It was the custom of those of means to provide for their young adults who were soon to be considered adults to the world with some form of social and personal introduction. Young ladies were the darlings of seemingly endless social events and parties. Young men while attending such social events were also provided with more decadent events that were to mark their introduction into manhood. Where they were,introduce to those things that were the marking of what it was to be a man, drinking within reason,gambling,and sex. The latter while being present, no young man worth his salt would approach a young lady of virtue without first marriage before bedding her. Therefore, ladies of the evening were on menu and I, Gabriel Salt was soon to be placed in the company of one such lady.

To be no longer the virgin in body if not in mind,my father had arranged a situation for my 18th birthday. It was all part of the introduction into manhood,socially and physically in the society of those with means.

After sumptuous meal,ending with drinking the finest of wine and a Cuban to finish it off, I was taken to a mansion on the outskirts of town. Still in the warm charming arms of a few excellent glasses of wine and Port, I stumbled with assistance from my father into the establishment that quickly brought me back to attention. Around the room, were we had been escorted were women in every array of dress, shapes sizes, and skin colors. My manhood came to attention as I viewed the feast, driving the remains of spirits out of my system to leave me wide eyed, wanton and not sure what to do. Up to this point, the only physical pleasure that I had received was what I gave myself on a regular bases.

Madame Salle' who ran the establishment escorted us around the room introducing each woman to me as that woman displaced her physical attributes to my wanton gaze. One even went so far as to expose her amble bosom and placing my hands on her soft creamy white flesh. Her nipples were the color of ripe peach floating on a mound of white cream. I felt my blood thundering in my ears as I caressed and stroked her fleshiness inhaling the heading perfume that she wore. Maddie, which was her name moaned at my caress of her flesh and would have encourage more if Madame Salle' had not pull me away to finish my tour. From that point on each woman introduce was an exciting mystery of desire that I want to explore and have her explore me. By the time, I saw her I was almost drowning in the sight and the scent of sex or at least what I thought it was.

She was standing apart from the group of women wearing a long oriental inspired black dressing gowning wrap that cover her 5 ft. 3 in frame from neck to toe. Exposing nothing to my view, but it was her face the ivory tone f her skin and her blue-black hair cut into a short bob that made me look at her in wonder. I assumed that she was oriental by what I saw, I was wrong with she opened her large almond shaped eyes and I gasped. Against the black of her bangs and the ivory of skin made her blue eyes stood out. At moment, I fell into her blue eyes as I walked toward her with Madame Salle following me. Now I am sure introductions were made I just do not remember as I was trying hard to remember breath. God, I was lost and did not care as I let her lead me from the room of women, Madame Salle, and my father. She led with my hand softly but firmly in her grasp up the steps to her room. Once there she closed the door behind us shutting out the world and it came to me than that I had not hear her speak. Only her eyes acknowledge me,now those beautiful blue eyes stared at me in quiet contemplation. Her lips so red rich framing her pearl like teeth formed a soft smile on her face as she helped me off with my jacket. I was like putty in her hands as she continued to undress me, never once taking her eyes off my face or the soft smile leaving her lips.

"What is your name?" I asked after winning enough control over my confusion and rising desire.


"Desire?" I said almost asking if I had heard her right.

"Yes," She said with a voice soft, dreamy like a warm welcoming caress as she unbuttoned my shirt.

I am a robust and healthy lad for my age and height of 6ft, with dark brown hair thick, wavy, and brown eyes to match. Set in a face that was considered handsome by the ladies, but did not help my sense of self. After all, I was untried and filled with only my thoughts and desires for them. Now here I was with one of the most exotic and desirous creatures that I have ever seen, looking at me through blue eyes that in their stillness and her Mona Lisa smile promised much.

At that moment, I felt unsure and afraid of failure on my part. It must have shown on my face for as she removed my shirt, Desire started to touch me with her hands, caressing my chest, lightly letting her hand float over the fine hairs that she found there. She then laid a kiss on my breastbone lingering there for a moment as if she was inhaling the scent of my skin, a combination of my natural male scent and cologne. Desire looked up at me her eyes now dark blue pools her lips slightly parted as her breath me in as I felt her hands working at unfastening my trousers. I felt them fall to pool at my feet and watched as this... this .... Woman rubbed her face against my chest and then down my body.... I stood there like a statue unable or wanting to move. Her touch was joined by butterfly kisses and surprising but very enjoyable flesh caressing bites. She ended up on her knees her head parallel with the untried symbol of my manhood, now long and thick. I open my eyes not realizing that I had closed them when I heard Desire gasp. I looked down in fear ... hoping that she had not found me undesirable.

