Daytona Bike Week & Black Biker Chicks Chapter Two

Daytona Bike Week & Black Biker Chicks Chapter Two

Jenny had relaxed a little only to realize it was still broad daylight and her being totally naked on the back of a motorcycle where others on the Hwy could see, was both scary and exciting! This tavern they were headed to was a place where these nasty black women would continue their perverted abusive and sadistic lesbian torture and sex play?

Continued in Chapter Two.....

The place was called "Rusty Duck" a notorious bar that catered to some of the wildest motorcycle clubs during Daytona bike week and had a reputation for having some of the meanest black motorcycle women, ones like the "Blues", that made it their place.
At one time the "Duck"had been a Country Western watering hole,( Think of the movie Porky's or Road House), and had gone from this to a topless then bottomless bar, and finally was the place that catered mostly to bikers, and black bikers during bike week, ones that made the white motorcycle club members and riders look more like upstanding white weenie vanilla club members! The place had a back room with pool tables where the Blues had pretty much taken over, and anyone, especially a white woman that ventured back there did so at her own risk and with the expectation of leaving the place well used abused and no longer with her virtue or anything else for that matter intact!
Jenny during the trip did her best to clamp her little pussy tightly around the big headed dildo and her ass cheeks off the unyielding tire as the cool air wizzed by, she was quite relieved when this group of bikers finally came to a halt! Like many of the bars and taverns around Daytona during bike week, wet "T" shirt contests were a most popular and regular event, and The Rusty Duck was no exception. A contest like this was almost a given for Jenny as she certainly had the tits for it!

When both of these women were brought into the place the noise and chatter stopped all but the music, and the attention of the crowd most all black bikers were quickly focused on them,...they being naked white women, one young with incredibly big tits, the other blond older and also naked still shaking and shuddering from her shocking shower of sparks electronic stimulating experience! The jukebox music was playing, and one of several wet "T" Shirt Contests" were in progress. Someone handed Bull a shirt and said let her dance and shake them big white tits of hers? Bull thought this would be a great place to start for Jenny, leading her up onto the stage uncuffing her hands as the shirt was slipped on and over her head, this was followed by a pitcher of cold beer poured over her head shoulders and breasts, Jenny squealed out in shock so loud that it had got everyone's attention, as her big white breasts jiggled round and round wildly much to the crowds delight, the cold beer made her perky nipples even harder, leaving them standing out even more pronounced than ever! Laura was led through the crowd with out stopping, past saloon type swinging doors, and into the more secluded area of the pool room . Laura at Blaze's instructions was to be their first victim of abuse, Blaze had also said get Psycho? .........
Her wrists were uncuffed for a moment then recuffed and her hands held straight up then attached to rope that was hanging from one of the overhead beams and then pulled up tight over her head!
One of the biker chicks had brought into the pool room a special bar stool, and turned it upside down, it was a most unusual one at that, but was of no surprise to the regulars watching?

The bar stool had four identical carved wooden legs that looked more like male phallic symbols of an erection than bar stool legs, was now becoming quite apparent what the stool would be used for?
Again with help from several of these black biker bitches, Laura was unceremoniously lifted up and one of the wooden penis looking legs was slid under her dangling cunt lips that were held apart as Blaze pulled on her clit ring guiding and pulling her pussy directly over one of the unyielding woodies, then when in the perfect place, said let her go! After her stimulating and shocking ride this hard wood,... inserted perversion for Laura was met with a pleasurable gasp that was almost a very welcome one!....
But unknown to her then, she would be the main event, and this would be having her pussy wrecked by "Psycho" as this person in reality was a big attractive "Shemale" one with gigantic tits and an enormous nasty cock to match! Psycho had just been released from a sexual predators correction asylum, one that had deemed her/him rehabilitated and ready for return into the main stream society as the physiologists and rehabilitating counselors had told the court that this thing? "Psycho" was totally rehabilitated and would no longer have the urge to re offend?....... Psycho had been in a number of foster homes growing up and had several nasty traumatic experiences, as few seemed to want this big attractive girl with a "Dick"? One old fire and brimstone white bitch of a foster woman had caught him/her jacking off and had tried to cut the sinful offending appendage off, along with one of his /hers balls as even then this cock of Psycho's was gigantic!

