Dinner with June Part III
June and I snuggled warmly in bed and the limited light of a single candle was mesmerizing as she just nuzzled into me and marveled at the dancing, flickering flame.

The single candle was very warm and cozy as we huddled on the bed, warm and cuddly and it felt like the entire room was being heated by the candle. As the heat from the candle rose, so did the heat from June.

As I stroked June's hair, I could see the light of the fire in her eyes. The combination of lust and a flickering candle was enough to cause our naked bodies to begin flowing like melting wax beneath the covers of the bed.

First as I kissed her neck and ears, I heard a subtle moan as I continued kissing her eyes and nuzzling her hair.

As I did her head laid back on the bed and gave me full access to her neck and the tops of her breasts.

Before long June's soft body was fully pushed into mine and nothing separated me from her delicious treasure. As I continued to kiss my way down June's neck she fumbled to grab hold of my raging hard cock.

I gladly assisted her and in minutes lay, still naked as I was kissing her neck and upper chest, while she stroked my hard on.

I slowly kissed my way to her left breast and skipped the nipple. June turned to try and put my lips to her nipple but I continued to evade it.

I then moved to her right breast and kissed all around the sides. She began to hold my head in an attempt to place my kisses on her nipple.

I instead began to kiss my way down her stomach to her pussy. I could smell the sweet perfume of her pussy and as she moved her legs apart I kissed my way beyond her stomach to her thighs.

She began to protest as I kissed to her knee. I continued to her feet and began to suck on the toes of her right foot.

At this point June began to relax and enjoy my slow and meticulous trail of kisses back up her legs past her pussy to her lips.

Once I reached her lips I began to slowly French kiss her and stroke her breast. I then kissed back to her right nipple and gently sucked it into my lips using my teeth to nibble and pull.

As I did so I used my hand to stroke her lower stomach on down and circled the hood of her clit. Her moans indicated I was getting the desired result.

That result was a slow meticulous building of sexual tension. June continued to meld into my grasp as I kissed her left nipple before moving my lips down to her beautiful curls.

As I kissed her clit, I ran a finger along her moist lips and savored the feel of her passion dripping on my palm.

I pushed a finger into her wet lips and curled it into her moist pussy as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

Her reply was MMMM as her hips bucked into my face and I could taste her delicious juices as her pussy was so wet and warm, so ready and soft.

I held her with my lips tight to her clit till her orgasm subsided. I then began a slow massaging in and out of her wet, warm pussy with two fingers as I continued to suck on her now very swollen clit.

I kissed her clit and stroked her pussy till I could feel her stomach muscles contract and knew she was approaching her second orgasm.

As she moaned and bucked into my hand and face, I held her tight and rode her bucking body till it began to subside.

I then kissed my way to June's lips and began to kiss her while turning over to put her on my stomach to ride me. As I did she slid back and forth on my stiff cock while lowering her tits over my face.

I grabbed a nipple in my teeth and began to suck and bite as June rode me fast and hard, pumping her pussy up and down along the shaft of my cock.

As I felt my orgasm building up June bucked harder and bounced higher on my cock. I could see that wild stallion look in her eyes as she fucked me as hard and fast as she could. Her pussy tightened with each movement up and down on my shaft and the harder she fucked me the more I felt like I was going to explode and shoot my load of thick hot cum into her soft wet pussy.

I began to thrust into her as she bounced, fucking me with everything she had and soon I could not hold back and I shot my cum deep into her wet pussy with a massive orgasm that seemed to last forever as she pushed harder and faster on the shaft of my cock until it softened, her pussy sucked up the last drop of my slippery hot cum.

As we settled on the bed in the light of the candle, I stroked June's hair while she softly sucked my cock, wondering if I had one more in me. I knew I couldn't cum again but the feel of her mouth sliding so slowly, so softly up and down the shaft felt so good. Her tongue wrapped around my flaccid shaft, moving to the head and the ridge, licking the residual leaking cum into her mouth.

The very next night we ended up in the same place ready to fuck our brains out. It was raining, Friday night and no worries about anything, just time to enjoy one another's bodies. We undressed immediately and put on candles and music. June walked across the room and we kissed passionately as she lifted on leg and wrapped it around my waist.