"Ohhh my ... you are soo beautiful," Desire said as she looked up at with glowing eyes and smiling red lips.

I felt my heart rise and sink at the same time for I was confused...

Oh,my dear boy you are beautiful she said as she now kneeled at my feet with her eyes drifting slowly down my body. Coming to my manhood her eyes stayed there and I watched as she licked her lips as if she was anticipating tasting something good. I just watched her in fear ... of her starting and stopping. Desire helped me out of the nest of trousers, underwear shoes and finally socks to have me standing in front of her naked as the day I was born. She was still wrapped in her black silk dressing gown that hugged her figure but was now gaping appreciatively at the neck. I could see the top of her plumb breast and creamy ivory neck made even more so by the black silk of the dressing gown. My hands ached to touch them... to touch her...

"Come with me," she said again this time leading me to a large oriental screen depicting white and pink cranes in flight. Moving the screen aside she exposed a large bathing tub that was filled with Jasmin scented warm water, which was evident of being so by the rising of steam off it carrying the scent into the air as she led me to the tub and helped me in. Desire stood there as I gave myself up to the warmth of the water and the scent of Jasmin. I leaned back against the tub and waited for her to make the next move or for her to tell me what to do.

Yes,I at this point I would do whatever she asked of me, as I was that far under her spell. I watched as she walked to the other end of the tub near a table of brush and bath items. With her back turned to me, she unfastens the robe and I watched in trance she let it slide off her shoulders and down her body unto the floor. What was left to my eyes was beyond words... I had seen pictures of women nude before some were considered works of art others not so much so, but none was like her. For all of her height of 5 feet and a bit more, Desire was curvaceous and very womanly in form. When she turned to face me, it came to be that she was her name. Walking slowly toward me with a gentle swing of hips and slight bounce of full deeply pink nipple breast she came. Standing near the foot of the large bathing tub my eyes filled with her nude beauty, from the top of her black banded bob to the toes I took in the vision her . Her figure was like an hourglass narrow and full where it needed to be. Again, she was her name. Her sex was covered with black curls that look like silk threads. I wanted her ... I wanted all that she had to offer. I started to stroke myself never taking my eyes offer her I ...

"Stop that!, " Desire said as she reached the foot of the tub her eyes looking sternly at me.

I release my manhood from my feverous grip. I looked at her feeling my face warm not so much from the heat of the water, but the knowledge of that she knew what I was doing. Then the smallest of moans escaped from my lips as I sat there in warmth and wanting.

"Standup,' Desire said as she reached the tub with soap and wash cloth in hand.

I did and rivers of scented water ran down my body as I stood towering over her. I stood there watching as she wet the cloth and rubbed soap over it. Desire was not looking at me as she did so it was as if she had dismissed me focusing only on her task. I knew what she was about to do but it still surprised me. Starting at my thighs, Desire began to bath me, slowly rubbing soap that seem to Jasmin scent as well over my skin. First on thigh then the other she worked her way up my body, occasionally tell me ... no ordering me to turn this way or that. Even in my innocent when she finally washed me from front to back and had me lean forward holding on to the both side of the tub spreading the cheek of my butt as she washed me. By now, I was hotter than the water, my skin red from the bath and from desire that she had brought from within me to the surface of my skin. Breathing heavily, with an ach so strong between my legs that I wanted to beg her to stop or let me release myself. It was if she had read my mind Desire had me sit back down in the tub and started to rinse the soap off me. I started to cum but she reached in the tub and grabbed my manhood in such a way as to stop my release. I looked up at her in anger only to be rebuked by the look that she gave me. I was larger than she in every way was and yet I knew that this woman was in control of me. Her blue eyes fixed on me as if she dared me to defy her as her grip tightened around the base of my manhood. I fell into it and into her as I gave up all of my control. I felt my eyes close and slid down into the tub.

"My fine young lad, you will do only what I tell you to and nothing more," Desire said as she leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips while still holding me tight.

"Do you understand?" She asked veering just a breath away from my lips after ending the kiss.

