Date Night
DATE NIGHT. Craig stands there scratching his head feeling more than a little confused.

Earlier that evening....

Craig and Lisa had discussed doing something different and exciting this evening. It had been a month or more, after all and they both felt they were overdue for some outside the home "playtime". After exploring possibilities they settled on an evening of entertainment at the small theater located in the back of the Risque ll adult store

The two of them have been living together for almost three years in an upscale neighborhood of new townhouses. He, the junior partner in an old established law office of six other attorneys. She, a surgical nurse at St Josephs Medical Center on Wheeler Avenue.

Craig stands 6'2" and weighs 190 pounds with wavy jet black hair. He has never lost at anything. His life consists of success after success attained through hard work and intellect. He is at the top of his game. Lisa, three years his junior at 29 is petite standing 5"2' and 104 pounds with bobbed auburn hair and pierced nipples. She is at home on the links and routinely plays rounds of subpar golf.
Lisa, athletic and a bit of a tomboy, is the adventerous one.

After showers and a change of clothes they head for their favorite rest stop affectionately referred to as Tav on the Ave. After drinks of scotch rocks and a light dinner they walk the four blocks to Risque ll. They enter and walk through the store to the theater entrance in the rear. Craig leads Lisa by the hand to the bench seats. They are in the corner of the last row and accommodate four. Lisa slides in ahead of Craig and settles in against the wall with Craig sitting on her right. The leather cushions on the bench are cool to the touch. There are two other couples and about a dozen singles scattered in no particular order throughout the theater all practicing social distancing for reasons not associated with covid-19.

Craig is wearing shorts, a tank top and tennis shoes. Lisa is in short shorts, semi deep V halter top and Nike sandals.

The lights go down and it's show time.

The movie opens with a sexy tight bodied black amateur in her early twenties dogging in a classic blue and white ‘57 Chevy. Three men, all strangers, are groping, fondling and fingering the beautiful and willing young "actress".

Lisa has pulled her legs up and placed her feet flat on the bench and has her arms securely wrapped around just below the knee as she becomes fixated on the movie screen. She has an insatiable appetite for all things kinky and is becoming visibly aroused by what she is viewing on the big screen.

Craig slides in close and slips his left arm around her shoulder as he begins kissing the side of her neck. Lisa cocks her head to the side signaling her approval and moans an almost inaudible moan. The kisses walk up her neck to her earlobe that is taken into his mouth prompting a second more substantial moan.

Lisa's legs go to the floor and almost simultaneously her hand goes into her shorts as Craig's hand finds it's way under her shirt and cups her unfettered breast. Lisa has laid her head back and begins to massage her swollen clit. Craig produces a blindfold and places it securely over her eyes and continues teasing her 34b breasts by rolling her newly stiffened nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

Moments later Craig grasps Lisa's arm causing her to reluctantly cease her playing as a middle aged woman sits down beside him. She is full figured with strawberry blonde tresses that don't quite reach her shoulders. Heavily perfumed and in a state of arousal, she has been watching the two of them and wants to join the party. She motions for Craig to remove Lisa's shorts and panties which he does with blindfolded but willing assistance from Lisa. The woman goes to her knees and slips between Lisa's legs which are spread with indiscreet abandon. She goes directly to Lisa's hungry pussy and begins kissing and torturing her swollen nub.

The woman continues to work on Lisa's succulent pussy as Craig stands and pulls Lisa's legs up on the bench positioning her on her back. The woman follows and is on her knees with torso bent over and her face between Lisa's legs smothering her pussy with kisses and firm licks. Craig is on his knees on the bench and lifts the stranger's skirt above her ass and virtually rips her panties from her body. Her pussy is gaping and soaked with an abundance of warm aqueous. He plunges his hardened cock into her waiting hole and she gasps with delight as she takes the entirety of his shaft.

Lisa is lost in the sensation she feels between her legs and is moaning almost nonstop as the woman continues her frenzied assault on her pussy. The stranger is pushing back on Craig with every gratifying thrust her needy cunt has been longing for. The three are licking and sucking and fucking as moaning and dirty talk in the movie serves as a backdrop to their menage ‘a trois. The air is heavy with the scent of perfume and sweat and the smell of excited pussy. Lisa is squirming under the intense lashing her pussy and clit are receiving. The woman has spread her legs and arches her back to take in all of Craig's thick nine inches. He's holding the woman by her waist as leverage to pound her pussy as she moans in ecstasy.

Lisa begins chanting I'm cumming, I'm cumming as Craig fucks the stranger harder and deeper. Lisa's release comes in euphoric swells of pure bliss as she is rolling her head from side to side and has a death grip on the back of the head that is rocking her world. Within a few seconds Craig spews his hot payload deep inside the stranger whose energy has been spent and she collapses on Lisa's mid section.

The trio begin to calm and catch their breath. Shorts and underwear go back on. The stranger pulls her skirt down and discards her shredded panties under the seat in front of her. The three make themselves decent and reasonably presentable a minute or two before the house lights come back up.

As eyes adjust to the light the women shriek choruses of oh my God. Both blushing and embarrassed and holding hands over their mouths.

Awkward silence ensues as Craig stands there scratching his head feeling more than a little confused. Lisa, with face still flushed, senses his bewilderment and timidly tells him he can call this woman Leanne...her aunt Leanne.
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