Dear Mr. Ass
Dear Mr. Ass. I saw your help wanted and would like to apply for the position. I have extensive experience with the required duties, especially lately. Hopefully my application meets with your approval, and keeps you glued to your seat.

I was lying in bed, naked, thinking of the man I love, as I do every time I indulge in this pleasurable pursuit of satisfaction. I imagine your lips brushing against mine, just a light meeting at first. Then another kiss, longer this time, your tongue teasing against my lips, demanding me to open to you. Of course I do. Your tongue sweeps in to caress seductively against mine. My moan muffled by your mouth, is quiet, but there nonetheless.

Your (my) fingers, feather light, run down my chest until reaching my large, full breasts, nipples already starting to harden from this teasing touch. They stroke around and around in ever tightening circles, a whisper against my skin until reaching my nipples. The back of my fingers rub across them, then tweak, pinching tightly. Oh, it may in actuality be my hands, but in my mind it's always yours, always you I see.

Hands cup my breasts, I lift them to my mouth, licking first one and then the other, breath hot against the sensitive skin. My tongue gently circling pebbled nipples makes goosebumps rise on my skin. I suck one into my mouth, the forceful pulling sensation created feels so good it makes my pussy muscles clench.

I know it would feel even better if it were your mouth, your facial hair lightly tickling my skin. I want you so badly! Just thinking of you, your voice, thoughts, words, sets my body on fire. The embers ever present, just waiting for you to fan the flames.

My teeth graze hard nipple, then nibble, then bite. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM that sweet pain always feels so good! I switch to the other breast and lavish the same attention on it. I'm getting more excited, can feel the moisture between my legs. A deep, throbbing ache beckons my fingers to come and play! But not yet, I want the need to build.

I picture in my mind your gorgeous, piercing blue eyes, your light brown hair that I long to run my fingers through, your infectious, slightly mischievous smile that lights up your face, and laugh that is a delight to hear. Your voice so deep and sexy, it always makes my pussy weep, especially when it gets that "bedroom" tone as our conversation turns naughtily wicked, as it so often does. Your strong, muscled shoulders, arms and back, leading to your sexy ass are a feast for my eyes. And your hard sex, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM let's just say you are blessed and so am I lol! Taking this mental visual journey has gotten me even more aroused then I was before! In my mind I hear your passion roughened voice saying, "touch yourself for me."

I run my hands lightly over my body heading towards where you and my body want them to be. My fingers run through the short hair that I've let grow since the last time I shaved my mound. You like some hair, and I always try to please you in any way I can. They tickle against my hand as it keeps traveling down.

I feel heat radiating out, guiding my hand and fingers where they are so desperately needed. A feathery touch against my silky soft lips as I trace them with my fingertips, brings a moan. My juices spill out, running down the crack of my ass, onto the sheets below me. I can't believe how wet I am! Soaked fingers trace back up my now swollen lips heading towards the top. They reach my clit, grabbing it between my fingers, I pinch firmly, rolling it in my grasp. MMMMMMMMMM that feels so damn good!

I let go, pressure from my fingers part my lips as I slide my middle finger in. It's hugged tightly as my hot, silken walls surround it, so much pressure. I can just imagine how incredible that must feel wrapped around your cock. I stroke my fingers in and out at a steady pace, but soon I need more! I add another into my pussy and stroke some more. Still not enough! I insert another finger, which is something I rarely do, but today my body's demanding it, and I'm listening to its need. I thrust faster and harder, my muscles tensing, breath panting, hips bucking. I can feel my body building to a breathtaking orgasm. It keeps building and building, and then leaves me hanging there. NO!!

Desperate for release, I spread my legs farther apart and reach down with my other hand. I know what will push me over the edge, something I don't very often do to myself, but I need to cum so bad, I know this will do the trick. My juices have been trickling down the crack of my ass and over my hole ever since I started playing. As I finger fuck my pussy with the one hand, I stick the middle finger of my other against my tightest hole. I rub my juices all around, more trickles down, aiding me in my efforts. I push lightly, then harder as my ass resists, harder still and my fingertip slides in. Jeez, it's so tight how does a guy's cock fit? But I know from experience it does. lol I pull it out, then push back in farther, out, back in farther still, until my finger is buried in my ass. AHHHHHHHHHH that feels so good! Both my holes filled now, I stroke into my ass in perfect rhythm with my pussy. The pleasure is intense. My body is squeezing tighter around all my fingers, pressure building, body tensing.

I picture you in my mind, sitting in a chair in front of me, stroking your large, thick cock. Your hand moves up and down your hard length, pre-cum leaks out dripping down the side, aiding in your lightning fast movements. Your hips are moving, your dick fucks your hand, pre-cum steadily dripping out the head and sliding down your pole. You point towards me, I can see your hole opening, preparing for what is very soon to come. You moan deep and long. Groaning, your cock throbs, jumping in your hand as your orgasm hits. Cum spews out forcefully, the first shot landing far up on your chest, the other shots down your stomach, the base of your shaft, then finally slows to a trickle down your cock, to make a puddle at the bottom.

The whole time I am picturing this fiery hot scene, my hands have gone faster and harder. Unconsciously, I have added another finger into my ass. Both my pussy and ass getting the good, thorough fucking that I need so very badly. Imagining you cumming pushes me over the edge. My holes start to spasm, nipples harden to diamond chips on my chest, the long, loud, sobbing moans ripped from my throat echo in the small room as my orgasm hits like a tidal wave. My fingers are squeezed so tight it's almost painful, as my pussy and ass contract and expand, strong muscles rippling around them. It seems to last so long. I stop moving my fingers and just leave them stuffed in my holes for the moment. Little ripples still move through my body, then finally stop. Then, and only then, do I pull my fingers out of my body and lick the cum off of them. My tongue slithers all over and around each finger, in between as well. I wouldn't want to miss any of this tasty treat!
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