"Yes," I answer back holding tight to the sides of the tub with a shake breath itself hovering between a moan and a scream.

"Good ... now you will bath me"


"Yes you will bath me," Desire said releasing me as she slid into the tub with me stepping between my legs. She submerged herself completely underwater leaving a small world pool of water in her wake. Second, later she came up her black bob slick wet to her head with rivers of water running down and over her. The heat of the water was now almost unbearable. .... or maybe it was Me.? Desire came to her feet between my legs and step back as far as she could in the tub and still be in it.

"Wash me..." she said. It was a command not a request. I reached for the other washcloth and the soap and started to do as I had been told. I mirrored her path starting at her thighs working up her the front of her body reaching her sex she stopped me with her hands and took the washcloth from.

"Use your fingers and hands," she said with slight turn up of the corner of her Mona Lisa smile.

Again I did as I was told, taking time to feel the silken hair that covered her sex and finding the pearl with in. It was now my turn to look up at the pleasure that I was giving, in wonder, and rapture. The scent of her and her sex seem to overpower the scent of the bath water. Causing me to feel and response in ways that were alien to me and yet felt soo right. I rubbed my face against the curls covering her sex inhaling her scent at the same time. My fingers and hand were now coating with her essences as she moaned aloud swaying slightly from side to side. I look up her body over the expansion of smooth ivory skin to mound of flesh that I wanted to explore. Letting my eyes roam further up her body to her face and those blue, blue eyes and saw encouragement. I let my nose guide to the place of her femininity mystery with its sweet musty scent that for some reason made my mouth water. I had read books and listen to the conversation of my pals and I had learned a few things, but nothing that I had put into practice or seen done, so I was at a loss as what to do and I felt foolish.

She seemed to know that I lack the knowledge and moved to show me what to do. Parting the lips of her womanhood so that I could see the pink flesh with in, I moved in closure to see what she had to show me of her treasure. It was amazing to my young eyes, the outside covers in black silky curls the inside a pink like the inside of rose and just as fragrant. Looking closer I saw the nub there almost like a nipple rising up out of the fragrant pink flesh. Before I know what I was doing or maybe it was instinctual,I leaned forward and enclosed the nub in between my lips. I could taste her essence on my tongue as I started to caress it awkwardly. I almost leased her when Desire put her in hands in my hair holding me in place, then much to my delight and surprise she told me what to do. How to taste and please her, with gentle suck and licks followed her instructions in the most intimate of kisses. I was rewarded with her orgasmic release almost drowning me in her essences. She tasted of the sea or a bright spring morning and lapped at her until there was none left.

Carry me to the bed, Desire instructed when she could find the words to speak.

I lifted her over my shoulder straight up out of the tub where she had fallen,as river of scented water ran off us. I carried her to the bed taking a towel with us. There I laid her down on the towel and dried her off as she laid there looking at me with those eyes of hers. I knew that from that day forward, I would never look at a blue-eyed woman the same way for they all would be a pale comparison to her. Rolling off the towel, she used it to dry me off and had then I laid down next to her in the bed.

The room was now a mixture of shadows and candle light as we lay upon the large white sheeted bed. I let my eyes feast on her, putting her to memory, the whiteness of her skin against the blue blackness of her hair, the deep pink of her nipples and those eyes... sooo blue.

"Shall we begin," Desire said in a whisper that was more of a statement then question.

"Yes," I whispered back to her as my lips followed with a kiss against her cupid bow shaped lips.

In the hours that followed, Desire taught me many ways to please a woman that did not always require the use of my manhood. I was an apt pupil putting all that I learned to memory and then she taught me about myself... what it was to be a sexual wanting thing. Where sensuality was the beginning and the orgasm, it rewards.

It was when she was riding me slowly, twisting her hip like the exotic creature that she was to stroke ... no caress my manhood in the silky sheaf of her womanhood that I fell in love with her. I think she knew it even though I never said as I came screaming,moaning, and cursing her name. She later joined me after she had with her body suck all the desire out of me. The bed was a wreck, things thrown around the room reflecting our passion as we sought to release it.

In a nest of bedding, covered in sweat and other things I held her on top of me where she had fallen. She was breathing deeply now as someone who had fallen into a deep sleep. I reluctantly join her knowing that in the way of things she would not be here when I woke. It hurt, but it was the way of things, so I did what I could. I held her in my arms as if she was in my heart and dream of Desire.

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