Deflowering my virgin cousin - part 7
As it turned out Sabrina did meet several men and women who were more than willing to satisfy her lust. God only knows how many people are fucking her pussy now. I get all I want and so does Bill and of course Linda on occasion. Linda would prefer to have me fuck her but she'll play with Sabrina every once in a while for amusement.

Sabrina had started hanging at some local sports bars looking for potential partners and even had joined an on-line sex club. That woman had an insatible appetite for being so new at the sex game.

Bill had tried to get Linda to let him fuck her on occasion but she refused everytime. Even though he had a monster of a cock she didn't want it in her. I satisfied her every need she had told me and she really didn't like him anyway. "Do you remember our cousin Karen" she asked? I told her vaguely only remembering the name and not the person. "Describe her" I said. She told me that Karen lived in Va Beach and was so cute. She's the blonde daughter of Aunt Judith! Oh yes, I remembered her now.

"What about her I asked?" "Well, she's coming down to visit for the summer and she's staying with us." "She's been divorced for almost 2 years now and you know she's had a crush on you for many years" she told me. I thought back at the times we went to the beach and she always wore a real tight fitting skimpy bikini that just barely covered her perfect ass and would want me to rub sun tan oil on her. She'd untie the top and I would rub the oil down her back and always copped a feel of those nice breasts which she would rise up her body for a really good feel. I lingered for awhile at the inside of her legs and rubbed her mound softly but firm. "Mmmmm she would whisper. I really like that!"

"When is she coming down?" I asked. "She'll be here this weekend so get your cock ready for some fine fucking. You have me and Sabrina and now Karen to fuck as much as you want and can"
she told me. "You know she's a typical Libra and flirts with any guy or girl she sees." she informed me. OMG another Libra! I have always been lucky with women who are Libra's for sex and Libra guys have been my closest friends.
Must be something a little accurate about horoacopes after all?

Sure enough on Sat. Karen arrived in her cute revealing outfit. She may have gained a few pounds but not enough to take anything away from that gorgeous body. She ran to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. "I'm so glad to see you again" she told me. I said me too it's been a long time! So we all sat down and talked while drinking coffee.

Not long later Sabrina and Bill arrived to greet their cousin Karen also. I could look at Sabrina and tell that she and Bill had just fucked from the glow she was emitting. I didn't say anything but when she looked at me I winked and nodded my head. She just smiled and nodded her head and silently mouthed yes and it was so good! They each hugged and kissed Karen and Bill really planted one on Karen which she accepted with pleasure. I thought to myself that woman is going to get a big cock inside her soon.

We sat and chatted about all the things that had happened since we last saw each other. Nothing major other than Karen getting divorced and Sabrina being pregnant. After a few hours Bill and Sabrina said good-bye and went home to resume their incesssant love making while the rest of us relaxed.

Karen told us that when she hugged and kissed Bill she could feel his huge cock pressing against her and it had made her excited. "I want some of that monster inside me and soon" she added. "Don't worry about that" we told her. He'll fuck you in between fucking Sabrina! He's wanted your pussy for a very long time. "He's fucking Sabrina?" she asked.
We told her of course he is and is even the father of her baby. "Gosh, I don't want to be the mother of any of his kids but I do want to be fucked by him" she replied.

She turned to me and said "I'd love to drive over to Norris lake tomorrow and take in some sun and water. Will you take me?" she asked.
I told her I'd love to take her and we'd leave early in the morning. Linda finished fixing dinner of chicken and dumplings with pinto beans and cornbread and iced tea. A true southern favorite! We ate and talked for what seemed like hours. As it got later we decided it was time to go to bed. Karen asked which bedroom she should take. Linda told her to take any bedroom she wanted but if she wanted to she could sleep with us.

Her eyes grew wide and she said yes eagerly. "Damn everybody is sleeping with their cousin it appears!" We told her that we had moved in together a while back and were enjoying living with each other as if we were married. Why not, we're both single consenting adults! We retired to our huge king-sized bed and undressed and jumped in for a fun night. Linda whispered to me to fuck Karen first and give her a load of my cum and she would help take care of her also.

I mounted Karen and stuck my cock deep inside her pussy although she was very tight even after being married for so long. She enjoyed the fucking that both Linda and I were giving her. She started fucking Linda with her tongue while rubbing her clit with her thumb. It wasn't long before we all were cummmming! What a great first night of summer vacation!
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