Deflowering my virgin cousin
My entire family has always been close and we share in the fun moments and the sad ones.
I recently went to a funeral of one of my relatives and saw so many relatives sharing with each other. I saw Linda standing and talking with some of the others and smiled and waved at her. She's my most favorite cousin ever! She smiled and waved back and continued on with her conversation. I knew she would contact me later..she always does! We've been very close over the years and almost actually had a sex affair after her husband had passed away a few years ago.

She finally comes up to me and asks "let's go outside for a cigarette. I need to get away from this for a few moments?" I agreed but wonder why she had started smoking again. She informed me that she had started gaining weight and didn't want to get fat so she smoked instead of eating! I agreed so we went outside to enjoy a smoke.

Not long afterwards another cousin Sabrina came outside and came over to us and asked what we were doing. She's sorta dim-witted, (poor girl)so we tell her "just smoking".
She tells me that she wants to ask me a personal question so I take her aside to find out what. "I don't know if you're aware but everyone thinks that you and Linda are having sex. Everyone!" she told me. I told her that I wished that I was fucking Linda but it wasn't true.

She then told me that she was still a virgin but was afraid that if she fucked she would wind up knocked-up. She only knew a few guys from her church and they hadn't approached her.
She wasn't interested in the married guys so she was in a dilema. Then she says "would you help me out and fuck me?" "I've heard so many good things about sex and I want to experience them for myself. I do know you and I know you're not married so you're perfect!" I agreed to give her lessons and asked "when/where do you want to learn?"

"How about tomorrow morning. My mom leaves for work around 8 and won't be back till around 6pm. That should give us plenty of time to play "house"." she stated. I agreed but felt uncomfortable having sex with a cousin. The next morning I arrived at her apt and waited for the all clear sign. She saw me sitting in my car and motioned for me to come in. I entered her apt and all she was wearing was a pink nightgown from her sleep last night. "Does this thing turn you on?" she asked while admiring my increasing bulge in my jeans. I said YES and left it at that!

She led me to her bed (a waterbed but no waves) and proceeded to remove her gown. I quickly undressed and my cock was as hard as a rock. "I need you to be gentle with me since this is my first time but I do so want to know how it actually feels to be fucked" she told me. I got naked and laid down beside her and started to suck on her gigantic tits. I inserted a finger in her pussy which was still pretty dry and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

She obviously liked that as her moans of pleasure increased. I could feel her getting wetter and so I inserted another finger in her and finger fucked her pussy. It wasn't long that I heard her moans and her body go tense and her back rise in her first orgasm ever! I didn't want to miss that so I removed my fingers and started to lick and suck on her cunt. I drank her cum like a thirsty guy on a desert island and swallowed every drop.

"I think that was the most pleasure I've ever had in my entire life" she told me.
"What was that?" she asked sincerely. I replied that she had just had her first orgasm as a woman and there were many more to come this day. She smiled and told me she was definitly ready for as many orgasms as possible. I told her that I would be glad to do just that!

I knew she was ready for my cock now so I spread her legs wide and told her to take my cock in her mouth and suck on it for a minute. "I won't cum in your mouth this time, that's for your pussy now" I said. She sucked my cock for awhile and then I removed it much to her dismay and mounted her for the eventual fuck she had wanted for so long. I told her to take my cock in her hand and place it in the opening that she wanted it to be.

She did so and I pushed into her very slowly till she became adjusted to the feel of my hardened cock inside her. As I progressed I pushed it deeper in her. She responded by pushing harder against me until I finally ruptured her hymen. With this she cried out and I stopped to ask if she was all right. She told me that it had hurt at first but she was okay now and to continue.

I rammed her tight virgin pussy with all my might and we fucked in unison. Her moans of pleasure made me even more excited and I knew it wouldn't be long before I did cum inside those walls. She sensed this and squeezed on my cock with her kagels. I gushed every drop of my cum in that wanting pussy as she increased her sounds of pleasure. "Oh god, I'm cummming" she kept repeating over and over.

I noticed her face had gone blank and her eyes had rolled back when I did let loose my cum. I was afraid she had some kind of seizure but was assured that she just liked it so much. When my cock went finally limp she asked "what do we do now?" I said that I was going to get a drink and smoke a cigarette! I think a smoke always is in order after good sex and a good meal.

I fixed a drink and lit a cigarette and waited for her to gain enough energy to join me in the living room. She finally joined me still somewhat shaken at what had just happened to her. "I don't know what's up your sleeve for later but I want you to fuck me everyway possible" she stated. I told her I would. I smoked a few more cigs and drank my morning coffee and then we went back to her bed for some more lovemaking. I did encourage her to suck my cock even though I knew I couldn't cum again for awhile.

She gratefully accepted my cock in her mouth to taste the remnants of our cum mixed together
for the first time. She got my cock hard again by this action and I proceeded to fuck her again all the time getting even hotter with lust. I have no idea how mnay orgasmns she had that morning but it was quite a few! As I left her apt I asked "same time tomorrow?" She nodded in glee that she would be ready for another lesson in sex. I drove away happy knowing that I had taught my cousin a very intense lesson of lovemaking.

She's satisfied and so am I!
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