Deflowering my virgin cousin - part 2
I showed up at Sabrina's place on time and she waved me in. "My mom knows that I got fucked yesterday because of the way I'm walking. Bow-legged!" she told me. "Yes I knew that would happen because you were like a cowgirl" I replied. She told me that her mom didn't know who had fucked her but she was glad that she had finally lost her "cherry". "She told me just to be safe and don't get pregnant because she didn't want to have to help raise a bastard child!" We both laughed at this.

"Well you don't have to worry getting pregnant by me since I'm sterile and can give you all the cum you want!" I told Sabrina. "That's good I guess but I actually would like to have a baby someday. The ole biological clock is ticking down" she replied. I told her that since she has lost her virginity she should find a partner that can perform that gift with her but I couldn't.

I got a cup of coffee and smoked a cig and she asked me "what's on the agenda today?" I said I thought the first thing would be to let her suck my cock and swallow some cum and then I'd fuck her pussy later. She happily agreed since she had never done that and wanted to experience everything sexual. We went into the bedroom and undressed and laid on the bed to commence day 2 of learning to fuck and suck.

She went down on my cock with that warm wet mouth and started sucking like a baby. I in turn put her in the 69 position and tounge fucked her pussy. After a few minutes she received my cum and swallowed it greedily and had her own orgasm at the same time which filled my mouth with her juices. To be a rookie she was damn good! She told me "I really liked that, but I'd rather have you cum in my pussy. It feels so good in there when you do!" I told her I enjoyed the pussy more but she needed to learn other sex acts to
perform on any partner. Besides she couldn't get pregnant if she swallowed cum instead of accepting it in her pussy.

We laid there and I sucked on her big tits while she carassed my cock and balls. Finally new life sprang in it and she put my cock back her mouth to get it harder. I suggested she be on top and she could get fucked as much as she wanted while I rested. She nodded and climbed on top and started riding my hardened cock like a mad woman. She had orgasm after orgasm and the screams of passion never ceased. I could feel her cum soaking my cock and wished I could reciprocate but not just yet.

She finally had enough and rolled off me and said "Thank you so much. I really needed that!"
I told her it was my pleasure to please her.
With a little effort I got up and went for more coffee and a smoke or two. She stayed in bed to recover. I looked out the window and UH OH! here comes her brother walking toward the apt. I yell at Sabrina "Hey, you better get it together because Bill is almost here!" She told me she was getting dressed now and would be there in a minute. I just remembered that I was still naked and rushed to get dressed myself.

Bill arrived in a short few minutes and Sabrina let him in. He told her that their mom had told him that she had been fucked and was hoping to find out who had did his sister.
"Was it you?" he asked me. I said "NO it wasn't me, I didn't even know it had happened."
He laughed and said just kidding. I thought I was going to have to fuck her to get her laid but thankfully she finally gave it up to someone. Sabrina stated "if both of you want some of my pussy I'm more than willing to give it to you. I love to be fucked!" We both told her that we'd think about that offer.

Bill finished his coffee and cigarette and left for home. As he went out the door he said to me "go ahead and give her some cock and cum today and I'll take care of her later. She desperately wants the be fucked often." I smiled and told him that I'd think about it.

"WHEW, that was close!" she exclaimed. "So now I'll have two guys to fuck me. I'm so lucky!"
I told her to remember to use protection with other partners especially Bill because a baby with your brother would probably have serious health issues. She told me she had been to the doctor and had gotten some birth control pills so everything should be all right. I told her that the pill is good but not 100% effective so he should also wear a condom!

"They're not completely effective?" she stated puzzeled. I always thought they were!" "Sorry to inform you but they are not. Take extra precautions with other men. My cum is okay inside you since I'm sterile but I can't say about any other lovers you might have." She told me that was good since she wants some cum in her and that when she met a good guy then she might go ahead and try to get pregnant.

"Now let's go back to bed and resume our fucking. I'm so horny!" she told me. We did just that and she wanted me to be on top this time. I obliged and we fucked until she cried "I can't take anymore!" I pulled out and just laid down beside her while she gathered her breath and composure. I told her I was going to have some coke and another cigarette while she rested. "I'll be there in a few, so go ahead." she replied.

She came into the den and told me that she was going to take a shower. She said she loved to feel the cum but it was sorta messy. I told her to go ahead and step in the shower and I'd join her there soon. We both washed each other and she noticed my cock getting stiff again so we fucked again in the shower.

WE fucked all that day into the evening when her mom was expected and I reminded her to be sure to make Bill wear a condom. "He probably won't want to but it's imperative that he does!" She agreed and I was off. "See you tomorrow same time" she announced. I nodded yes and was on my way.
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