Deflowering my virgin cousin - part 6 (Linda and Sabrina)
Linda and I were just having so much fun with each other that I didn't have time to think about Sabrina for I knew she was getting all the cock she wanted from her brother. I wanted some more her fine pussy too but I was loving being with Linda. Linda asked me to move out of this apt and move into the house. She lived there all alone now since her kids had gone. The only time she had anyone there was when the kids would sometimes visit for a weekend and her house was quite large. I told I her I would just as soon as my current lease ran out in 3 months.

One morning while making love I heard the doorbell ring and went to find who was there.
It was Sabrina who entered the apartment and said that she was missing me and my cock and wanted to be fucked by me again instead of just her brother. "He has a monster of a cock all right but I enjoy yours more because you were my very first fuck and my teacher" she said. She started to drop her clothes and walk to the bedroom when all of a sudden Linda appeared at the door. "Hi, Sabrina" she said.
Sabrina replied "well hello to you to my dear cousin. How have you been since Mike passed away?" Linda told her she was doing okay but had so very lonely and had decided to visit me.

"I see that he's taking care of you too! Isn't he the greatest fuck ever?" "Yes, he is a fantastic lover and I needed to be fucked so badly and he answered my prayers" Linda replied! Sabrina asked Linda not to take all of my time and cum and to save some of it for her. Linda told her that she would leave some for her but reminded her that she hadn't been fucked in a long, long time and needed some comfort but she'd share when possible. "Besides I understand that Bill is also taking care of you with his huge dick so you shouldn't have need for much after that much fucking."

I listened to the conversation and said okay Linda let's get back down to business. I want to fuck you so bad right now and explode my hot cum inside your pussy while Sabrina watches us make love. Linda agreed right away and I climbed in bed and mounted her. Sabrina sat in a chair by the bed and massaged her big tits and finger herself while I fucked her cousin. I watched Sabrina inserting four fingers in her own pussy and licking her lips in a frenzy as she had her first orgasm.

"God, I wish that were me getting that cock and cum but give it to her harder and faster and make us all cum. Fuck her! Fuck her!" she cried out. I motioned for Sabrina to join us on the bed which she quickly did. I laid her beside me and put my face in her crotch and licked and tongue fucked her wet pussy as I fucked Linda with my cock. Next thing I saw was Linda and Sabrina were kissing passionatly and exploring their tits with their hands. Now this is a fun threesome if I ever heard of one!!

We kept it up until all three of us had had some great orgasms and then we laid down and rested with Linda on one side and Sabrina on my other. The both were kissing me and snuggling close and even kissed each other again a few times. They seemed to enjoy that a lot. After we had rested for a while we got up and went to the sofa. I asked if anyone wanted something to drink and Linda said she wanted a coke but Sabrina didn't want anything at all except my cum to drink later. We laughed about that remark. It was a rainy day today so there was no going outside today which meant a whole day in bed with two beautiful women to fuck and suck!

Since Sabrina doesn't smoke she retired back to the bedroom while Linda and I smoked and had our drinks. We both could hear Sabrina in bed satisfying herself again and smiled at each other. "You've turned that young girl into a relentless tiger my dear! Linda told me. "Yes, she's almost insatiable and I can see her becoming the biggest slut in town when she gets up the courage" I said. We both laughed and she shook her head in agreement.

"When we go back in there to Sabrina let me be in charge this time" Linda said. "I'm going to give her a little girl on girl action so she will know that a woman can please her as well as any man. Don't worry though because I will suck your cock in between licking her cunt and tonguing her pussy" she continued. I knew I'd enjoy that since I had never actually seen two women go at each other before and I would be part of it too. Perfect!!

We walked in and Sabrina had worked herself up to a frenzy and Linda got in bed and removed her fingers from her pussy and told her "here let me take care of that for you." They kissed again and Linda slid her whole hand in Sabrina and fucked her with her fist in her pussy. Sabrina really moaned then but finally got in rythmn with Linda's hand and soon was on her way to oblivion. I joined them and Linda took my cock in her mouth and sucked it while fucking Sabrina with her fist. She released it from her mouth to go down and lick and suck on Sabrina's pussy which in turn Sabrina did the same on her.

Linda reached and gave my cock long slow strokes while the two ate like starving animals and I say animals because of the sounds coming from their mouths. So glorious a sound it was almost like angels singing! They were both having orgasm after orgasm and when they raised their pretty heads to catch some air they would both suck on my cock to show me that I was a memeber of this love triangle.

When they finished they lay on both sides of again and rested while playing with my cock and kissing me. I announced "it's break time again" and went back for another glass and a smoke. They decided to stay in bed for a little longer since they really had made each other cum so much that time. I just sat in the living room and watched tv for the time.

After about 20 minutes they staggered weakly out of the bedroom and joined me. I asked Sabrina is she had thanked Linda for giving her lessons of making love to another woman.
"Oh believe me, I was thanked so very well very well indeed!" Linda chimed in before Sabrina could say anything but she did giggle at that. "It's not as good as a man's cock but it's pretty damn good otherwise" Sabrina said.
"I wondeer if I can find some other women to share that experience with at my apt complex?
she continued. I told her I had no idea but I know she can find some willing men and women who would love to fuck her on the computer.

Linda shook her head yes and added "but be careful with those types. You never know what you might be getting into and you certainly don't want to meet anyone who might actually hurt or kill you. There's all kinds of nuts in this crazy world so be careful!" Sabrina nodded she would. We finished our smokes and drinks and returned to the bed.

Sabrina told Linda "since you had his cock and cum when I got here it's my time now. Okay?
Linda sighed and said that it was only fair that she should get her turn of cum in her pussy. I mounted Sabrina and it was off to the races again with Linda right beside us feeding me her tits at first and then her pussy. We each had fantastic orgasms again and again.

Sabrina finally got up and dressed and prepared to go home and fuck Bill for awhile
because she wanted and needed some more cum.
We bid her adieu and retired to bed for another day and night of love making. She told me "you know I really do love you with all my heart and always have ever since I was a little girl I knew that I did." I replied that I loved her very much too and would make her a great roommate in the near future.
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