Deflowering my virgin cousin - part 3
The next morning when I arrived at Sabrina's apt we followed the same routine except that her mom had not left for work just yet and I had to cruise the streets for a half hour. Sabrina called my cell to tell me her mom had finally left and to come on back.

"My mom overslept this morning and had to rush out without even a cup of coffee" she told me.
"That's too bad" I replied. I feel like shit until I have my coffee in the morning. It takes me an hour or so to wake up even with coffee I told Sabrina. "Have you had coffee this morning or do you want some, coffee that is, you know you'll get the rest?" she laughed.
"I've had two cups so far but that's not enough so get your ass in there and get me some coffee BITCH" I told her. She giggled and said "yes, master!"

She brought out the coffee and I smoked a few cigarettes and we talked about the recent events. I asked her about what had happened with Bill and she told me. "Well everything went well at least as well as it could but I'm so sorry but he insisted that I let him fuck me without a rubber and I wanted it so bad that I let him. I know I shouldn't have but it's too late because I did!"

I told her that I realized she was new at fucking but she was taking too many chances because of her need to be fucked. She told me that "it wouldn't happen again." We finished our coffee and she asked me "what's the lesson today my love? I'm an eager student you can tell and I want to learn everything!" I also had to tell her about std's. She didn't even know about those even though they have been talked about for years now! Some of those can kill you.

I told her that today she would get my cum in her ass but first I wanted that pussy that felt so great. She agreed that's what she also wanted but seemed interested in the ass thing.
"I know you'll be gentle but that sounds like it might really hurt even worse than losing my virginity" she remarked. I told her it might be a little painful at first but I'd lubricate her well before ramming my cock inside that fine ass and if she decided she didn't want that it was okay. She told me "NO, I want to experience it all. I was only concerned about how it would feel."

We finally finished our coffee and chat and headed for the bedroom. We did our normal routine of licking and sucking each other and before long I had my cock thrusting in her pussy. That woman can cum like a water fountain. Since I had already seen her face in pleasure with the eyes rolling and all I wasn't too concerned about her health. I asked her if Bill satisfied her needs and she told me that his cock was a little bigger and rounder than mine but she liked both because I had more staying power then him.

We finished our love making session and went back to the den and as we sat there here came Bill for his daily fuck. I stopped him and said "Bill, you really should use a condom with her or she might get pregnant." He told me that he refused to use a condom and so what if she got pregnant. "She's an adult now and she can handle it" he bluntly stated. I just shrugged my shoulders and kept my peace. It wasn't long that I heard her voice saying she is cummming. Oh God I'm cummming! I love to be fucked like this. I'm cummming!"

I heard him grunt with his orgasm and listened as a quiet came in the apt. He came out of the bedroom and said "she's all yours for the rest of the day but I'll take care of her tonight."
I told him he may not get the chance tonight since I intended to have her spend the night at my place and he just retorted "Whatever! I can fuck her tomorrow and any time I want. She becoming quite a whore." I felt disgusted with that remark calling his own sister a whore but didn't say anything as he left.

She finally emerged after taking a shower and wearing her flimsy nightgown with her breasts bursting out and we sat and talked again. I hated being a rat fink but I told her what Bill had said and she told me not to worry and that everything would work out.

She asked me giddily when she would receive her ass treatment and I told her I could go ahead and fuck her there but wouldn't be able to cum in her like I wanted to. "Ooohh" she said. "I want that too so just fuck my pussy until you can give that cum of yours in my ass. I definitely want to feel that!" We went back to the bed and resumed our fucking. About 4 hours later I finally was able to cum inside her ass and she seemed pleased.

She asked what else I could teach her and I told her that the only thing I wanted to do was to unload my cum on her body, her eyes and her ears. I told her that we could do the dom thing but I didn't really care about doing that. She said fine and that maybe someone else would teach her that. I'm sure she will get many volunteers for that action! WE finally rested and I took her home with me for a good night of fucking. She told her mom that she was spending the night with a close "friend" but her mom knew the true story. Her daughter was getting fucked all night!!
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