Deflowering my virgin cousin - part 4
Sabrina and I arrived at my place and had the take-out dinner we had stopped for. I was famished from all the fucking that we had done that day and I needed food and drink! She seemed to wolf down her food too. She's been a busy beaver discovering the fun of sex.

I turned the tv on to catch the latest news since I hadn't had time to even keep up with that. She finished her dinner and went straight to the bedroom and removed her clothes for the adventures of the night.
"I'm ready when you are" she told me. I told her it wold be after the news and sports since I had no idea who had won the college ballgame played today. "Okay, I'll just start without you! But hurry!" she informed me. I shook my head okay and she left.

After the news and sports (my team lost again)
I went to the bedroom and watched her rubbing her big tits and nipples totally erect and fingering her clit with the other hand. She is moaning in pleasure with what she has done to herself. She had already cum enough to wet the sheets but since we were going to make them even wetter I decided to hold off changing them and by the time this is over I'm going to have a whole bunch more!

She told me that she was definitely ready for my hard cock now and just knew she'd cum many times before we finished. She was right! I laid down beside her and lifted her legs and placed them on my neck and started eating that wet pussy like a starved man. She was crying with pleasure as she cummmed so many times in my mouth. "Now I want to feel you cum inside me, pleaae!" she yelled. "I need it so bad and I know you want to give it to me. Fuck me! Fuck me now!!" she groaned. I mounted and within minutes gave her what she wanted.

I told Sabrina that we had all night and most of the day tomorrow to fuck our brains out so we needed to space the sexual encounters a little apart. "NO!I want you to fuck me all night and all day tomorrow too and maybe I can stay with you tomorrow night for some more of your cum. It feels sooo good inside me!" she exclaimed. Obviously I didn't get to watch tv that night and many other nights for that matter. We actually stayed awake until sunrise fucking in every position she wanted. She's insatiable!! WE finally fell asleep around 7am from sheer exhaustion.

When we woke up it was almost 3pm and I was starving. I leaned over and kissed her gently and she opened her eyes and told me that she wanted to fuck one more time before getting up for the day. I told her that I was hungry and needed some coffee before I could even think about that! She sighed a "Okay" and got out of bed and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast and brew the coffee. I sat at the table and looked outside and the sun was shining bright and it was almost 50 degrees. A beautiful day to sit and drink my coffee and tomato juice and smoke! And later commence our day of love making.

She decided after breakfast to go home and get some clean clothes to stay with me for a few days. I drove her there and she retrieved her clothes and jumped in the car and off we went.
She waved to Bill and told him she'd be busy for a few days but had not forgot him and his huge cock and would like to have more but at a later time! He growled "that's not fair but I can wait!"

When we got to my place I knew I'd better check the mail because I was sure I wouldn't get outside again for awhile. Nothing but bills which I immediately wrote the checks to pay and went back out to the mailbox and mailed them. In the meantime Sabrina had already gone to bed and was waiting for my arrival. I can hear her sounds of pleasure now as I walk back in the apt. I've created a sex monster!!
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