Dinner with June Part I
I was so glad my workday was over and now I was heading upstairs to June's apartment for dinner, ready to relax for the evening. I had stopped at Marie Calendars' to pick up a chocolate cream pie for dessert and I hoped June would have dinner well underway because I was famished.

I walked up to her door and wrestled with my key, struggling to get it into the keyhole unlocking the door. i walked in noticing every light was off except a dim flickering light reflecting from the nearby dining area. There before my eyes was a table set for two with plates, napkins, silverware and glasses with a small candle.

My sense of smell led me into the kitchen where I snuck in and watched June standing over the stove stirring some sauce in a pan. i moved up behind her covering her eyes with one hand while circling the other hand around her waist while softly whispering "Guess Who?"

June smiled, turning around capturing my lips with a few welcome kisses.

"Mmm how was your day?"

I shared with her about my day as she finished preparing the sauce and checking on the toasted bread.

Finally I ask "What's on the menu tonight my hot chef, I'm starving."

"I'm fixing spaghetti with meat sauce, breadsticks with a salad."

"Oh that sounds soo good." I say just before I steal another hungry kiss squeezing June's waist.

She says, "Take your seat, I'll be in shortly."

After a few minutes June brings out the bowl of Caesar Salad fresh from the kitchen and begins dishing out a helping onto my plate serving me while filling my glass with iced tea.

"Enjoy your salad; the rest will be ready soon."

All through dinner we talked, laughed and discussed our day and about where we would like to get away for a weekend of sexual fun. My eyes can't help but look at her as my body burns, hungering for her. As our dinner was winding down June looked at me with a grin and asked, "So, what's for dessert?"

I got up from the table and while leaning over, captured her lips playfully with a soft whisper said, "Ahh, that's the chef's surprise, I know what you like I'll be back in a few."
June knew I had brought a Marie Callendar pie with me but she didn't know what kind.

I'm sure she was not surprised when I returned from the kitchen wearing nothing but whipped cream over my cock with light streaks of chocolate syrup layered along my length. I announced the chef's surprise.
"Okay, here it is, just for you, one hot cock sundae with whipped cream and chocolate for the lady...nuts are to your liking as well as your licking."
June's eyes grew wider and her tongue was gliding across her lips while I stood before her.

June smiled, bending her head down while opening her soft lips closing and sliding down over my cock tasting and licking up the hot whipped cream

"Ahhhhh" I sighed, feeling her soft hot lips while encouraging her mouth as my fingers ran through her hair, massaging her scalp while she enjoyed her special dessert.

Licking, nibbling, kissing and sucking my warm hard cock, June softly moaned as I was moving my hips in a slow, steady motion...fucking her mouth slowly, my stride measured and metric as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

"Ahh yes, suck my cock Baby....that feels so good."

I felt her lips increasing the sucking pressure, enjoying the wet sucking sounds...suck, pop, suck, pop feeling her hand pumping my cock. Her mouth slid all the way up and all the way down over and over as her long tongue wrapped around the shaft, tickling, stroking while she sucked me hard with her lips all the down on my cock. Once I felt the fullness of June's mouth on my cock she suddenly moved with lightning speed up the shaft and all around the ridge and head, sucking just as she had done when her mouth was all the way down on my cock...sucking hard and fast, her tongue searching for every part of the rounded head of my cock, licking every drop of precum while making even more as she sucked me.

June's tongue licked and kissed my balls while she blew warm hot breaths and was sucking each one before engulfing my whole cock deep into her hot, wet, mouth again.

"Ohhhh mmmmmm ahhhhhh baby" June sucked and licked faster and harder trying to get my warm, thick cum.

I could feel my balls tighten while her mouth and lips engulfed my hard cock. I began to moan and my sounds increased with each suck and lick feeling myself ready to explode.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh yes baby ohhhhhhhh" I shouted, beginning to release my cum deep inside June's mouth and throat. I felt her hungry lips feasting, drawing out every last drop from my body as I began shaking and my legs went numb. I smiled, grinned and whispered, "glad you enjoyed dessert babe".

I captured June's lips in wet hungry kisses and then fell down to my knees before her crawling and sliding my head between her legs under her skirt. My lips blew hot kisses over damp panties, licking up and down working my hot tongue over the damp silky material. I sucked her into my lips "mmmm" pulling and tugging playfully and finally I slid my finger lightly over her clit as it protruded against her panties.

I started running small circular patterns on June's little button feeling it harden and jump against her panties. I slowly slid her panties to the side sliding my tongue directly on both soft silky lips.

I opened my lips softly pulling and sucking each of her swollen pussy lips with hunger. My lips and tongue started mapping out her sweet pussy lavishing wet kisses and licks. I slid my tongue over her clit sucking it deep into my hot, wet mouth like a juicy mint. I kissed her pussy lightly and repeatedly, with tenderness and with pleasure.

"Ahhhhhhh yes baby let your sweet juices flow mmmmm." I mumbled as I tasted her sweet pussy.

I felt my mouth, lips and face covered with dripping juices of honey. I slid headfirst onto June's pussy thrusting my tongue inside her juicy opening. I worked in and out with slow motion and teasingly, my speed constant while letting my thumb strum her swollen, hard, wet clit.

I slid my hands up to her breasts rubbing, caressing and massaging them. Each finger playfully rolled onto her hardened nipples around and around, while spreading loving kisses over her drenched juicy pussy. I slid out from her skirt but with hands still under her warm saucy bottom I moved up and while kissing her lips said "lets go to your bedroom... I need to make love to you."

The whipped cream got even more involved in the kitchen, spreading chocolate pie over parts of our bodies so we decided that a quick bath might be in order and June filled her tub and sat down while I filled up a small cup of water and poured it over her head, already covered with lathering shampoo. I poured water onto her hair as my fingers worked firmly at her head, easing away the remnants of a headache she said she had.
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