The screaming yelling and hollering of Psycho and this bitch had brought the police, and when Psycho was found, had wrapped a towel around the bloody thing that was almost completely severed (Think Lorena Bobbitt Here) the paramedics were able to save the thing initially, and in the emergency room a discussion ensued about making Psycho a real woman but the doctors could not bring themselves to cut such a large male organ clean off,... so a heroic effort was made to save it! This had resulted in it ending up deformed with nasty warts and a large mushroom head that curved up that had left Psycho with only one gigantic ball! However due to the drugs along with the surgery had left the enormous 12" black cock half hard and ready for sex! It also required a leather harness down by Psycho's knee to keep it from springing up at the most inopportune time, especially when overly aroused!
Apparently Psycho had been able to convince these well meaning respected expert physiologists and councilors that she would no longer be a threat to abuse women especially young white women? Something he/she had been incarcerated for! If the truth be known she was more than ready to re offend, horny as hell, and with a cock that was continuously hard with one cum filled ball at the thought, much less the sight of naked white women, and could instantly make the thing rip roaring gigantic and grotesquely hard!,.. So on this evening Laura would be the first one Psycho would use his pussy wrecking black horse cock on and unload the contents of his cum filled gigantic ball!

Jenny loved to dance but was not very good at it, and quite a klutz although no one seemed to mind as her bare breasts and nipples were a thing of beauty, now wet mostly naked and unrestrained were wildly swinging around and around to the music! Her bare bottom and round white ripe ass drew equal attention... But it was her well shaven inner thighs pubic mound along with her wet young luscious lips and clit, of her female treasures glistening from over stimulation in the spot lights as she wiggled and jiggled that was of most interest to the crowd of these black perverted spectators , especially the lesbian women, as anyone of them had more than just watching on their minds?......
Jenny with the crowd hollering clapping and whistling was caught up in the moment and to the crowds delight had, during the last of the music removed the wet "T" shirt pulling it over her head and then swung it around several time before throwing it out into the audience leaving her stark ass naked, just as the music ended. She had won the contest, but had infuriated one of the big tilted black women she was dancing against, one that thought she should have won!....Bull was waiting as she came off the stage, and had led her back towards the bar, as the crowd of black perverts made way for them.

Bull wanted to have a little more fun with Jenny before taking her back in the pool room and before the next wet "T" shirt contest started. The crowd at the bar was mostly black male bikers that were still sexed up from the sight of Jenny dancing naked especially seeing her big white tits and ass along with her aroused sop and wet bare fleshy young pussy! Bull held her wrists straight up over her head so that any of these men could fondle and play with her, this left her totally and helplessly naked wearing only her white boots!
Jenny had always been a shy young girl, but all that had happened so far on this day had stimulated her fantasy of being naked,.. publicly humiliated and sexually abused in front of others. Dancing in a wet "T" shirt contest with bright spot lights on her had helped remove some of her inhibition as she could not see most of those that watched. But now being naked at the bar and with a crowd of black nasty male bikers all with in easy reach was both sexually exciting and left her scared to death with heart pounding concern as to what they might do?

In only moments with Bull encouraging them, black hands were all over her ass, big tits and fingers were probing, her dripping in anticipation young slit! OMG! For Jenny the feeling had brought out her most dark and sinful thoughts, those of being displayed naked in public and totally helpless... Some one lifted one of her legs up and pulled the boot off, saying I like these followed by the other then held her leg out leaving her standing precariously on one bare foot, another started spanking her bare bottom as others watched her full ass cheeks and bottom jiggle and react as they slowly turned a dark pink! Hands were tugging at her nipples pulling them up and out to each side, then letting them go only to watch them big white jiggling jugs spring back wildly again and again!

Some one held up his thumb and told her to lick and suck on it? Once it was wet an slick had gotten behind her and stuck it right up her tight little ass hole, she squealed in surprise standing up and pointing the one toe straight down and the other out all at the same time that really opened her up! This was followed by one of the men getting down on his knees with his black fingers pinching and pulling on her swollen clit as more fingers probed her pussy, finger fucking her quite forcefully! Then the most nasty and sadistic thing happened! His hand wet fingers and all started whacking, and back handing her pubic mound pussy folds cunt lips and clit, both back and forth, and up and down! It was the most erotic and perverted thing most could only watch happen, Jenny a ripe white skinned well shaved young woman who's genital pubic mound muscles reacted to from this kind of attention with the most arousing and vulgar response as the tender flesh was slapped again and again viciously turning a dark red that brought the attention directly to those watching as the rest of her naked white body was held helplessly by Bull and accented this abused intimate place as she squealed and wiggled actually shoving pussy out willingly for even more harsh pussy slapping abuse!

