Liquid warmth fills my veins me everytime i thought about it. Wanted it. Needed it. This time i see it through his eyes.

A face. being held in hands that arent mine, but are mine. A warm thumb caressing from cheek to ear. Light touches and traces. Eyes wander, memorizing every facial feature.
Full lips that have been over-kissed and are yet begging for more. A bite. Hard. Marking territory with a slight bruise but not drawing blood.
Someones necessary groan from what sounds like far away permeates the air. Mine? Yours? It doesn't matter, the mark has been made. It needed to be done. It tasted so beautiful.
Hair that suddenly fills slightly sweaty hands, grasping, holding my face in place while more and more essence is requested, taken and given.
Hands that grip shoulders, nails digging slightly into a tshirt as the essence morphs into a earthy, spicy seductive taste we both need more of.
Skipping kisses down my neck, licking the slightly salty passion on skin. Nipping at the pulse point.
Quick draws of breathe and soft moans replace the silence. Pulling closer and demanding more essence still. A swirling of tongues deeper still.
At some point of trying to feel more skin, demand further closeness, the tshirt has found its way to the floor.
One hand left tangled in hair, the other tracing down to and pulling at my waist and butt. Pulling each other closer to our own pulsing centers. Ardently demanding.
Kisses become frantic, ambitiously needy. Both hands now tug on belt loops and waistbands, as if pulling closer will negate the clothing thats so terribly in the way now.
Kisses pause as clothes fall to the floor. Naked and warm, Yes, closer still. Another demand of essence. A heated battle of roaming hands, attempting to touch every bit of skin in arms reach.
Warm breasts demand a soft touch, a tongue play. A soft bite on tender skin and laving the minor jolt of pain away.
A returned shoulder nip. A mark almost left, but not quite. Another soft, deep groan fills my ears.
Punishment is hands held behind me. Being led to a wall, hot skin slightly cooled but not. Trails of kisses and bites wander back up to pull at lips again. A harder bite. Another eager essence demand.
One wandering hand found a hot, dripping center. Fingers slowly push in, finding home. Finally.

I slowly blink, looking up at my ceiling. Ive somehow found my trusty rabbit while dreaming this. Was it a dream? I'm not sure now. Not even sure why i can see myself through his eyes now, its only happened in sleep dreams, never real life daydreaming.
I shrug and sit up, twisting off the blue rabbit and reaching for my bottle of whiskey sitting on my bedside table. My cunt is throbbing...all from a waking dream?
"What. The. Hell."
I open and tip the bottle to down a few mouthfuls of the harsh fluid. It warms me. Actually it's already warm in here. My drink just made it a bit more fuzzy and intense.
I let my mind juggle the emotions and words floating around my mind.
Succulent. Warm. Feeling owned and possessed. Powerful. Soft. Hard. Hunger. Wet.
Not realizing i said this out loud, i glance over at my puppy who stopped yapping at his toy to look at me. I get up to put him in his crate so he wont eat my shoes while im asleep. Work, i have work in a few hours. i need a nap.
My soppy panties and sweaty tshirt thought better of me napping, so i took them off and kicked them to a corner. I can deal with them later I guess.
Bad move.
The air hit, it felt so wonderful, and i was so very hot, "...oh my god..."
Not being able to help it, I grab the rabbit again, twisting it back on to medium vibration. I lean against the same chilly wall i dreamt about, my free hand moving of its own volition to my lips. Tracing the tender spot I'd bitten into my bottom lip.
My hand grazing soft nailmarks down my neck and chest and stomach, inching the vibrator closer to my begging cunt and back up, barely dragging any wetness onto my landing strip i'd painstakenly kept up for a special occasion.
I lick my own juice off my vibrator, i taste earthy and ambrosial, just like my dream.
"Fuck. Oh god, fuck, " i bite my own lip again and inch the vibrator slowly inside me. Grazing just past my clit enough to make me shiver and gasp.

The lock of the front door startled me out of my masturbation mode, completely forgetting i shared my house with my male roommate.
The one from my daydreaming fantasy.
The one who I'd heard and peeked in on while he was passionately jacking off in his room last night.
The one who came so beautifully, like he'd lost a piece of his soul to the redhead on the computer screen.

And my room door was still open. Shit.

He stopped in my doorway and didn't say a word. He dropped his keys and just stared at me, leaning against the wall, holding my noisy and wet vibrator, that devouring look on his face again just like last night.

Time to drag my fervid dream to reality.
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