I noticed her and clearly could tell it was on purpose as I allowed myself to linger I noticed her striking beauty, the intelligent eyes the kind that would never allow one to catch her looking unless she wanted to be. I felt a quick rush as I drifted back to the fact I was in soaking yoga pants and that perhaps they were giving away too much, more than an outline as I had a rigorous workout the type where so much stomach work makes your root chakra plump with flowing blood and energy. Just as I felt myself flush with a charge from belly to groin she turned and moved her mat even more in front of me. I gathered that she was new to the class but not new to yoga. Her limber limbs lengthening on cue from a mind shaped from years of dance, sports and meditation. Yoga was her excuse to stay in shape and her opportunity to display all those years of maintaining her self beyond the drive of her husbands ability to keep her satiated. It was then I realized my role of tool and in that clever moment she coincidentally smirked sharing the realization with me and allowing my deviant mind to enjoy this notion a bit longer during the slumbering waves of breath and movement. I could clearly see her mound as it was so well defined and tucked in neat within her lulu lemon tights, I marveled at how perfectly shaped her legs were and the tightness of her lower buttocks and their powerful grip to her legs. I let her know I was looking along with the rest of the row of guys, but my gaze was that of a tool who knew too much. I knew she chose to plant her mat in front of me as I have yet to find a guy with a cock as long or hard as mine, that I was going to be her tool, her perfect big dick that violates her silently whether after this class or months from now or in my subtler way by never fucking her, and taking her past the simple awareness that someone out there like me existed. That I was trained and versed in the body and my cock was bigger, fuller, and hotter than anything she could have, and now she was going to use that knowledge as a source of motivation to keep her body and thoughts tuned in as her lazy husband took her I will be the mantra in her mind defiling her. The stage was set and I know I am on her mind and I love edging my cock after I come home spent from yoga wondering when she will allow herself to be corrupted and permanently disrupted by finally receiving what she knew all along would utterly stretch and pleasure her in ways that no other could recreate. As I edge I let it build and build, bringing myself to a dull ache that is matched with a mind dedicated to not coming, to not spewing unless I allow myself to, no heat no tightness no tease will get me to jerk and squirt this forced discipline that I have put myself through for years. I knew from my youth and through the ridicule that this cock has a special purpose and that is to fulfill and drill all the women that need it to finally emerge whole with their femininity and divinity. I love the role of a tool. Submitted by:

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