Do I Ever Cross Your Mind... Pt .2
I read the words over again, before folding up the paper and putting it in my skirt pocket. Turning on my heels,I started the walk to conference room,with as much control as I could muster. Inside I was quacking like Jell-O, as all I could think of was, how did you know? Taking my seat at the conference table nodding and saying hello to a staff members as they took their seats trying not to look in your directions.

I wasn't ready to acknowledge you just yet, no not while my body was screaming for your attention. You came in took your seat, the meeting started,as I put on my "all business" face and prayed. During the meeting,you gave me a list of things that you wanted done and I added them to my own list of things to take care of. When the meeting was over, I was heading for the door when I heard you call my name.

"Simone'," my name rolled off your lips like you was caressing every syllable. I stopped, and turn back to face you for the first time since you laid the note on my desk.

"Please, shut the door and come here," your voice filled with calm authority as well as something more that was new to me.

I did as I was asked, taking the seat that you gestured to as I approached. With my profession armor still in place, I took the sit right next to you and waited with my IPad in hand for your instruction.

"Simone'," I would like you to make an appointment with my private physician for blood work as soon as possible, "you said in a voice that was in matter of fact tone.

I entered your request into my things to do list,as I tried to calm the panic rising slowly inside. I wanted to ask if you were ill, but I stayed behind my armor of professionalism.

"Is there anything else?" I asked.

"Yes,while you are making that appointment, please make one for yourself," you said, leaning back in your chair giving me your full attention.

"Why?" I asked gulping air and feeling my professional armor slipping.

"Simone', Simone' my dear, why do you think," you asked now looking into my eyes with a gentle smile. It danced around your lips, but didn't match the look of lust in your eyes.

I blinked once, then twice in an attempt to stop my armorer from sliding, but it came crashing to the ground leaving me bare. What happened next left me shaking inside for hours. You leaned toward me with two fingers and traced the outline of my face, from forward head to chin, lingering at my parted lips. You run a finger over them slowly with enough pressure to remove some of my lip-gloss,which you placed in your mouth and sucked it clean. I watched this with my heart in my throat and a dry mouth rendering me speechless.

"MMMMM cherry,I like. Now go, make the appointments,and make mine for the morning."

"Yess Mr. Catavo," I whispered through now parched lips,as I slowly rose up out of the chair and walked to the door. I was on the other side with the door closed behind me before I remembered to breath. I stood there for a moment before walking back to my office passing Mr. Catavo's secretary.

I stopped there long enough to give her information for reports and then went to my office, shutting the door behind me before collapsing into my chair. Ok, the note, and what just happened in the conference room what was Mr. Catavo up to, I asked myself. I gave myself sometime to adjust to it all then I made the appointments. I was able to get both appointments for the same day, but at different times, his for the morning and mine in the afternoon. The rest of the day, I completed assignments and did some ground work for future projects.

At the end of the day,I all but ran out of the office, hoping that I wouldn't see Mr. Catavo along the way. By the time I had driven home, I had convinced myself that it was all a dream. Yes one of my many fantastical dreams that I had about Mr. Catavo....Mr. Dante Catavo. This thought carried over to when I was in the shower where I washing away the stress of the day. There I imagined Dante touching me as my hands became his with fingers dancing over my body.

Noo... I am not going there and quickly got my overactive- imagination-horny-self out of the shower. Over the last few years, three to be exact, I have spent waking and sleeping hours dreaming of what it would like to be with him. Hell, I had already done the shower dream earlier in the day. Lord I need help I thought as I got into bed, but then it came back to me, why did he want me to have a blood test. I wasn't ready to take the leap, as I knew that my imagination would be too happy to play with it hoping for more.

The whys occupied my mind until I fell asleep and was bushwhacked by my imagination and horniness. Masturbating in my sleep, my fingers having a mind of their own, was busy stirring the pot of my horniness and stopping wasn't possible. I awaken as my orgasm ripped through me.