One of the black bikers said you like black cock don't you? So what is it, do you want to suck one or have it shoved up your ass? I bet you like being sucked on and fucked by a big black cock! Don't you, well don't you?..... Jenny without thinking and horribly aroused said OMG! Yes I love it all,.... then after realizing what she said to this black stranger stammered no,... I couldn't! Come on, another said you love being naked and fucked with and have your pussy smacked around don't you? Again with her body doing all of the talking said, yes, yes please. OMG! Yes.......The experience for this young naive horny girl had left her on the verge of orgasm, and with them playing slapping her pussy and threatening her it was only a matter of moments until she had the first of several convulsing shuddering sexual orgasm's much to those that had been playing with her and watching in delight, this had left her spent over stimulated and gasping for breath!

After the humiliating and stimulating fondling and pussy whacking she was turned around and Jenny willingly let Bull cuff her wrists behind her back. Then was led off and into the back pool room as the Jukebox started playing "Walk The Line" A Johnny Cash song left over from when the place when it was a Country & Western bar!

Most of those watching, behind the swinging doors were being entertained by Laura,.. she as a slut and a blond one at that, was now willfully impaling herself by deep kneeing her pussy on the woody of the bar stool and trying to fuck it, as Blaze with her leather belt was playfully whipping her naked tits and bottom ! But more kinky and abusive entertainment was in store for sweet young Jenny and the perverted female crowd?
There were several eye bolts screwed into the wall on both sides of the pool room, the lower one was not quite 3' above the floor and the upper one had a small steel cable attached higher up above everyone's head at about 7' high or more?

A 3/4" hemp rope with knots had been attached to the lower eye bolt at one side of the room, and stretched across the entire length of the pool room to another bolt? The knots were tied about every two foot or so along its entire length., you know the kind of rope that has rough fuzzy like coarse prickly fiber hairs..

Jenny still excited from winning the wet "T" shirt contest and being played with by the male bikers, was now the main attraction of the loser, this big titted black lesbian that had taken the knotted rope pulled it taunt and tied it tight to the other eye bolt! Jenny watching in naive wonder, was not sure what this woman, the one with such a perverted grin on her face was going to do, as Bull just watched with an even bigger smile?

It did not take long to find out, as Bull this Lez and several others helped lift Jenny up placed her back against the wall with her legs on either side of the rope,... then eased her down onto the rough fuzzy knotted thing! OMG! For Jenny the sensation on her pink cunt lipped pussy folds and her swollen almost bursting clitoral membrane, using most all of her 130 # weight left it resting on her abused slit, this left her bare feet and toes several inches from touching the floor, now with no white leather boots to wear?
Apparently she or Laura were not the first women to ride a bar stool , or walk the line as many women before, mostly prospective black female club members of the Black & Blues had submitted to naked abusive impalement and the perverted rope riding as part of what was required to become one of the Blues! Someone anticipating that Jenny's 5' 5" short legs would need something more, had come up with a pair of bright red 5" patent leather Victoria's Secret slut spiked heels. Still with the help of others held her up, then slipped on these heels that left her quite precarious and more like some sort of naked perverted ballerina, and standing straight up on the very tip of her toes in these 5" high heels!

The result had placed her at the perfect height, as one wrist cuff was unlocked and her arms were stretched straight up, the cuff tossed over the upper cable and then relocked to her wrist, as the music "Playing Walk The Line" started again..... there is just something about a naked shapely young woman with her hands helplessly over her head wearing incredibly hi heels that make a woman's breasts legs thighs ass cheeks and pussy mound so fucking appealing? With Jenny totally naked her cuffed wrists hanging from the cable this nasty lesbian bitch with Bulls nodding approval placed her hand on Jenny's lower back just above her buttocks and pushed her little cunt and pussy folds forward!....OMG!....
She had little choice at first, as her weight alone helped her pussy slip down toward the prickly knot and firmly up against the first of the dozen or so of these rough hairy knots! The 3/4" rope now tied into knots was a good 1 1/2" in diameter and each was slightly bigger than the one preceding it, even with this young girl up on the very her tips of her toes, it had quickly become difficult and a most irritating prickly stimulating obstacle for Jenny to get her bare pussy past up on, and over!........

