Desert before Dinner
Desert before Dinner

It was a late Monday night when I arrived home to see Marry preparing dinner. I empty my pockets and turn the television as my normal routine. I'm sitting in the chair relaxing when a commercial comes on, so I get up to get something to drink.
I entered the kitchen only to find Marry standing near the stove. "You know we have the place to ourselves for a while," Marry said smiling seductively at me. "Maybe we should skip dinner and go straight for desert."
A smile comes across my face. I took two quick steps towards her to close the distance between us and gently push her up against the wall. I took a few minutes for the shock of aggression to settle into her mind before I went in for a passionate kiss, holding her securely against the wall. My tender kisses start at her neck as she offers it to me to nibble on, while I firmly massage her breast keeping her against the wall. My kisses slowly work their magic south of her neck line to her nipples, which I trace out with my tongue before I take her nipple into my awaiting mouth. Her fingers are running through my hair as a sign she is enjoying herself.
I opened the refrigerator door to grab myself a beverage. I gave her some space and said "That is only the precursor to what I want to do to you tonight. I have missed you so much today and I wanted to show you how much you were missed."
I return to my couch to watch the television and before I could really settle in to get comfortable I heard "Babe, do you want to help me cut up some potatoes?"
"Not really," I responded, but I got off the couch anyways to see what else she might need help with.
I walked into the kitchen and with her back to me; I crept up behind her grabbed her breast one in each hand and arched her back towards me. She again gave me her neck, so I nibble on it again while circling her nipples. "Now what did you need my help with." I whispered softly into her ear in between my nibbling on her neck.
"I, I, who cares," was all she managed to get out before she succumbed to pleasure I was giving her. My fingers traveled south, taking the scenic route. Slowly feeling each rib as my fingers passed them, to her sides where I pushed my thumbs into the small of her back just above her hips. Then I proceeded to slowly rub my thumbs in circular motions, while pulling her ass closer up against my crotch for some light grinding as she braces against the stove to steady her.
She began to sway her hips from side to side and circular motion against my crotch as I slip my hand underneath her pants finding their target. Now I'm playing with her clit with my right hand and nibbling on her right ear as the passion takes us over.
After a few minutes, I turn her to face me, and pull down her pants with her panties to about mid-thigh. I then go to my knees and gave her pussy the best lip to lip kiss I could muster. She closed her eyes with delight as our lips met. She grabbed the back of my head as she slowly began to grind her hips into my mouth. She didn't have to say a word as I knew what she wanted or needed. With one of her thrust forward caught me off guard and I went backwards, but my fall was broken by the cabinets which were nearby. Now my head is trapped between Marry and the cabinets is where she really went to work. She had a firm grip of the back of my head as she was driving her pussy into my tongue. The faster she thrusts her pussy at me, the faster the tongue lashing she got from me.
The pace got so quick at times, I didn't have time to breathe in between her thrusts. I was gripping the back of her legs tightly as she was approaching her first stop of the night. Her first orgasm. I knew she liked for me to keep going as her orgasm took over, so I obliged her.
Once her orgasm settled down a bit, she stepped back to let me get up off the floor. She was still a bit dazed so I decided I wasn't finished just yet. I turned her back around to where she was facing the stove, when I grabbed her hips. I unzipped my pants and watched my cock spring free from the restraints of my clothing.
I pushed her closer to the stove where she caught her balance again, but this time I took my cock and began to circle its prey with the tip. Marry gasped as she thought all the playing was over. I gently let the tip inside her. I encouraged her to make as much noise as she wanted because no one was there. "Aye," she shouts. I get my cock all the way inside her and begin to pound away at her from behind. Slowly at first but I picked up the pace to match her rhythm. I release my grip from her hips and grabbed her breast, making sure she was feeling my entire length of my cock.
All this sensation was too much for her as she reached her second orgasm of the night. I smiled and after her pussy stopped contracting around my cock, I slowly slid it out.
"Oh babe don't stop," she said.
"I'm not stopping. Just saving some fun for later tonight," I said.
We both get straighten up to have dinner.
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