Dinner with June Part II
She gave a soft sigh of pleasure while I rinsed her hair as soapy water trickled in rivulets over her body. My hands slipped down to the back of her neck, rubbing the tight tendons until they became pliable under my touch. Slowly, I stroked my hands over her shoulders and down to her lovely, small breasts. I cupped them in my palms, flicking my thumbs over her rigid nipples. Her eyelids drifted and closed as I continued massaging her breasts, creating a delicious river of sensations through her body. My hands slid lower over the slick, wet surface of her tummy as my fingers dipped into the indention of her navel and through the soaked curls of her pussy. I parted her lips and heard her draw in a breath of air and sigh.

"Spread your legs for me June," I whispered, my tongue lightly teasing the shell of her earlobe.

June spread her legs to grant me free access to her swelling pussy and it was as if I could feel the blood surging when I pushed my forefinger into the moist valley of her labia, coating my finger with her sweet wetness of arousal. I breathed with a raspy hot breath against her ear sliding my finger up and down her dewy slit and inside her tight hole. She gasped, curling her hand around the edge of the tub. I thrust my finger back and forth as my thumb circled her clit, urging it out beneath its sheltered cave. June whimpered, and abandoned herself to the sweet warm sensations of the water and my hands on her body. My left hand fondled and rubbed her breasts and teased her nipples while my right hand worked steadily on her pussy.

A strong orgasm rippled through her body with such strength that she cried out in pleasure, trembling with various vibrations. I pressed my fingers hard on her clit, milking every last sensation and juice from her body.
"Good?" I whispered, pressing kisses against June's neck.
"Oh, yes," she sighed "Very Good, very very good."

Putting my hands on her shoulders, massaging her muscles gently I whispered "Come to bed after bathing."
I rose up and exited the room as the door closed behind me. A few minutes passed when the bathroom door opened as June walked into the bedroom in a sexy revealing green nightgown. I placed my hands on her shoulders massaging them while my lips kissed the back and sides of her neck. My hands slid down to caress her breasts over the silky fabric of her gown.

Her body reacted instantly; her nipples hardened into stiff, taunt peaks against my hands and fingers. June noticed the movements of my hands in the mirror, and found it highly erotic and sensual to watch my touch on her body. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pressing my groin against her back giving her a feel of the stiffening bulge behind her. Rotating my hips slightly, I rubbed my cock against her back with sweet movements that sent waves of pure warmth to her lower body.

"Come to bed." I whispered.

I moved away from her and watched June gaze at me in the mirror. She was admiring the view and the way the shaft of my cock projected from the forest of curls. She stood, slipped off her nightgown and allowed it to drop to the floor. She placed her palms flat against my chest, toying with the small coins of my nipples. Our blood began to pulse with fever as I lowered my head and pressed my lips against hers.

With a moan, June parted her lips to let me inside, loving the way my tongue stroked over the glossy surface of her teeth and licked the corners of her mouth. Her fingers grasped my cock as we sank down onto the bed, bodies sliding together with desire. She explored my body from my nipples, hips, tummy, legs, thighs and the fuzzy sacs of my testicles and finally I felt her hand, small and warm grasp my cock and stroke in an up and down motion, leaving no part of my stiffened shaft untouched...

"Ah, how good you feel......" I said as I stroked my tongue over June's neck, licking a path of fire over her skin to her breasts. I sucked her nipples, biting down on them gently, tracing her areola as my hand slid down her abdomen.

June parted her legs, allowing me to dip my fingers into her hot pussy. I played with her wetness and stroked it onto her silky thighs. My breath was hot against her breasts as I stroked the folds of her pussy lips, feeling an abundance of wetness on my fingers. I rubbed my fingers back and forth along her moist, hot pussy, rubbing up and down her silky pussy lips while bathing it with her juice. I pushed my finger into her warmth feeling her muscles around me, as my fingers moved deeper into her womanly seas. In and out, long and slow my fingers moved within her while my thumb rubbed and tapped her juicy hard clit.

"Oh, God, do It.", she whimpered "I want it now."

Grasping my cock, June urged me towards her. Her body throbbed with heat, nerves tightening like rubber bands as her tension began to mount. She rubbed the head of my cock over her soaked pussy lips and clit, I groaned low in my throat. Slowly, I slid inside her, filling her pussy with slow, lush ease. June gripped my buttocks pulling me hard against her. Arching her back I began to pump inside her, creating a slick, easy rhythm. June was digging her nails into my bottom while our hips worked frantically.

I bent my head, moved my tongue over her breasts and licked her swollen nipples. I placed my hands on both sides of her head as I began a firm steady stroke, pushing hard into her hot, wet pussy. June screamed her pleasure as she moved her hips upward to match my strokes. I felt her legs tighten around me as she pulled me deeply into her, our bodies locked and wildly moving in a frenzy.

"Oh....Yes, like that." She said over and over.

June's hands slipped down into her damp wet curls towards her swollen clit and I watched as s
I rubbed it with both speed and need. She released a scream sending her over the orgasmic edge of pleasure while her pussy convulsed on my cock as I released a huge moan

"Ahhhhhhhhh baby yes,yes ohhhhhhhhh" releasing hot shots of cum deep in June's pussy.

"Oh, baby." I grunt "June you're so incredible."

As I pulled out of her, I felt another shot of thick cum shoot out and onto her curls and her fingers. Kissing passionately I then collapsed beside her and looked into her eyes...

"Want a slice of pie?" I asked.

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