This big titted black lesbian bitch was almost beside herself with the soon to be gleeful satisfaction and delight of seeing poor naive Jenny this sexually naive almost virgin like young girl have little choice but to walk this nasty and sadistically stimulating line of genital knotted torture! Jenny had worried about her inner thighs and ass cheeks being rubber burned from the spinning tire on the perverted bike ride to the "Duck"?
But this rope riding was becoming an even bigger worry as the rope was now deep up in her slit, and this knot firmly against her over ripe incredibly stimulated clitoral membrane! She had clamped her thighs tightly together and pointed her toes straight down as far and as close together as she possibly could, this had left her trembling with fear and anticipation as to how the knot would pass through under and across this most vulnerable and intimate naked female flesh?

In the meantime:
Another bizarre sexually perverse incident was just starting to take place? A young black boy named Toby apparently the younger brother of one of the Blue's had stripped off his shirt and taken a Levi club jacket off of one of the bikes in the parking lot, then donned a pair of dark glasses so he could get into the Duck and watch the half naked women and the wet "T" shirt contests, he was about a year older than Jenny, was attending College and trying to become a responsible young man something his parents wanted, they had sent him to a private school in order to keep him out of trouble and not become what had happened with his older wild bisexual sister! One that loved sex drugs and alcohol, but he as a young horny black male, especially one that played sports had a spectacular body along with a picture perfect beautiful 10" cock, was enjoying watching all of these women with their goodies hanging out and had been even more aroused and quite smitten by young Jenny, after he had seen her dance naked during the wet "T" shirt contest!
Toby, and not of his own accord was a 19 yr old almost virgin himself as the private school he had attended was great for academics but did little to teach anything in the way of relationships, and with the few females mostly white that attended had left him little chance to change his non existent social or sex life. He like many young men had pleasured himself through masturbation, and his big black balls were now turning blue from the sight of these naked women and not being used were so full of cum they were ready to explode!

He probably would have been alright and stayed out of trouble had he just set in the dark background of the bar and watched, but the appeal of this young naked white girl and what was going to happen in the back pool room had gotten the better of him,..and with a more than curious careless and overpowering urge to see? So, once in the well lighted pool room it was quickly obvious he was not a member, and as a male was quite out of place as almost no men were allowed in the back room during these abusive lesbian sexual affairs where new prospective female Blue's members were there to endure, and he as a male certainly did not belong!
Wearing a club jacket and not being a member was an unforgivable sin, something no one would do, especially if they knew what would happen if caught?

The previous year at Bike Week a white couple from New York, a Hedge Fund Stockbroker and his pretty young red headed wife had unknowingly done a similar thing? Only he was an older stupid bastard, he had bought a new Harley and purchased all of the custom accessories off the shelf he thought a would be wild biker might have on his bike, it was gaudy and did not reflected at all what real outlaw bikers would be caught dead riding.
He had spent time in a tanning booth and had several temporary tattoos trying to make him look like the real thing, but the mistake he made, was buying two as advertised notorious "Outlaw Motorcycle Club Jackets, off Craig's List they were definitely the real thing, with one exception they were for the Black & Blues!

And as we know, the Black & Blues were an all black motorcycle club, well not quite all as their were several young white girls that were used as mascots and cunt meat like female animals in heat! These women were willingly kept mostly naked on a leash and used to pleasure their black masters and other members of the club! This couple had not been married long and it had been more of an arranged marriage by well to do New York family's. He was a real asshole that had made a lot of money from insider trading and was quite sexually impotent with paunch and small wimpy barely 4" pathetic white penis even when fully erect, and the few times they had sex, he had only been interested in satisfying himself, with his own ejaculation... never even trying to satisfy her or get her off! This had left the woman totally unsatisfied sexually frustrated and horribly neglected!

