing pleasure.

I raised my hand gesturing for him to come closer and stand between my legs,but he walked around to where my head was on the table. Then straddling the table and me, Daniel pointed his cock down toward my mouth as he pushed his jeans further down his thighs to his knees. Using his jeans as a head rest, I pushed his hands off his sex taking over the massaging and adding a few moves of my own. First,I did something that I had been wanting to do since we met...touch him in the most intimate of ways. Inhaling his heady musty scent encouraged me to be bold in my actions as I massage the staff of his cock I slipped its bulbous head between my lips into the warm wetness of my mouth .There I allowed it to rest against my tongue as my hands stroked his thighs and ass. I was so lost in the sensations of Daniel in my mouth and under my hands that I hadn't heard his moans and other verbalizations. It wasn't until he stepped out of my grasp pulling his cock out of my mouth as he did so that I became aware that there seemed to be a problem.

"No?" I asked looking up at him feeling the immediate loss of his presence under my hands and in my mouth.

Daniel leaned down going to his knees and took possession of my mouth. Licking the top and bottom from corner to corner, I am sure he would taste himself in each lick. Even more so when Daniel pushed in tongue into my mouth and did a slow delirious dance with my tongue. I had tasted his precum, thick pearl drops of warm,salty,sweetness that had me wanting more.

He said nothing just smile down at me with hooded eyes and a cock that was so stiff it stuck out from his body all veined, thick and skin a mixture of reds and purples. I reached up for him, but Daniel just laughed and moved further out of my reach.
Frustrated and a bit put out I sat up only to find myself restrained by his hand that he had fisted in my hair at the back of my head. My breath caught in my throat and my pussy tingled as I waited for his next move.

"Take me to your bed," Daniel said soft and low between clenched teeth as he pulled firmly with care as he pulled my head back to look up at him.
I could see myself in the reflection of glass- front bookcase as he pulled my head back to look up at him. I looked like lust, want, need and fucking... naked, breasts full nipples hard and a thin sheen of sweet glistening on my skin from my arousal. Inside my pussy, cramping and releasing in search of something to hold. I knew when I stood there would be a pool of my juice where I had been laying and running down my thighs. As I laid there looking up into his down turned face I could see his eyes, heavy with desire, I nodded yes in response to his demand. Daniel helped me up onto my wobbly legs and let me walk past him with my juice slowly running down my thighs. I knew that he was following me as I could feel his eyes on my hips as they swayed in my walk.

Stopping at my bedroom door I opened it and let Daniel entered first. He stood in the doorway of the dimly lighted room taking in the queen size four- poster bed draped in shades of green and pillows for days. Daniel walked further into the room moving toward the large windows on the other side of the room letting some of the moon light through the sheer curtains. He even went as far as to check out the bathroom,a spacious place with its large claw-footed tub and shower big enough to hold two adult comfortably.

I had moved into the room and had started to remove pillows from the bed, piling them on the floor. It was when I reached to across the bed to get others that Daniel pushed me on to the bed. I laid there as he stretched out on top of me and whispered things in my ear between kisses and licks against my cheek and neck. The things that he said... what he wanted to do and what he would to do. It had scared, excited,horny and wanting to be the slut he thought I was. He ended his verbal seduction with kisses down my spine to the dip where my hips flared out. Then he spread my ass cheeks apart squeezing them as licked me, teased me to clawing the bed. As I screamed his name over and over again as the orgasm crashed into me,shaking me to my soul... it all was too much. I tried to get away from his demanding probing mouth,but it seemed Daniel felt that it wasn't enough. He pushed me to my knees spreading me wide as he did so, exposing all of me as I laid there face down in the bed. For a few minutes he didn't touch me and I tried to look behind me to see what he was doing. Daniel forced me to keep my head down. So I started imagining what he was seeing,my ass hole and the thick folds of my pussy with my clit peeking between those folds. Everything down there would be a washed with a mixture of his saliva and my juice. I closed my eyes in momentary bliss as he fingered my holes, telling me how beautiful I was and again all the things he wanted to do to me. That bit send me careening down into another orgasm that had me shaking but it was what he did next that seal it for me. It is hard to put into words what happen next other than I lost control of my body. Daniel took me, leaving what was needed to keep me alive. With his mouth and hands he rendered me totally speechless, fighting for the next breath that wouldn't include moans and screams of pleasure. My hair was plastered to my face and neck by the sweat that came from the fire that Daniel released in me. It wasn't until he put is cock in me while I was in the throes of orgasm he did what he said he would do. Daniel fucked me, fuck my body and a good portion of my mind...he was relentless.

The bed stripped of covers and pillows was our staging ground for all the bruise and pulled muscles along with scratches and whatever else occurred. Starting in the doggy position,Daniel fucked me slow and deep as his hands stirred the pot of my desires. He had me coming in deep and hard waves of pleasure,cupping my breasts one for each hand keeping me in place. As he slammed his cock into me so hard that I could feel his balls banging against my clit. I came so hard that I went blind for a moment in my head. Then the world came back in a rush of warm wetness between my thighs, nipples so hard they it hurt. Oh God my tingled and felt so tight and hot just on the edge of pain and pleasure. Thank God, I fell into pleasure with tears running down my face. Daniel flipped me over on to my back and I found myself looking into his face. His body trembling and hair like mine, plastered with sweat to his skin, but it was his eyes that said it all...he was not finished with me.

The moan that escaped from my lips was like a blessing and a curse. Daniel ate it as he covered my mouth with his and fucked me to the edge of my orgasms, but he wouldn't let me cum. I was begged him like a mad woman... pleaded with him to let me cum to let me taste him again. He smiled and laughed softly denying my request. This was too much, so I took things into my own hands and got my hands and mouth around his cock. I knew that he hadn't cum as balls were heavy and very warm almost hot to the touch. I sucked as much as I could of his cock down my throat and held on as he tried to remove me. Finally,giving up Daniel took advantage of our body position and buried his face back between my legs. Pushing is tongue between the folds of my pussy to my clit where he latched on and began to suck.

We fed each other need for oral pleasure, using fingers to tease and prod those intimate spots that were not being licked or sucked on. When we came it was hard, blinding and earth scattering,squirting thick ribbons of cum into demanding mouths as muscles tightening around propping fingers.

Sometime later we fell apart, sinking into the after- shocks of it all, but coming together again gently touching in acknowledge of the bruises and other markings of our fucking, but still wanting to give and receive pleasure.

As my eyes close to sleep and Daniel placing soft kisses on my face, his hands stroking my body, I hear Leon Ware's voice singing about holding on tonight and making the future... could it be?

Daniel pulls her closer as if he knows what she thinking(he does)and he starts in a deep rich voice to sing along with the singer in her ear. The song plays itself out, ending in whispered echoes in the bedroom. The air heavy with the scent of sex, the warmth of lust and something more...a promise they cling to each other.

As sleep claimed them, Mia whispered "Daniel" in her sleep and he smiled and said"yes"as Daniel closed his eyes.

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