Daughter in Heat
Laying on the floor in the Living room by my Boyfriend "Terry". He seemed worried at first, both when my father made no objection to my blatant manipulation of his cock, he slipped his hand inside my shirt and began to fondle my large firm breasts. I moaned and opened my shirt from the top to bottom. I grabbed Terry's head and guided his lips to my nipples, moaning loudly as he sucked at them. Dad watched every move I made, never saying a word. Daddy knew he should stop me, but my breasts were gorgeous and my hard flat belly sent a thrill through his whole body. His had slipped inside his pants, and Dad began to stroke his stiffened cock. There was no doubt in his mind that what he was doing was wrong, and that is Mom ever found out about it he was doomed. It was far too late to worry, Dad was hooked.

Just as it seemed as if Dad might say something, I pulled Terry's hard cock out of his pants. Before he could object that Dad could see them, I had engulfed the entire length of his swollen cock and my nose was bumping against his pelvic bone. My eyes were locked on to Dads.

He was angry, I could see that clearly... but I could also see that his hand was busy under the newspaper. I felt a rush of heat flash through my pussy as I realized that Dad was too far gone to protest any more. Terry's hips were jerking wildly as he prayed his thick cum into my mouth. Instead of swallowing , which I really enjoyed, I let the thick fluid leak from the corners of my mouth and out onto Terry's bare belly.

I wasn't really a slut. I fucked guys that reminded me of my Daddy, that looked like him. When I had their cocks inside my mouth, pussy, or ass, I was dreaming it was Daddy fucking me. Why I wanted him so badly, I didn't know and didn't particularly care...and the only reason I hadn't fucked him was because I hadn't worked up the nerve. Daddy had to know I was fucking around, I hadn't gone to any length to hide it. My mother didn't seem to care one way or the other...she had her own interests, and when I or Dad fit into her interests, she included us. When we didn't she ignored us. This weekend she was going to a 'Women's Retreat' starting on Friday morning, and she would be gone until Sunday night. I wondered if Mom had a man on the side. Daddy watched me closely as I licked up the cum from Terry's belly, smacking my lips as I swallowed each tongue full. Dad shuddered as came against the newspaper in his lap. I left Terry on the floor and crawled over to dad, leaning over the arm of the recliner. "Did that make you horny Daddy?" I asked him with a sly grin.

"Jesus, if your mother ever finds out you blew your boyfriend in the living room and I jacked off watching you she would clobber both of us!" Daddy Said, His eyes drawn to my open blouse with my bare tits fully exposed.

"I wouldn't have to suck Terry's cock in the living room." I said slyly as I reached under the newspaper and brought out a thick glob of his cum, "if you'd just give me what I want!" My hand went to my mouth and I sucked his cum off my fingers noisily. Daddy's eyes closed and he grunted as he shot another load against the newspaper.

" shouldn't tease me like that baby girl." His cock was still hard, even after cumming twice. What the hell was wrong with him? I was his daughter for Christ sake. "Who's teasing?" I asked, standing up and making sure the edges of my shirt were widespread so that daddy would get a good look at my tits. Daddy could see my hard naked belly and the unfastened button at the top of my jeans. I leaned over him and the unfastened sides of my shirt hung down straight. Daddy's eyes bugged out as I made sure he got a closer look. "Just tell me that you want me and I'll send Terry home." I laughed as I looked over at my now snoring friend. "He won't be any good for me for another hour or so anyway!" Daddy helplessly reached out to touch one of my large, firm tits, and I moaned and leaned into him. he moaned deep in his chest. "I...I want you," he croaked. "That feels so good Daddy," I said with a small shudder, "that's what I really wanted." Daddy looked at me questioningly. I reached under the newspaper and grabbed his still erect cock.

"What I want," I said, "is for my Daddy to fuck me silly, Terry was just a way for me to bring it out in the open." I gave his cock a tug and straightened up. "I'll be right back Daddy, keep that hard for me!" It only took a few moments to wake Terry and send him on his way. As I came back across the room from the front door, I took off my clothes until all I had on was a wispy pair of black lacy panties. I stopped in front of Daddy and hooked my thumbs in the panties, pulling them to my ankles and kicking them away. I raised my arms and crossed my hands behind my neck. My nipples were hard above my hard flat belly, and my mound was shaved. "Will you fuck me Daddy? Will you feed me your cum? Will you fill my pussy and my ass with your sweet cum?"

I was a wet dream come true, and Daddy was speechless as I ripped the paper from his lap. Kneeling before him, I unfastened his pants and tugged them down to his ankles. Without waiting to take his pants off completely, I leaned forward and took his swollen cock into my mouth. Daddy's sharp intake of breath was audible in the quiet room, as were the smacking sounds of my sucking.

"Oh Jesus baby girl this is so wrong!" Daddy exclaimed...but he didn't try to take the swollen member from my mouth. He watched my lips on the taut skin of his cock and wondered that he wasn't;t spewing into my hungry mouth already.

I pulled my mouth off his cock. "I want your cum Daddy," I said excitedly, looking into his eyes. "I've wanted it for a long time. When I've got what I need, Daddy, I'll do anything you want...anything you've ever dreamed of, you can do it to me. You don't know it yet but I'm a very bad girl!" Daddy caught this breath. Surely I didn't know his secret desire, I couldn't know how many times he had masturbated to the image of his hard cock entering my bare sexy ass. I couldn't possibly of his yearning to hear me talking dirty, egging him on as he fucked me...or could I?? He had never mentioned it aloud, not even to himself.