He of course only wanting to play the roll of a nasty biker knew little about clubs like these or what they did, and assumed he would just fit right in? His wife was much younger and a very pretty shapely fair skinned red headed woman with a nice ass and tits. He had paid to have someone drive a big one ton dually pick up with his Harley to a small raunchy motel north of Jacksonville where they would meet after flying down. Other "Want -A -Be's " had done similar things before, and because she was so pretty shapely and horny was easily talked into wearing the Blue's jacket with no bra a tiny thong and leather chaps that left her almost naked and showed her white virgin like thighs bare bottom and had left most of her orange pubic hair covered pussy quite visible to anyone that cared to look! They too had cruised the loop making quite an impression and as the day wore on, he wanting to have a taste of what real bikers did during bike week had inquired where the action was, and where the most wild mean and nasty bikers hung out!

He was easily spotted right off the bat as a "Want -A -Be" and was told the place to go was the "Rusty Duck"! You can guess what happened next, someone called ahead and alerted those at the Duck that a white couple wearing the "Blues"...colors. Biker Want-A- Be's were on the way. So when this couple showed up the real bikers had played along and let them think and feel like they actually were gang members,... that is at first! The black male bikers at their expense and having some nasty fun told them the hottest action took place in the back pool room and would find what they were looking for back there? Not knowing that they, or at least this red head would be the action he was talking about....

Exactly what you could imagine happened, OMG! She was held down stripped of her vest and thong then played and fucked with by Blaze, Bull, and a number of other black female bikers, then to her husbands shock, had her beautiful orange pubic hair singed off with Blaze's torch like lighter! The red head had screamed and screamed but it had burnt off so quick and had only left a slight sunburn not really hurting her at all. This had left the nasty sweet sickening smell of burnt pubic hair floating around in the air! Blaze had also written on her ass cheeks with a permanent black magic marker, "Property of Blaze"! Then had strapped on her big curved lifelike double dildo, and proceeded to give her the first real fucking of her life! After which several other nasty lesbians took turns doing the same! Then the naked red head was marched out to the bar and given to the black male bikers and introduced to what real bikers did to a woman like her where she was mercifully gang banged hard fucked, then face, and ass fucked well over a dozen times by their enormous black cocks!

At first everyone thought her screaming and begging was for them to stop, as those screams was quite incoherent, but after a while her screams were that of perverted lust as this sadistic abuse had brought out this red heads most hidden desire for harsh brutal sex, the kind that can only happen when a neglected wanting woman was placed naked in the hands of a perverted biker gang like this?

OMG! She had gotten off more times in the first 45 minutes than she had during her entire married life, and was not just sexual release but some of the most stimulating and satisfying sex this woman could ever want, as her screams were not at all for them to stop, but she only seemed to want more, OMG! More, ....she was actually down on her knees trying to grab hold of a black cock using only her mouth,.. from the many that were stuck out wagging about and squirting cum at her, this went on until she was covered from head to toe with the warm sticky stuff! Those in the Duck that night witnessed this young red headed woman's sexual awaking, one who had little sex in her life, go from being a hardly used married woman to a full blown sex slut for both black dick and pussy over the course of one wild evening!

Her asshole of a husband this dishonest stock broker did not fair as well, stripped of his clothes these black lesbians did not like men anyway and only put up with the black male bikers as they did fully appreciate what a big hard black cock could do to both pleasure and abuse a woman! But this white pathetic excuse for a man especially one that had tried to impersonate a Blue's club member would require some real nasty and humiliating abuse, and they were going to make an example out of him he would not soon forget?
His wimpy 4" little penis had gotten hard watching is young red headed wife horribly abused by first the lesbians and the led into the bar on all fours like an animal where she was brutally raped! He was led outside where he was kicked in the groin, then his cock hard-on and was pulled back and duct taped toward the crack of his ass and was placed on his motorcycle! The new fabric and seat cushion was cut away and his prick was jammed tightly again the sharp springs of the seat he being over weight only made this even more painful and humiliating!

