Jake rolled to his side in the large bed. He could hear the alarm clock beating its incessant rhythm. Why wasn't she turning it off he wondered groggily in his mind, struggling to open his eyes. The bright morning sunlight momentarily blinded him. Slowly he began to focus. His gaze immediately lit upon the shapely figure of Victoria flitting around the room.

"Good morning Love," she said gently, moving to stand beside the bed.

Her hand gently touched his chest in a caress. Her fingers trailed across his broad chest and down his arms. Clasping his wrist firmly in her hand she pulled it up against the iron bed frame. With economy of movement Victoria snapped a handcuff around his wrist attaching it to the bed. Too stunned to move, he watched in a shocked daze as she efficiently cuffed his other wrist against that same bed frame.

Jakes eyes were dancing with humor as Victoria danced around the bed. Her grin displayed her obvious delight at the situation. Knowing there was little he could do to release him self, Jake relaxed against the soft mattress and prepared to enjoy the show.

Victoria moved into a bright swatch of sunlight filtering through the window. She began to sway her hips, slowly and sensuously. The white silk fabric of her robe billowed around her darkly tanned legs. The fabric clung to her breasts teasing jakes senses with the shadows of her supple body. Her hands ran up and down her torso emphasizing her hourglass figure. The robe slid tantalizing up and down, never fully revealing her body to view. Jakes breathing began to deepen as he enjoyed the view with anticipation for what was to come next. Noting the change in his breathing Victoria moved her hands to the knotted belt at her waist. She licked her lips with anticipation, her excitement building as rapidly as Jakes cock grew in size. Her eyes fastened onto the bulge of his erection pushing against the lightweight sheet that covered his body. Victoria's hands slowly worked loose the knot until the soft fabric fell away from her body leaving her exposed to view. Her hips undulated to an unheard pulsing beat as she moved and danced a sexual rhythm before him. She moved closer to the bed, allowing her to take in a better view of her body glistening in the brilliant morning light. Her hands caressed and teased her taut body, enflaming his desire.

She put one bare foot onto the bed allowing Jake a view of her damp pussy lips, swollen with desire. Moving slowly, she moved atop Jakes prone body, resting a knee on either side of his thighs. Her hips ground against him, her pussy dripping copious amounts of juices on the sheet that stretched taut between their bodies. Victoria's hands cupped her breasts. Her head rolled back and she lost herself in the maelstrom of feelings coursing through her body.

"Sweetheart," Jakes voice intruded into her sense. "Unlock me" he requested patiently waiting for her love filled eyes to meet his.

"Uhh uhh," she sighed, unprepared to let him loose and instead prepared to continue her assault on his senses. She licked her finger and slid it into the folds between her thighs.

"Babe," he called out more insistently. Once again she shook her head in denial.

"NO seriously, " he said with more force. "I have to..." His words trailed off as her eyes followed the direction of his eyes, straight to the bathroom. "I'll come right back," he promised, his southern accent more prominent through the haze of desire.

Reluctantly but recognizing the potential urgency Victoria quickly unlocked the cuffs. Jake sat up on the bed, rubbing his wrists while Victoria sat on her knees watching. Instead of moving off the bed, Jake grabbed Victoria by her hips and pulled her up his body. He could feel her moist heat as her pussy slithered up his heated skin. He fell back even as he continued to pull her upward. His nostrils were filled with her delicate scent seconds before his tongue darted out to prove her lips. His mouth moved over her causing her to gasp with extreme pleasure. His tongue darted in circles around her clit and back to her moist opening until she uttered a shattering cry of release.

Pulling her from his body, he eagerly licked his lips tasting her essence upon them. He moved quickly before she could regain control and begin her sensuous torment again.

Pushing her to her hands and knees he rapidly moved behind her. His cock was pulsing and throbbing with need as he pressed against the apex between her thighs. He shuddered as the tip of his cock encountered the wet slickness within her pussy. Jake pushed forward, slipping his head in and out in little pulsing movements. Victoria's body arched and jerked slamming her backwards and fully onto Jakes hard body She screamed as his fully engorged cock stretched her sensitive muscles. Her sighs of pleasure quickly followed alerting him to commence. Jake was only too happy to give into the primal urges flowing through his veins. He grasped her hips and bucked against her back as he slid in and out in a frenzy to reach fulfillment. Victoria gasped as he penetrated her deeper and stretched her further than he had ever done before. Victoria arched her back as her world splintered apart. Her head dropped to the pillows as her body exploded into a spine tingling orgasm fueled by Jakes large body. She griped his cock tightly, milking him with each thrust of her hips. His fingers clutched her tanned hips, branding her skin with the pressure of his finger tips. His body tightened and his head rolled back in ecstasy as his cock began to spurt and flow into her stretched pussy with a force that had her gasping with pleasure again. Jake held her hips still as her body shuddered once again. When the last quake had rocked her body, he gently lowered her to the mussed sheets and held her tightly.

Completely relaxed she looked into his luminous eyes to remark, "You lied to me," she grinned. "You weren't desperate to use the bathroom."

Jake lifted himself onto his forearms and looked down into her eyes. "OH yeah, I was desperate babe," he kissed her lips. "Desperate for you."
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