I find myself sitting in sir's house. I am sitting on sir's couch, trying my best not to make a sound. My head is down. I'm looking at the floor trying to hear the conversation that sir is having with Daddy. They are both laughing and a smile creeps upon my face. Their laughter makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, This moment could not get any better than this. I hear Daddies phone ring. All of a sudden I get this sunken feelings. I start to worry that Daddy will leave me all alone. When Daddy answer's the phone his voice get's all serious and my thought's start to race. Will he be leaving? When will Daddy be back? My heart beats faster and is at a steady pace with my thought's. As soon as Daddy hang's up the phone he continues his conversation with sir. As soon as the conversation is over Daddy walks over to me, cups my chin with his hand, and makes me look into his eyes. "Baby girl" Daddy says! I say" yes Daddy! Daddy replies and say's that he has been called into work. That he will be gone for a couple of days. I look into Daddy's eyes still and ask Daddy, but why does it have to be you? You just came home. Can't they pick someone else Daddy? Daddy looks at me and says no sweetheart. No one can do this job like I can, but sir had agreed to watch over you little one. There was a sigh of relief at least Daddy would not be leaving me alone. Daddy kisses me on the forehead, and that he is going to the house, and pack an overnight bag for me with all the things I will need. Daddy grabs his keys, and heads to the truck . I hear him pull away. An hour later Daddy comes back to sirs house with my overnight bag. Daddy lays the bag down in front of me , and shows me all the things he's packed for me. Daddy has packed my favorite stuffie, my favorite sleepers ,and all my necessities for bathing and brushing my teeth.

Daddy kisses me one more time and squeezes me tight. I tell Daddy that I'll miss him bunches and hurry back. Daddy leaves and as the door closes my heart starts pounding ,and I have butterflies in my stomach. All of a sudden I feel the need to humble myself before sir to thank him for watching over me while Daddy is away. I quickly do so. Sir orders me up off the floor and tells me to follow him. I reply" yes sir" and follow him with my head down. He takes my hand and guides me to his spare bedroom. He orders me to look up and I quickly obey his command. I gasp loudly not expecting the surprise he has given. The whole room is pink, pink bed spread, sheets and pillow cases. A small table chairs. A little pink tea set and all the stuffies a little girl could ask for. I throw my arms around sir, give him a big hug , and say thank you sir. Sir makes my favorite meal afterwards. I get a bath and brush my teeth. Sir lets me play in the bath and checks on me some. When sir says its time to get out of the bath he places the towel around me and dries my hair. As soon as sir is finished with drying my hair we go to the living room. Sir sits on the couch and I sit in front of him on the floor. Sir brushes my hair until it is tangle free and braids it. Sir picks up the remote, and he has a cartoon movie picked out for us to watch. It's My favorite one " Cinderella" I lean back on sirs lap, and we watch the movie until the end. Sir turns the T.V. off, and says that he has a surprise for me. My heart is full of joy and I can't wait to see what the surprise is. A million thoughts pacing through my mind, but a smile is still on my face. I have this feeling inside me that excites my inner submissive. Sir stops and tells me that I can look now. Sir has led me to his play room. Sirs look changes from a happy smile to a devious grin, and points to the bed. I kneel to the floor, thank him for the privilege and obey his command.

I lay on his bed with my arms and legs spread apart. One at each corner of the bed. Sir makes his way around each corner of the bed. Placing my hands and feet into the restraints. Sir uses chains to bind me.. I love the way they sound as the rub against each other. Sir makes his way to the last chain, and locks it tightly against my wrist. Sir looks at me, and asks if the chain is to tight. I politely shake my head, and say" no sir". "Good" sir says" time for the fun to begin". To my surprise sir runs his hand down my side. It felt nice having sir softly touching my skin. Chills run down my body. Goosebumps became visible on my skin. My body trembles but not in fear. It trembles in anticipation for what sir has in store for me. Sirs grin gets even more devious as he grabs the two chains at the bottom of the bed, and pulls me closer to him. Sir looks deep into my eyes and says" I am going to have so much fun with you tonight Kitten"

Sir makes his way to the side of the bed and runs his hand up my inner thigh. Barely grazing my pussy. I can feel my body want him to touch me more. I do not speak for it is my pleasure to please sir. I continue to lie still as sir walks around to the other side of the bed, and makes another trail, but this time he starts at my leg, and ends at my thigh. I can feel my pussy getting wetter. my clit standing at attention barely peaking out from between my lips. Sir notices it, and gives it a quick rub and pulls away. I try to move it closer but sir is quick. Sir places his lips on my thigh and kisses a small area, then he bites me. I moan a little but I'm not sure if he heard me. I enjoy the feel of sirs lips and his marks placed upon my body. To wear his marks bring me joy. Sir uses one hand to spread my pussy and uses the other to rub and stroke my clit. Sir goes slow and stops so that the pleasure can build up and be torturous for me. I can tell that it makes sir very hard when he uses me. It brings sir so much pleasure and makes him act like an animal hunting down his prey. Watching sir do those things to me makes it even hotter. Sir places gentle kisses up the rest of my thigh and runs his finger up my side. When sir puts both of his hands on my sides he scratches me all the way down my body. I look Directly into sirs eyes but i quickly look away, because I did not ask permission. Sir growls and says" No Kitten look down here and watch what I am about to do to you". I obey and look down at him. Sir pulls me down where I can have my legs spread wider.

