Desires and wants in prose
Playing some more with different styles poetry.


Need overtakes me,
Passion, desire, orgasm,
No relief in sight.

Marching through my head
Memories a souvenir,
Of passions very best.


A Rhyming quatrain

Confusion reigns within my mind,
So much floating around up there,
Your touch and warmth; but he's so kind,
Oh why oh why do I have to care

Passion and desire combine to make,
A need that's unshakable to its core.
To be taken and used until I'm sore
That's just icing on the cake.


Fingers hands and even toes,
I really love to play and touch.
Anything to make your body grow,
Oh yes, oh yes I love it very much.
Your fingers buried deep within,
Your tongue is soon to follow,
It feels so good it must be a sin.
What a handsome talented Fellow.
I want you in my mouth so bad,
I want to taste your cum.
You are the best taste I've ever had,
Your flavor makes me hum.
All of this just to say,
Come fuck my pussy any day.


Fingers, tongue, hands and even toes,
Help to make some fun things grow.
I love to play I love to touch,
Oh yes, oh yes I love it very much
Does this make me just a bit of a ho?
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