Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry
by Altered Ego

I watched her as she put her clothes into the machine but quickly turned away when she glanced at me but out of the corner of my eye I watched her remove her panties from under her miniskirt and throw them into the washing machine. After starting the washer she grabbed a book from her purse and sat in a corner across from me while I fumbled with my phone. It was late and no one was there but us and every time I glanced at her she was looking at me at smiling. Eventually she spoke.

"Could I hire you to fold my clothes?" She said smugly. I looked up at her and realized what a silly question that was. She was smiling ear to ear. I chuckled.

"Only if you like them tossed in your basket. That's the only way I know how to fold." We both laughed and I watched her swing her left leg over the other. I could see her protruding lips under her thigh and was unable to take my eyes off of her sweet body. Her love nest was beautifully shaved and glistened in the light. I began to think she was after something I would give up in a heartbeat.

"What are you good at?" She said smiling with a twist of naughty on her expression.

"I'm a mechanic." I said "and I work with big, dangerous tools." I was a little surprised by my own retort as if her lustful energy had taken me over. I watched her lick her lips and then she straightened up. I could see her breathing heavier and I gazed seriously into her eyes.

"Really?" she questioned as she sat up and in an embellished Monroe voice said "I've been looking for a man with a big tool for quite some time now." She laughed as if she had spouted a naughty joke and I joined her with a chuckle. We both had realized our little flirtation could get out of hand. She went back to reading her book and I returned to fumbling with my phone. "Are you having trouble with your phone?" She asked. I took a deep breath that expressed my frustrations.

"Yeah," I said. "I can't figure these damn things out. I can build a bridge but can't figure out a damn phone." She got up and headed over to me. I was a little shocked and felt my cock getting harder and harder in my pants as I watched her sweet display slowly appear in front of my face. She stood slightly bent over me and looking at my phone. I thought about how she had removed her underwear and how I could practically lift her skirt with my tongue. I would be eating pie like a little boy on his birthday.

She sat down next to me, crossed her long, tan legs and leaned into me looking at the phone I had in my lap. I tried desperately to keep my hands in front of my raging erection under my jeans. I watched as she pointed at my phone and pushed her bosom out filling my eyeballs with the round, fleshy globes that nearly popped out of her tight little camisole. I felt another surge of blood rush through the head of my pocket rocket and it began to push my hand out of the way.

"That is an old phone." She said frankly. "What are you trying to do with it?" She looked up at me but I was fixated on her cleavage. I took a deep breath and mustered up a serious look on my face then stared into the phone.

"I'm just trying to figure out how to put phone numbers of my friends in it." I said. "It's just not all that intuitive, ya know?" She reached for my phone.

"I know, I know," she said. "May I?" She inched closer to me as her hands came together right over my crotch and wrapped around my phone. Her long beautiful fingers enveloped my phone and I felt the palm of her hand rest against my erection. I took a deep breath as she began to explain how I could enter phone numbers into the phone but as she did she had noticed something wasn't working right and she moved her face closer to my phone. I felt a surge through my thick cock and watched her hands dance above my zipper but she seemed unfazed and pressed her hand harder into my tool.

Staring at the back of her neck I wondered what it would be like to kiss her there. Would she jump, would she get angry? I didn't know but I so badly wanted to take that chance. She continued fumbling with my phone and rocking her hand back and forth on my throbbing shaft as I completely relinquished the phone to her and pulled my arm out from underneath of her. I set my arm up on the back of the chair where she was sitting while I rested my other hand on the top of my thigh.

"This is one of those phones that make it really hard." She said into the phone while punching buttons and flipping through screens. I looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath.

"I know." I mumbled. "It's really hard now." Again she rocked the palm of her hand across my solid friend and put her face even closer to the phone. I felt what I thought was a finger slipping in between my pants and my tucked in T-shirt but I wasn't completely sure so I took a deep breath, relaxing my stomach muscles. I looked down to see two of her fingers slipping into my pants and then I felt them rest against the head of my cock.