My body arching off the bed with legs spreading wide, as my finger went from stroking my clit to plunging into me. Screaming and squirting, I came all over my hand and thighs. At some point,I figured that I must have passed out. When I could focus and think, the sweat on my body had cooled and sticky cum coated my hand.

Too tired to move, I lay in the center of my bed,pillows on the floor along with the sheet and spread. Closing my eyes and let sleep take me,there were no more dreams that night.

After following day after work, I reported to the doctor's appointment 20 minutes early to get control of my nerves. I had not seen Dante all day as he was in meetings. Yes, he had gone from Mr. Catavo to Dante and why not! This man was asking, no inviting me to have a "relationship" with him. I am sure it was just a fucking one, but why would he want to make a mess of our working situation?

We worked well together and had considerable successes with many of the projects we worked on. I had decided to talk to Dante about this before going any further than the blood test. The doctor was able to see me early. The process was quick and I would know the results at the end of the day,and I assumed that Dante would as well.

I had his cellphone number, his private one, which I had only called to discuss work. Now I felt the need to discuss something else, us. Yes, I know this all sounds crazy. I did want him in a sexual way as to wanting more...I was not ready to go there just yet. As I stood there with my cellphone in my hand trying to decide to call or not it rung, it was Dante.

"Hello, Simone', have you gotten your results?" Dante asked in a voice that was focus yet ... something else...always that something else.

"Wait let me look I," said, without saying hello as I placed him on hold. Checking my messages, I saw that there was one from the doctor. Opening it, I saw that I was negative for all STD's. Switching back over to Dante, I told him the result and then send them to him as an email. My phone dinged, I had been sent an email, and it was his results from the same doctor. He too, was negative for all STD's.

"Ok ... now Dante, where do we go from here and why", I asked now feeling safe enough to pose the questions.

"Simone, I am leaving the company in two weeks to take another a job...."

"What??? Wait Dante...why? Why are you leaving and why this now?" I asked all in a panic.

"As to the whys,think of this as a gift, that we can give each other and something that we both want," Dante said as if he had given this careful consideration.

Then it occurred to me to ask whom would I be working for... with. As if he was reading my mind, Dante answered the question.

"Simone',when I leave you will be taking my place. Then it will be you who will need to find an Assistant hopefully, someone as good as you," he said with a smile in his voice.

I should have been over the moon with the realization of having Dante's job, but at that moment,it just didn't seem that important. I gave a little laugh and decided to take the leap of faith.

"So, exactly what are you suggesting," I asked as I felt my body respond in waves of longing aching.

"I suggest that we for the next one week fuck as if we will never fuck again in life."

"Really?" I asked incredulously and yet very excited about the idea, to have my fantasy come real and to have Dante.

"Yes, really and that we fulfill every sexual desire that we can imagine that two people can do to and with each other," Dante said calmly as if he was discussing the weather. I laughed thinking that when it was time to be serious he always sounded like he was discussing the weather.


"No,I was just thinking about all of this and you,"I said as I stretched my legs out in front of me,looking down my nude body,since I had not bothered to dress after my shower.

"I am not going to ask why any more,I just want to know when."

"Open your door..."



I walked to the door with my cellphone in hand and with no regards to my nudity. Really, at this point, did it matter? I opened the door and smiled, as I let my eyes take in Dante's black tee shirt and jean covered body. I was please and he seemed humm just as pleased. I stepped back from him enjoying how his eyes stayed locked on me as we both shut our phone off. Dante entered and shut the door behind him locking the door as he did so.

With a wicked smile on my face,I turn slowly around to let him see all of me. Then stopping to look over my shoulder at him,I smiled and then shook my bare ass at him, letting him see my red Rose tattoo on my right hip. At that moment, Dante seemed to have a bit of a problem breathing and swallowing, because it took him a moment to do both.

"Well, I do like that Rose... yes love the Rose," he said letting lust; he was feeling show in face and echo in his voice.

Turning completely around to face him, the next think I knew he had me up in his arms and face to face. Smiling I made an observation.

"You know it's only fair that I have a look see as well."

