Deflowering my virgin cousin - She's pregnant!
With all the fucking going on and her curiousity abounding I learned that Sabrina is now pregnant! She allowed Bill to fuck her without any protection and now she's having his baby. Good grief! I asked her what she was going to do about it and she told me she'd have the baby and take care of it like a mother should do. She doesn't believe in abortion so the case is closed.

She's happy with being pregnant because she always wanted to have a baby someday. Bill is not happy at all. He smacked her around a bit and called her a whore! "If I'd known the birth control pills didn't work, I'd used a damn rubber! Now mom is going to kill us both!" he told her. "Just tell mom that you don't know who the dad is because you have fucked so many since you lost your virginity" he added.

She told him she would since that was actually true. But she knew he was the baby's dad. She told me that she wished it was me but knows I can't impregnate her. I asked her how many different guys was she getting fucked by now. "I don't even count anymore there's been so many." she declared. "I went to a party a few weeks ago and met several guys and I fucked everyone of them. It was so much fun!" she added. "You have shown me how to be a woman so I've decided to become a real woman. I love the feel of a cock in my pussy and love it when a man cums inside me. It feels so damn good!" she continued.

She told me that she would probably have several babies now because she was going to stop taking the pill. She laughed and said "our grandparents had 12 children and I am determined to beat that number maybe even double it!" I just shook my head in amazement of her lust for cock.

With all this talk about sex we shortly retired to the bed and I fucked her pussy over and over. She is always horny! She screams in delight when any guy cums in her and I've contributed quite a bit of that juice myself.

"I've met a couple of black guys with huge cocks I've tried even bigger than Bill. So I guess I'll have some babies with them too.
I don't care what color they turn out to be. I just want to be fucked as often as possible by any guy that will!" she told me. "Well if I wasn't sterile I'd be giving you a few kids myself. Not only you but Linda too! I love to fuck her as much as you." I stated. "I know you do and she loves fucking you too and would love to have a baby with you. I think you two would create a beautiful baby with your good looks!" she replied.

"Now that you've serviced me you should go on over to Linda's home and fuck her. She loves your cock as much as I do. Bill is coming down in awhile and is going to give me some more of his huge cock and cum and then later tonight I'm going to invite Jack over for a fun night of fucking and sucking. He's my newest black friend with an enormous cock!" she told me. "When he fucks me I almost go insane. He is so big and fills my pussy up with that monster of a cock. I can feel my pussy getting bigger and bigger with all these big cocks inside it. I've been practicing squeezing my kagels to keep it tight but sometimes I just can't." she added.

I told her to have fun with Bill and later on with Jack but I was going over to Linda's place and check her out. "Fuck her good my friend as you do me!" she told me.

I arrived at Linda's home a short while later and while drinking my coffee and juice I told her about Sabrina's pregnacy. She exclaimed
"that crazy whore is getting what she deserves for being such a slut! Everybody likes to fuck but most people take the necessary precautions to prevent getting pregnant! I wish I could have a baby with you but since we can't I'll just have to be satisfied with your cock and cum. By the way, I'm ready for just that!!"

I told Linda that I had just dropped off a load at Sabrina's and would have to wait a few hours to give her some cum. She said okay but I could help her pussy get some relief anyway
if I wanted to. I told her "Hell yes, I want to make you cum. let's go do it as soon as I finish here!" She agreed and kissed me tenderly at first but as always she started exploring my mouth with her tongue and wound up kissing with such passion. I massaged her tits while this was going on and she told me to hurry and finish because she was soaking wet and so horny.

We went to the bed and I mounted her again and fucked her for hours listening to her cries of pleasure. I did finally get to cum in her later which she appreciated. We spent the whole night in bed fucking one time after another. She told me that another cousin Lisa, had shown interest in me and would probably liked to be fucked too. I told her that would be fine with me. I thought Lisa was cute and had a fantastic figure that I'd ravish!
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