I shifted my weigh slightly to the side, freeing my tool from the fold in my jeans and I felt her fingers slide further past my tool until I could feel that it was against her hand. Her fingers were wiggling back and forth, driving me crazy.

"I'm sorry my phone is giving you such a hard time." I said, not knowing where to take the conversation at this point. She repositioned herself slightly closer to me and began to flick the button of my jeans with her thumb.

"I'm not." She said. "I'll get it here in a minute; it's got to be here somewhere." The button of my jeans popped open and I felt her whole hand slide between my cock and my stomach, then her fingers along the length of my shaft. I couldn't believe that she was this bold but I had yet to ask her to stop, in fact, I slid a little further into my chair to give her more room. "I definitely think I've got it now." She blurted.

My hand dropped from the back of the chair onto her hip and my fingers found their own way down onto her panty less abdomen and flowed like water around her soaking lips. It took no effort at all to submerge a finger into her little love nest as it seemed to be sucking me in. She shifted her position and tossed her arm across my chest, resting her hand on the other side of me momentarily and then I heard and felt my zipper moving down.

My cock felt free as her hand and fingers explored it for what seemed like hours but were actually just a few minutes. I was able to get two of my fingers deep inside her while my thumb explored her clitoris. I could feel her little button getting bigger and bigger by the minute, in fact I had never experienced a woman with one that large and it was turning me on immensely.

Her whole hand wrapped around my cock and pushed it upwards out of my jeans and then she slid her hand down and got her fingers under my testicles. I could feel the blood pumping through my cock as she would squeeze and pull upwards.

"Wow." She said just like any man would hope a woman would say in this situation. "That's impressive."

"I thought you said it was old." I said sarcastically.

"I'm not talking about the phone." She said. "I'm talking about your finger dance." My eyes widened in surprise. "Are you sure you don't type for a living?" We both laughed and I explained that my dick was controlling my fingers, not me.

She moved her head closer to my stick, pulled it back and let it go. I heard it slap her face and then I felt her lips slide along my shaft as her hand enveloped the rest. I pulled my fingers from within her and began to circle her love button and squeeze her lips, one at a time. The head of my cock then felt very warm and I felt her lips move down my tool. The feeling was incredible as my cock reached the back of her throat; her lips moved back up my cock and then out of her mouth.

I pushed my two fingers tightly against her lips and slid them slowly past her clit and buried them deep inside of her, rubbing her button with the palm of my hand. She buried the head of my cock in her mouth again and I felt her tongue darting all over the tip, then she pulled me out and squeezed my shaft, slowly sliding her hand through the slippery juices up and around the tip.

I thought I was going to lose it but then she arched her back and put her leg up on the chair, pushing her body into mine. She seemed to lose herself in her breathing and then she arched her back again, leaving her head lying on my stomach. I forced my fingers in and out of her slowly but firm at first until she looked up at me with big, beautiful, wide eyes and bit her lower lip. She was beautiful.

I quickened my stroke on her and pushed my thumb into her clitoris. She began to quiver and then she grabbed my hand and drove her whole body into my arm. I felt the flow of warm liquid around my fingers and then my fingers were getting squeezed in pulses. She turned her head and buried my cock in her mouth, then she let go of my hand and began to frantically stroke my cock while mouthing the underside of my shaft.

I started to breath very quickly and then I felt the pulse through my body and then through my cock. A thick stream of semen erupted from me and streaked across her beautiful neck and then I felt her mouth over me again and she kept stroking and stroking until I had finally stopped jerking. I let out a breath, a long breath.

"Wow!" I said adjusting my eyes as she rolled her head back on my stomach and looked up at me with those big beautiful eyes. "You busy tonight? I got some wine back at my place if you're interested." I said smiling and wiping her neck with my fingers. She grabbed my hand and put my fingers into her mouth.

"I think I'll take you up on that." She said. "Right after I finish my laundry." She sat up and turned to button up my pants and then we finished our laundry, stealing a kiss and a hug whenever we could.
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