As Daddy stood and removed his shirt, his cock was still deep in my throat. Kicking his pants off his ankles, Daddy grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. God I loved it, he could tell by the nails I dug into his ass cheeks as he thrusted deep into my throat.

Taking his thick cock from my mouth, I gasped for a breath and then hissed at Daddy. "Pull my hair Daddy, fuck my mouth, treat me like your little slut." I licked the glistening head of his raging cock. "That's what I am Daddy, I'm your personal fuck slut, I belong to you and you can do whatever you want to me." I opened my mouth again as Daddy grabbed two handful of my hair and began to fuck my mouth mindlessly. I chocked and gagged but Daddy paid no attention, he just thrusted brutally into my welcoming mouth. I was crying and choking, and was now cumming almost continuously. I had never felt to horny. When Daddy came, I glued my mouth to his cock as he pulled hard on my hair. I continued to suck Daddy long after the last drop of his cum was already in my belly.

I grabbed Daddy's hand and led him upstairs. "I've dreamed of this every day," I said almost shyly. We were in my room, and I bent over the arm of the upholstered chair by my bed. Spreading my feet wide, I pulled my ass checks apart. The puckered rosebud of my ass seemed to wink at Daddy as I teased it with my middle finger which slipped easily inside me. " I want to feel your cock in my ass Daddy," I whispered hoarsely. Daddy looked around her dressing table, wondering if there was something he could use as a lubricant. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me.

"We don't need any lube Daddy," I said, wiggling my ass delightfully at him, "I like it rough!" Daddy hesitated just a second before I hissed at him. "Just pull my hair and fuck me in the ass Daddy, it's all I want!" Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair and centered the tip of his cock on my puckered ring. I was shivering with anticipation and Daddy could see the ring expand as I pushed against it. "Now Daddy, please!" The 'please' was long and drawn out and there was no doubt about what I wanted. Daddy took a deep breath and pushed easily into my ass. My moans were low and animalistic as I pushed back against his probing organ. "Yesssssss..." I screamed, "fuck my ass Daddy, fuck it hard!"

Daddy buried his cock in my ass and pushed hard as he pulled my hair. I went absolutely wild, bucking and yelping, a steady stream of gutter talk issuing from my sperm covered lips. The harder he fucked me, the harder I thrust back against him. "Oh god oh god oh god!" I yelled, "Fuuuuck!" The dry heat and the heaving body of his personal slut was too much for poor Daddy, and he again erupted inside his tiny slut. The hot splash of his cumin my ass sent me over the edge yet again. I shrieked my pleasure with each hot squirt. The two of us stumbled to my bed and fell on it panting. In moments we were asleep in each other's arms.

Daddy awakened to the sight of my firm belly undulating over his midsection, his cock firmly buried in my tight pussy. I rocked blissfully, my eyes rolled up in my head as I ground my swollen clit on the top of his cock. I wasn't rushed, and I really was truly enjoying myself. "God Daddy this feels so good," I said, lying down on his chest, pressing my large tits against his skin. "I could do this all day." My hips moved in small circles on him, and in spite of the lazy movement, Daddy felt his balls contract as his orgasm approached. "I'm going to cum baby girl," Daddy whispered as he strained to hold it back. "Good," I whispered back, "I want to feel it shooting inside me !" I hunched on him as if I was doing the fucking and was rewarded by the splash of hot cum against my pussy walls. My quiet moans of pleasure was the only sound in the room.

I lay flat on my belyy, my ankles crossed and my legs bent at the knee and my feet in the air. I gazed at my Daddy more than fondly, one hand supporting my chin and the other hand idly stroking Daddy's belly. "I've wanted that for a long time," I said. Daddy grinned at me. :You are an amazing woman.. I have never been so turned on since I was a teenager. I have to admit to being puzzled though.. why me? You have all the attention you need from your boyfriends..." "Have you noticed anything about my boyfriends Daddy?" He nodded no. "You haven't noticed that they all look a lot like you?" Daddy thought for a moment, and then he began to blush. "I'm different Daddy, I'm wild and I have a vivid imagination. There's something about you that drives me wild...there is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do to excite you." The conversation was headed in a direction that made Daddy decidedly uncomfortable. He couldn't help himself... "Anything?" I grinned at him.. "Anything Daddy"

Daddy was breathing hard as I put my lipts to the tip of his cock and kissed it. :Would you have liked watching me fuck Terry?" Daddy nodded. "How about watching me eat another girl's pussy?" Daddy gulped and nodded again. "I've done that Daddy, right here in this bed." I patted the comforter. "Who?" Daddy croaked, his cock swelling. I took the whole tip in my mouth and gave it a good suck. When I lefted my head, I named several of the friends I had made love to in this room. Daddy's cock was raging at this point. "I really love eating pussy Daddy, but there's one thing I like better than anything else..."

I was stroking his cock with my hand now, the tip held tightly against my cheek. "What's that?" he rasped, his mouth so dry now he could hardly speak. His back arched and he spewed into the air only once before my sweet lips covered the head of his erupting cock. I swallowed it all, and then liked the excess off his belly before looking up at him. "I like sucking your cock best of all!"
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