Derek's adventure:
Derek's adventure:

It was 11 o'clock at night and I was helping to close down the bar. The last customer had stumbled out the door a half an hour ago, and all the other employees had rushed out the door together to party at someone's house. I was only 19, so unable to go hang at the bars with my co-workers.

"Melanie," a man's voice echoed up the stairs to where I was locking up the money. My immediately beat faster, I thought I was the only one there. "Melanie? Are you up there?"

"Uh, yeah," I shouted down the hallway. It was Derek. He was 12 years older than me and extremely attractive. The ancient stairs creaked as he hopped up them two at a time. "What are you still doing here?"

"Lee left me in charge of locking the doors tonight," he explained simply. I didn't realize my manager had left, and couldn't believe he left without letting me go home.

"Did Marie already leave?" Derek's girlfriend was a waitress as well and they were always making out in the back when they thought no one was there. When she was not there Derek would come behind me and massage my lower back and tickle my arms.

"Yeah she went down town with everyone else," Derek said distractedly. I bent down and tossed the money bag into the safe then shut the little, steel door. As soon as I stood up Derek's fingers dug into my shoulders and worked their way down my back. He pressed his thumbs into the middle of my lower back and rubbed them straight across. "How was work today?"

"Oh," I hesitated, lost in the feeling of my massage. "It was decent."

"Mmm, better now," he whispered into my ear. His hands went back to my shoulders, and as his right hand went down my arm the other went to the top of my chest. He kissed the tip of my ear.

"Derek," I shrugged my shoulders to gain some distance.

"What?" he held me tight in place and kissed the soft spot behind my ear.

"What about Mar-" Derek covered my mouth with his hand so I couldn't finish my sentence. He walked me to the desk with one arm around my waist and his hand still covering my mouth. My heart was racing and started to hurt when he placed my hands on the desk and stood behind me.

This was like something out of my fantasies. Derek kissed my neck and over to my shoulder. His hand made its way up my stomach to my breasts. He spent an equal amount of time on each, squeezing my nipples then caressing them. After realizing that I didn't try to get away or scream he let his hand fall from my mouth. He turned me around swiftly and grabbed my face in his hands. I barely had time to breathe before he kissed me passionately. His tongue found mine quickly and gave its own massage.

I could feel the heat of sexual desire overwhelm me. Derek pulled my shirt off and unsnapped my bra. I was so grateful I wore my pink lace bra, but wished i had the matching panties. As I thought about it Derek's fingers were fumbling with the zipper on my jeans. It took no time for him to have me sitting pretty on my manager's desk wearing less than two inches of fabric.

Derek pushed my thighs apart and kissed all around my sacred area before he slid my thong down my legs. I saw his member pulse against his black, work pants. He leaned down and grabbed my hips. A moan escaped my lips as his tongue flicked my clit.

The noise coming from my mouth grew louder and more frequent as his tongue worked its way up and down, catching all the juices I was releasing. I held his head close to me as I moved my hips up and down, positioning his tongue.

Seconds before I would have cum he grabbed my hands and lay down on the floor, pulling me on top of him. I slid down his body so I could undo his belt buckle. I batted my eyes at him before I grabbed his belt with my teeth and tugged it out of the buckle. His member pushed up against his pants and I giggled.

"Oh God Melanie, Don't tease me," he begged. I pulled his pants and boxers off in two hard, but careful, tugs. His cock was erect. Though I had imagined this scenario several times, I had never imagined this part. I crawled up his body with my wet opening mere centimeters away from him. I kissed his stomach as I pulled up his shirt then took it off over his head.

Derek pulled me on top of him and kissed me softly. I moved my hips forward and backward so my clit ran over his member each time. He nuzzled his face into my neck then bit me softly.

"Let me in," he whispered.

I obediently pressed my pubic bone into his pelvis and pushed down on his cock. The penetration was smooth, though he was large. I moved up and down on Derek, staring into his brown eyes that displayed nothing but lust and pleasure.

My breasts moved with the motion I was making and my hair swirled down my back. I sat up on him and reached back to stroke his balls. They were soft, and made him smile. I leaned forward again and he wrapped his arms around me to hold my lips to his. My heart was racing again with passion and some shock.

"Hold on," Derek rolled us over with his hand under my head so I didn't land too hard on the wooden floor. I could feel the heat of blushing as his one hand reached under me to my ass and the other under my shoulder. His lips found mine before I could protest to anything. He went in and out of me as his tongue massaged mine.

"Spread your legs more," he ordered. I bent my knees and spread them out as far as I could. The heat of the moment was on and I would do anything for pleasure right now. Derek's cock was hard and large inside of me. It filled me up and felt wonderful. I could feel his fingers touch me below where his cock was working, and then he trailed it back up my ass. It started off very slow, then he went faster. "Does this hurt you?"

"No," I breathed hard. "Harder."

Derek plunged deeper into me, but his rhythm was the same, and I wanted more.


I saw the smile flicker at the corners of his mouth. He went faster, and after I didn't complain his lips found mine again and a finger slipped into my backdoor. My hips bucked but I couldn't move anywhere. Derek's grip on me was relentless, one hand holding onto my shoulder and the other wrapped around my ass. I swallowed my protest as Derek kissed me. After I relaxed with the new sensations he stopped kissing me and went faster. His dick plowed into me and his finger probed me. I moaned with pleasure.

Derek grabbed my leg and put it over his shoulder. I could feel the difference instantly. He removed his finger and grabbed my breast. Again he held onto my shoulder as he sucked and nibbled my breasts. The sensation of everything was overwhelming. His fingers dug into my shoulder he held on so tight.

"Rub yourself."

"What?" I feigned ignorance.

"Rub you," he repeated. I moved my hand down to where we connected. He was moving slower now and I felt him go in and out of me with my fingers. "Melanie."

I slid my two fingers down in to the depths and dragged my juices up to my clit. I slowly moved my fingers round in a circle. As I did so Derek sped up again. He pushed my leg higher and held onto my breast. I could barely feel my fingers on myself. All I could feel was Derek going so far into me it felt like I was going to split open.

I pressed down harder on myself and went faster. I moaned with enjoyment and Derek plunged into me so hard it made me scream with shock. He pulled out of me and let his cum spray onto my stomach.

I lay on the floor, breathless. Derek grabbed the tissue box from the desk and wiped the juices from my woman hood. I let myself open up to him as his tongue went to work again. It took no more than 10 seconds to recover the pleasure and make me cum. My back arched and I held his head to me. The feeling rushed through me and I lay satisfied on the floor as Derek stood up.

"I'm sorry, Melanie," Derek zipped up his pants and shrugged into his shirt. "I don't know what came over me." I didn't know what to say, so I stayed silent. Unexpectedly, Derek took my hand and helped me to my feet. After a couple more tissues here and there he dressed me slowly, leaving a trail of kisses.

"I know it was wrong," he continued. "It's just been in the back of my mind forever."

Again, I didn't say anything.

Derek took my chin in his hand and kissed me softer than before. I tried to keep my heart pace down, but it didn't work. I wanted more when his tongue flicked my lips and departed.

"Let me give you a ride home."

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