Discreet encounter
Discreet encounter

The world economy was facing worst recession in decade and most businesses were struggling to survive. There were lots of jobs downsized by most companies to continue business and maintained some profit to show their share holders. This was true for multinational company running communication business in Michigan.

Charles was working in this company since five years as Sales executive and he had to travel worldwide for business promotion. Charles was in his 40's and was young and very enthusiastic person. He was not only smart in his profession but was also maintaining his body with regular exercise and attending Gym. Charles was married with beautiful wife Margarett and had two young kids - a boy of 2 years and girl 3 and half.

It was fall time and trees were changing color and preparing for the winter weather. The company's quarterly figure was out and was not promising to share holders. All the top executives were under tension to find ways and means to bring new business for survival. In the meeting it was decided to send Charles to Singapore for upcoming Expo of worldwide communication meet amongst developed nations. Management thought that displaying our products and knowing customers view may bring some new business.

The schedule flight was on Wednesday of September at 8:50 pm. From Michigan to Singapore by Singapore airlines. Margarett dropped Charles at the airport some two hours before the schedule flight for security check etc. Charles cleared his security clearance and booked the baggage after receiving entry tag and seat number. Now he was waiting at the gate for attendant to tell them for boarding.

There were only 45 minutes remains before take off and Charles saw flying crew passing by and entering the aircraft. They were all smartly dress and beautiful people including pilots and air hostesses in their mid 25 through 45 years of age. Soon the long waiting came to an end and they were allowed to enter the aircraft. Charles had first class ticket and as he entered then airhostess guided him to go up the first class area. He went up and then looked for his seat number. This time first class crew and young and beautiful air hostess came and took his brief case and put in overhead compartment and showed him seat. She also gave him blanket and additional pillow incase if he wants to stretch and feel cold during flight. She smiled and say - "feel free to ask any thing if you need assistance".

The total flight was for 17 hours non stop from Michigan to Singapore. The safety drill was shown by crew and soon the aircraft was on runway for takeoff clearance. Now the flight is airborne and the time is 8:55 pm. Once plane stabilized and achieved sufficient height the restriction was taken out and it was announce that dinner will be served. I called air hostess and asked for some drink - Shivaz regal and soda and some thing to eat. She brings the drink and snack before the dinner. I was watching movie on screen and enjoying my drink. The dinner was served and I ate with pleasure and now relaxing in my chair.

I was not having sex since last 7 - 10 days with my wife and my hormones were at peak. After getting drink and eating food and relax atmosphere the thought of fantasy of sex came over and over in my mind. I had no means to release this tension from my head. Soon it was 12:00 am and flight was moving steadily, so air hostess switched off all lights except minimum to go to toilet. I went and changed into night dress with loose pajamas and loose open shirt. I stretched my seat to make it a bed and lie down on it with double pillow supporting my head.

Slowly I loosen my pazams and with one hand started rubbing and massaging my penis. Soon it sprang up with full blood flow from other part of body to this muscle. Now I am thinking of different fantasy in my mind and giving small jerky motion to my member. Many a times when it reach climax then I would stop and press base so that I don't release and it last longer.

I saw one air hostess came in regular round and saw me covering my self with blanket but some thing unusual with hand movement and long standing pole like thing. She said to me - " Are you Ok sir, do you need anything? " I took my hand out hurriedly and said - "no nothing I am fine " She went but I could imagine she had seen me in this condition and knew what was going on and I thought she smiled.

To my surprise she came again around 1:30 am with additional blanket and two pillows in her hand. I could see she had removed clips from her hair and it was set loose. She came nearer to me and said in my ear - " Do not worry I am also in same need to release some stress from my head and we can do together if like." I was amazed to hear these words from such a beautiful lady. I said - "Very well you can sleep with me and help".She covered her self under blanket and start massaging my penis with hand and taking and sucking through her mouth. In between she will come up to kiss my mouth and put her tong in it. She will also leak my chest to make me excited and aroused.

At this time I am fully ready and told her to come over me - She responded and removed her bra and panty and came to ride me and slowly put my member in to her waiting pussy. She was young in her 28 year and hardly had sex for longer time so her pussy was tight like virgin. She was well clean shaven and with toned body. She had well practice of her vagina muscle with Kagel exercise. And after riding for some time she will squeeze my penis. When she felt that I lost some erection, she will come off and take into her mouth play again. I took both her breasts in my hands and started playing and pressing nipples. I entered my tong into her mouth and explore more area in her mouth. She was enjoying more and more and said Charles please tell me when you are ready to come. And don't remove it immediately I want to keep you inside me.

I asked her to get down and I wanted to feel her from top. She got down and helped me getting retain my erection by sucking and massaging my penis. She was lying with both her legs spread apart and her pussy showing wetness from her juice. She will touch with her two fingers and take them into her mouth. I positioned my self to center of her both legs and took my penis just touching the outer lips. I gave good massage with top of my penis head. She was so excited that she started biting her lips. With both her hand she will press her breast and press nipples. At this time, in once single stroke I put my entire 8" penis into her pussy. She cried in excitement and tears came out from her eyes. I remain steady and stiff after entry as she was feeing pain. Then after 2 minutes she told me that it feels so good and I can go further with my strokes and give hard fuck she needed!!

I was driving her crazy and wild with all my action till about 10 to 12 minutes and suddenly I find her eyes gets dilated and sleepy in deem light. I gave 3 - 4 big deep strokes which hit her cervix and with both hands took her breasts and pulled hard. I could see she responded and lifted her body to match my stokes and whenever I pulled out for second shot she will move her lower body to meet again!!

I lay on her chest and she gave slow massage with left hand to my back and right hand to my hair and head. Now we lay side by side for another 2 hours till 4:00 am and now she said - " I must go " and got ready putting back her clothes. Finally before going she gave me fine "KISS" to remember and said - " Thank you for memorable night Charles" .

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