His wrists were wire tied to the bars of the bike that was started and he was sent off down the road and told not to come back and if he did they would cut his prick off! No one was quite sure what happened to him, rumor was the cops stopped him and he was arrested for being naked in public or indecent exposure! He was a real asshole and never said anything about his wife, and was just glad to get out of town after paying a hefty fine!
His pretty young red headed wife seemed to love the harsh humiliating sex and could not seem to get enough, allowing herself to become a naked mascot that was treated like a female animal in heat and stayed the entire week on a leash as a sex slave to the Black & Blue's Motorcycle club and no one was a bit surprised when she showed up at Bike Week this year wearing a thong leather chaps and a vest Looking for a ride to the Rust Duck, and you can guess the rest as to what happened!
The drinking age in Florida was 21 but no one ever seemed to care at the Duck especially during bike week! Jenny anticipating the worst could not believe what happened next as this big older lesbian black bitch of a woman leaned over placing one hand around the back of her neck, and with the other clamped Jenny's pink little labia lips tightly around the rope,...followed by of all things kissing her deep and he full on the lips, just like an over sexed male lover would do!

She was stunned and breathless from this most unbelievable act of perverse bisexual romance? As the kiss lasted for a full smoking hot long minute, then Bull handed this lesbian bitch several big round lead weights with metal clamps, that this bitch clamped onto Jenny's pink little cunt lips that left them stretched firmly over each side of the fuzzy hemp pope! This was followed by the woman taking a nasty electronic cattle prod, and as the music was turned up to cover the most agonizing squeal and sadistic screams Jenny was about to make while Ole Johnny Cash belted out the words of the song "Ill Walk The Line".....Then the bitch said to Jenny are you ready,.... to walk the line?...The first of several stinging shocks zapped her bare bottomed tender flesh, making her squeal and jump! The results were that the knot restricted by her swollen clit and hanging lips had easily slipped over and allowed it to lodge for a moment in her cunt hole, and then across her pink tight little asshole sphincter muscle, and up to the next knot!

Jenny squealed and jiggled perversely holding her breath then relaxed a bit, but her eyes were now quite large and starting to water.... as she realized that this was the second, of over a dozen nasty prickly knots her sweet pussy folds and pink hanging lips were going to pass through and over? OMG! As the unrelenting horseshoe electronic cattle prod continued to leave dark pink arc marks on her naked breasts bottom and especially her pubic mound, to see her pubic muscles and pussy folds tighten shudder and her lips with the weights shake with her naked full thighs clamped around the rope was so erotically perverse!

Bull not one to be left out, had first tried to squeeze her big breasts but was unable to get a good hold on the big soft jiggling things that were jiggling about wildly and had settled for a good hold on just her pink nipples, first pulling her forward up onto the next knot holding her there for a moment and then pushing her backwards off the thing, for Jenny the feeling was incredibly stimulating shocking and abusive, but even more sadistic and perverted pussy abuse was yet to come?
Blaze with her focus on Laura had several perverted sexually abusive games she loved to play with new perspective Black & Blue female club members and were ones she just could not wait to use on Laura? One was a "Tug of War" Nipples to nipples and pierced clit to clit! The other was essentially a sadistic tit punching and whacking followed by a cunt kick off! Both of these perverted sex games were for women that were tough cunts and enjoyed harsh sadistic sexual abuse! This was the kind of thing that Blaze and her sexual appetite thrived on, as the loser would have to service the winner by sucking her pussy in the most nasty humiliating and sexually perverted way! There was a mark in the middle of the floor in between the pool tables, Blaze had stripped everything off except her black leather biker boots.

OMG! For Laura, Blaze was a most incredible shapely black woman big tits big ass and a well shaven pussy! Her nipples were also gigantic with large rings pierced through them, but it was her clit that was the most striking? The thing was well over an inch in diameter and when she was aroused and looking for sex it really perked right up sticking out well over an inch and a half, just like a small hard on! This clitoris of hers was remarkable as it was pierced with a ring twice the size as Laura's? To start this sadistic game two chains about 3' long were crossed and attached to the others nipple rings, and holding their hands behind their back on command a tit and nipple tug a war ensued! ....