We semi-walked, semi-waltz into the bedroom, kissing all the way to the bed. I moved to June's bed and with a slight shove I pushed her onto her bed.

As I rolled June onto her back her nipples hardened under my touch, as I sucked her nipple into my mouth, she moaned softly, her voice floated on the air, as I ran my hand across her tight stomach and slid it down, I broke away from her breast to look and admire her sweet pussy, her moist lips swollen with anticipation.
I lowered my mouth to her stomach and kissed my way down to her awaiting pussy.
I ran my tongue across her swollen lips savoring her moans, the sweet taste of her pussy filled my mouth as I slid my tongue inside her tight lips, I could feel the tightness of her pussy around my tongue as I slid it inside her, I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pulled me tighter against her, my hands slid up under her groping her, squeezing her flesh into my hands as she cried out the sweet taste of her juices filled my mouth,
I licked my way to her clit now hard and protruding out from its soft cover, drawing her hard flesh into my mouth she arched her back moaning as I flicked my tongue across and swirled her clit with my tongue, her moans grew loader and her juices were flowing again as I lowered my mouth to receive her sweet nectar.
I slowly kissed my way along her sides and stomach, kissing each breast sucking her nipples into my mouth, her neck soft as cotton, I felt her small soft hand wrap around my hard cock, she stroked it up and down, as I rolled over to my back she kissed me lightly on the lips and lowered her mouth to my cock, her soft lips pressed against my cock before her lips parted and I felt her slowly take my cock into her mouth.
My excited moans escaped my lips as June continued to lower her mouth taking my cock in as I reached down placing my hand on hers, leading her hand to my full balls, I moved her hand around until she began to caress my balls in her small soft hand, she was sliding her sucking mouth up and down my cock now, I felt I was about to cum.

I nudged June and rolled over with her, her legs parted, I was now between her thighs, my throbbing hard cock rubbing against the wetness of her pussy, I reached down, positioning the head of my thick cock firmly against her pussy lips.

Her tender feminine, soft body underneath me, I pushed the thick head of my cock into her.
Her pussy was so ready for my cock to enter her, she felt the lips of her pussy stretch tightly around my cock, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out. More of my cock slid into her, she pulled her legs up to my waist opening her pussy up more and as she did she felt the rest of my hard thick cock enter her body.

My cock buried deep inside her wet pussy, I laid on top of her savoring the feel of her pussy, slowly I slid out and in, feeling the walls of her tight pussy pressing against my shaft as I gently pressed the head of my cock against her pussy.

The thought of my cock entering her hot, sexy body excited me to the point of nearly cumming, her legs wrapped around my waist as I slowly began to quicken my thrust, my shaft pulling to the tip of my cock and sliding back in till my balls rested against her, moans filled the dimly lit bedroom, as I began to thrust into her at an even pace.

I knew she could feel every inch enter her as the tight walls of her pussy enclosed around my thick hard cock. She could feel the head of my cock deep in her pressing firmly against the walls of her.
I caressed her as I slid into her again and again, gently holding onto her hips I began to pull her toward me on each thrust, her moans grew loader on every thrust into her, as I felt her pussy convulse around my cock, the warmth of her juices cascading over my cock.

I began to thrust harder and faster into her body and I felt my cock began to twitch, I was cumming,

She felt the head of my cock swell as I slammed into her one last time, the head of my cock expanding, then the warmth of my cum flowed into her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried deep within her wet, hot pussy, blast after warm blast pumped from my thick hard cock.
I kissed the back of her neck and back as she moaned and withered under me, my hand caressed her breast, squeezing her erect nipple as we kissed.
With June my body was reacting as if I was still in my teens, my thick cock still amazingly hard in her. I rolled off of her, kissing as I did. We rolled over, ready for a nap, and I heard a sigh of satisfaction as June's nipples pushed against me. I knew I couldn't fuck her again just yet but I also knew it would not be long until I was ready again...the twitching in my cock was the last thing I felt as I drifted off with this beautiful body pressed against mine.
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