Sir orders me not to move from the spot no matter what. I reply" Yes Sir". Sir places a gag in my mouth. Sir picks up a butt plug from his table, and its bigger than I've ever had up my ass before. Sir makes me watch as he lubes it up. The butt plug has a soft furry tail attached. Sir also places lube on his fingers and slowly moves them in and out of my ass. Preparing me for the intrusion of the butt plug. As sir removes his fingers he slowly pushes the plug inside me until the only thing he sees is the tail. Sir places clamps on my pussy lips and wraps the cord around my thigh. Attaching each clamp to the other side making my swollen clit visible to him at all times. I watch Sirs every move like he ordered. I watched sir pick up the riding crop from the table. At first sir smacked my spread pussy gently with it. The more he smacked it the harder he would smack it. Sir focused on my clit towards the end of his use with the riding crop.

My desire for his torture got stronger. My desire for his body on mine shown more with each passing moment. When sir placed the riding crop back on the table, he picked up the nipple clamps and dangled them in the air, Sir wet his fingertips with ice cold water and placed my nipples between them, making them hard and stick out where sir could attach the clamps to them and tighten them up. Once the clamps are attached to my nipples sir tugs on them and I moan as i look into his eyes. Sir places his hand on my spread pussy and as he tugs on the chain of the nipple clamps my pussy gets wetter and my clit throbbing for the attention only he can give. Sir denies me and just smacks my clit really hard. Sir bends down and whispers in my ear " tonight sweet kitten you are all mine and I am going to have my way with you. Sir stands beside the bed and starts stroking his cock until its long, thick and hard. I stare at sirs hard cock and hope that I can take all of him. Sir climbs up on the bed and puts his knees under each arm. Getting in the perfect position to place his hands on the bedposts and face fuck me long and hard. Tears are strolling down my face and my make up is running. As soon as sir is about to cum he pulls out and cums all over my face. Sir degrades by making me wear his cum and calling me a filthy slut. Sir washes my face after a while. Sir walks to his dresser and pulls out a tie from one of the drawers. Sir puts on some slow music and turns it up loud where I can't hear his footsteps, and no one can hear my screams. I smell the scent of lavender as sir lights all the candles. I can feel his eyes fixated on my body. On my eagerness to please him. My heart starts beating fast again in anticipation. I can't hear or see him but i can still feel sirs presence in the room. I get the feeling that the wolf inside sir is just waiting to come out and play. I have completely surrendered to sirs will. I listen to the music and my body starts to relax. My breathing is steady. I all of a sudden feel something soft being caressed over my entire body. Then out of nowhere I get ten hard strikes on my chest. Sir caresses my body with the toy again and then gives me fifteen hard strikes on my thighs. Sir stops. softly caresses my breasts and tugs on the nipple clamps pulling them all the way off, I moan and my pussy squirts. Sir feels my warmth and my wetness. Sir teases my vaginal opening with his cock. I let out another slight moan. Sir brings his cock to my lips, I hold out my tongue waiting for a taste. I taste myself. Sir leans over and kisses me gently on the lips. Sir pauses the music and starts talking. I listen to the confidence in his voice as he asked me what my safeword is ." My safeword is red Sir" I reply. Now kitten you will not hesitate to use your safeword. You will obey every command and endure any torture and pain until your safeword is spoken. Is that understood kitten. I reply softly" Yes Sir". Sir starts the music up again and starts again. Sir unbinds me from the chains and orders me to lay on my stomach with my body in the same position. Sir chains me back up and I hear the belt loosened up a little from his pants, Sir starts to spank me lightly with his hand. Sir is getting my ass red and ready for hid belt. Sir slaps the belt a cross my ass 30 times, rubs it gently and then gives me another 30 so that my ass is nice and bruised. Sir give me enough chain length to spread my legs. At first sir fingers my clit hard and fast until I'm about to cum. Sir stops and spreads my ass and pulls out the butt plug. Sir places his long shaft inside my ass, and fucks me rough as he pulls my hair. When Sir is about to cum he pulls out and explodes all over my ass. Sirs cum drips down the crack of my ass and a small trace ends up in my pussy. Sir gets up and cleans up. All of a sudden I feel vibration's on the bed and Sir tells me to lift my ass up. Sir spreads my pussy wide and place's the vibrator directly on my clit. Sir pushes my body down which make's the vibration's more intense, My moan's get louder and my clit throbbing hard from the torture. My leg's start to shake and I am almost on the edge of letting go. Sir remind's me not to cum. My leg's shake more, my scream's get louder. Sir pull's the vibrator away, lets my orgasm subside, and start's over again. I try to open my leg's to release the toy from my grip but Sir keeps my leg's closed. making my leg's shake even more than before. My body start's to move from one side to the other fighting the urge to cum. I know that Sir desires me not to cum. I hold off until Sir gives me the signal to cum before I am allowed to cum. Sir spread's my legs and start's pushing in my pussy with his fist. I lay my head down on the bed and my ass up in mid air, so that Sir can go faster and go deeper. Once Sir is finished filling my pussy with his fist. Sir gets up under me and eat's me out, as well as suck on my clit until I squirt and cum all over his face. Sir pushes his tongue inside my vaginal opening making sure he taste's all of me. Sir remove's himself from my pussy, and I lay there on sir's bed soaked from his sweet torture, Sir climb's on top of me and slap's me one good time, before he start's thrusting inside my pussy with his throbbing cock and cum's inside me. When Sir is finished he unchain's me from the bed. Gives me food and drink to replenish what I had lost. Sir runs me another bath, and washes me from head to toe, dries me off ,and put's my sleeper back on. Sir cover's me up and cuddle's with me until I fall asleep in sirs arms, all of a sudden I hear the bell ring to get on the bus to head home. Damn I can't believe it was just a day dream.
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