Defiant Thrill
He came home late one night. I had already left for the restaurant. Mark walks into the bedroom and notices that there are clothes already laid out. It was a nice pair of black dress pants and a light blue button up shirt. There was a note with a light blue mask right beside it. The mask wasn't big, just enough to cover the eyes.

"For a whole new thrill tonight, just follow what I say. Put the mask on and don't you dare take it off."

I was waiting at the restaurant. It was set for a very private and quiet romantic evening.

I was sipping on my wine, and eating some chocolate covered strawberries while I waited for him. I was in my very sexy, laced, black dress. Nothing underneath it of course. Yet my mask was black, still only fitting my eyes.

He finally walks through the dark curtains that surround our table. He sits down next to me and kisses me. The waitress takes his drink order and soon leaves. He tries to ask questions and i kiss him once more and tell him not to speak.

The waitress come back and sets the drink down. I nod and she leaves. I feed him a few strawberries and gently touch him. I unbutton his shirt just slightly while kissing him and run my nails on his chest. I nibble on his ears just a little bit. He tries to push me away, as if we are going to get caught.

I push him back on the seat, straddling him this time. I hiked up my dress slightly. I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, pulling it out of his dress pants. I kiss his neck, taking what I want.

"No" He said.. I pushed him back on the seat, undoing his belt on his pants. I whip it off and unbutton/zip his pants. At the right moment, the waitress walks in leaving Mark shocked.

The waitress presented a tray of whips, cuffs, toys, and lube. His mouth just dropped. I asked her to put it on the table. She put it on the table while removing the drinks and food. As soon as she left, he wrapped his arms around me and put me on the table.

I tried to push him back but he flipped me around on the table. He grabbed the cuffs and tied my hands behind my back. He pulled my dress up over my ass.

"No" I said! He didn't listen. He took the crop off the tray and smacked me with it.

"Who is in control again?"

I didn't answer. SMACK!

I bit my lip.

He spanked me again and again until I answered.

"I am suppose to be in control."

"Wrong answer," he said as he grabbed the anal beads.

He slid one bead in my tight ass. He then asked again. I was mad that he took control. I was upset that he wasn't playing by the rules. So therefor I was being defiant.

He slid in another bead. I finally gave in and admitted he was. He slid in the last bead as he said "Good girl."

He commanded me to hold the string, but not to pull the beads out just yet. I did what I was told while my hands were still bound.

He pulled his pants down to his ankles. I could feel his hard cock slowly entering me. He did it just to keep me on edge. He filled me up, going deep and pressing against my spot. After a moment, he pulled back. My pussy dripping down my legs.

He got on his knees and started to lick my pussy. He started at my clit, then moved up between my lips slowly sliding his tongue in me. After he had his meal, he stood up, taking his shoes and pants off.

He grabbed my shoulder, one hand on my hips and told me to stay quiet. I could feel his dick going into me deep, but this time he was fucking me faster, deeper, and harder with every thrust. I bit my lip trying not to let out a moan. He fucked me so damn good, while calling me names like bitch and slut. I thought I was cumming.

He soon slowed down, yet still deep. He started to pull the beads out. He pulled out the first one. I laid my head on the table. The second one came out. I bit down on my lip, hard. Third one came out and a moan slipped out.

Oh no!!! I tried to turn around and plead with any apology but it was to late. He released my hands and turned me around on my back. There was no stopping him now. His dick entered my ass. I couldnt stop myself from moaning, screaming. He played with my clit, doing everything he could to keep my moans flowing. I knew I was close. He stopped again, pulled out and fucked my pussy. My pussy gets so jealous when he fucks my ass.

He goes back and forth to each whole. I beg him to stick with one. He Puts it back into my ass. Pounding more, faster. I play with my clit, spanking it once in a while. He grabbed the crop and started hitting curtain stops with it. The touch, the sound the excitement was making me cum.

He wrapped his hand around my mouth to try and muffle my screams. It didn't seem to help. I was cumming!

Soon after I got on my knees. I wrapped my soft wet lips around his throbbing dick. He shot down my throat, allowing my to swallow every drop.

We started to clean up when the waitress walked in.

"It sounded very fun in here. Are you ready for more, Mistress?"

I nod. Mark Looked confused but waited to see what the waitress meant. She opened the curtains to find the whole place was filled with other couples fucking. Every position, every toy, every fantasy and desire coming true before us. I grab his hand and move to the next table.
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