Blaze was a big strong woman that outweighed Laura by well over 40 lbs, even as Laura pulled with all her might it was only a matter of time before she was easily pulled across, and well past the line! Next was the pierced clit to clit pull off, which for Laura, she fared much better as she had been pulled around naked by her clit before, her lesbian lover Cherri had kept her on a leash attached to her clit ring.., so this most intimate place had endured some harsh clitoral abuse was toughened up and ready for a nasty abusive game like this! At first it was a dead heat with neither giving an inch? Blaze was quite surprised by Laura's ability to hold her ground by only her clit, and gave Blaze some concern and second thoughts as to the possibility of not prevailing? But in the end and finally after several minutes with Laura and her clit stretched to the the very limit, was worried the chrome ring would be pulled out of the clitoral flesh as Laura was pulled slowly towards the line with the black biker chicks cheering her on,... Laura's fate was sealed, and she with her boots screeching across the floor was finally pulled across the line!

Blaze was quite proud of the fact that she had never lost, and was not going to let this blond white cunt be the first, but a few had taken the bet that Laura might win! Next was the tit punching and cunt kicking, kick off! The tit punching part like the tug a war required that they both be naked, a coin was tossed and the looser to start with would hold her arms behind her back while the other would punch and slap her tits, five times to start, then ten times or more , and as hard as one could! This would continue with more slaps/punches until one or the other gave in and hollered uncle!

The tit slapping and punching seemed to be a dead heat as neither one seemed able to better the other, and both ended up with sore black and blue tits from perverse game, that had been called a draw! This was a game that was played a lot in the club and one reasons the clubs name was called the Black & Blues!
Finally it was the cunt kick off! Essentially it was like a duel, a coin again was tossed! Both were naked back to back and facing away from each other with their hands cuffed behind their backs, they would take three paces and turn, with the winner of the coin toss would get the first kick! Laura had won the toss and as Blaze turned she relaxed not thinking this slim naked white could come close to hurting her and was not quite ready?

This had allowed Laura to really kick her good, with a perfectly placed white leather boot,... directly where it would do the most good, this kick had smashed the big pierced ring clitoris between Laura's boot and the black woman's pubic bone almost bringing Blaze to her knees! OMG! No one had ever seen Blaze with tears in her eyes before, but this had made her livid madder than hell and now incensed with the thought of getting even by kicking Laura's will trimmed blond cunt as hard as she possibly could and deep into her pussy folds!

Both women were more than sexed up and wet, this was the perfect contest, a black woman against a white with both wanting to abuse, and for Laura to be abused was more appealing than being the abuser as the more harsh and sadistic the abuse the more it turned heron!


Toby in the pool room , now found out as a non member was surrounded by these women as several held him tight, another removed his jacket undid his pants and shorts that were now on the floor, this had exposed his magnificent perfectly shaped black cock for all to see! But as they held him,.. Toby was able to first witness Laura impale herself on the bar stool and then sweet young Jenny slip her pussy past the first of the dozen or so knots, this had made his presence even more impressive as there was no way he could hide his cock and the enormous hard on it had become, and one that was more than ready for sex! This had gotten the attention of Blaze the obvious ring leader of these black women, she was a hard woman but deep down was also a true romantic when it came to young love and thinking of how she could put both Jenny and Toby together as first time lovers that would enjoy the most intimate erotic and abusive sex any young couple could imagine?....

This young black oversexed male had changed her mind, to what was going to happen with Jenny? Several of these women asked Blaze if they could have Toby? They were playing with him, milking his gorgeous cock slapping it and his cum filled big balls around! OMG! Was it ever stimulating perverted fun as another was wielding a sharp knife and threatening to cut this beautiful black appendage of his off! Toby not at all sure what they were going to do, was pleading with them almost in tears not to! This of course was just a threat as Blaze had no intention of letting then do so. She had other plans as to what should be done with Toby and his incredible dick, for his impersonation of a Blue's club member that was now firmly in her mind?

Blaze with Psycho on the way had originally wanted this big attractive black Shemale to do, Laura and of course young naive Jenny by wrecking both their pussy's! Blaze was almost salivating at the thought of Psycho's enormous nasty home wrecking cock buried deep in Jenny's almost virgin white well shaved pussy and her screaming and screaming for this thing Psycho to stop, knowing full well that he/she would not!

Blaze had the most nasty and perverted thought as to how this young couple, a naive horny oversexed virgin like barely 18,white girl and an equally oversexed almost virgin like black 19 year old male with a cock to die for should be used? They were the perfect match, or should I say the perfect couple for first time sexual abuse at the hands of Blaze!

Continued in Chapter three....
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