"Ohhh," he said as he kissed my lips. Yess, only fair"

He let me slide down his body, feeling the hint of amazing things that his clothes covered to land on my bare feet. Stepping back,I put my hands on my hips and posed waiting to see what was under those clothes. He started by taking off his shirt,baring a wonderful sculpture chest that said working out was a serious part of his life.

His eyes were still on me taking in my full breasts, large nipples,and well-groomed pussy. He was wearing the five-button Levi's and took his time, opening one button at a time let me see that he was going commando. By the time,he slid the jeans off his ass on to the floor; I was all but jumping up and down at the wonderful "gift" standing in front of me.

It pleased him to see my "grin" and all my giggly bits in action. Then I watched, as his cock that was firm to begin with started to grow. I felt my mouth form an O as my body reacted to the possibilities in front of me. With considerable effort,I dragged my eyes back up to his face still grinning.

"So, anything, right?" I asked as I walked on tiptoes up to him.


With that said, I dropped down in front of him on to my knees. Licking my lips in anticipation of the "gift" that I was about to play with. Starting at his knees, I kissed and licked the right then the left with my eyes closed savoring it all. MMMmmm the scent of him was so yummy. Reaching my destination and with both hands,I grabbed Dante's cock and slipped the head of it into my mouth. I again closed my eyes,as I savored the taste of him.

Caressing the head of his cock with my tongue, tasting his precum,I moaned in pleasure. This action made him hiss between his teeth ending in a growl, and to anchor his stands as he grabbed fistful of my hair holding me in place. I did not mind one bit as it was where I wanted to be.

I continued my oral worship of this wonderful gift; even though there was no way, I could deep throat his cock. It was just too much of it, but I took in what I could. Between stroking, sucking, and licking I tasted him and wanted more.

His precum was like a promise, of a salty delight with ting of sweetness. I was about go for more when he pulled off and threw me over his left shoulder. Protesting verbally of being denied my gift and I got a smack on my ass in response from Dante.

"You are a naughty girl and so wet too," Dante said as he slipped fingers between my ass cheeks and down my thighs feeling the warm wetness of my excitement.

"Oh yess, I am going to love fucking you! I'm going to fuck you all over your house and my apartment before we are through," he said rubbing my ass then kissing the side that was near his lips.

"Now tell me where your bedroom is."

Between a giggle and a moan,I told him as he played with my ass. Upon reaching my bedroom, which was located at that back of my home, Dante placed kisses down my body as he slid me down the front of him. Now standing on my feet and leaning against him in the circle of his arms,I looked up at Dante. I had left the lamps on my nightstand on so the room was bath in a soft welcoming glow making his face his eyes easy to see and read. All I saw was desire and lust...for me,and it felt so good. I moved to step out of his embrace and I found that I couldn't.

"Noo... Baby. Oh no...,"Dante said as he lean forward and kissed me softly whispering the last no against my parted lips. The kissed deepen as his tongue pushed into my mouth and I melted into his heat. His body was warm, hard, and soft all at the same time. The musty spicy scent of him mixed with his cologne filled my lungs as I breathe him in and I wanted more. Climbing up his body, I wrapped my legs around his waist and started to suck on his tongue as I had done with his cock. Dante growled into my mouth, which encouraged me to grind my pussy against him with his cock between us.

"Oh Baby, Baby, Baby..." Dante chanted, as he his hands grabbed my hips so hard that the feeling slipped between pain and pleasure.

In response, my desire crawled up from my belly burning like a flame moving to all part of my body. Howling,I increased my grip on his body,rubbing myself against him with wanton zeal. This was a bit hard to do. As we were now covered in,a thin layer of sweat and the heat was rising. I guess I wasn't the only one, Dante grabbed me by the back of my head, hair and all to get my attention. Damn it turned me on!

"No little girl" he said in a teasing whisper with a touch of menace.

I opened my eyes,smiling into his and then I was flying in the direction of my bed. Taking back his control,which I didn't know he had lost until then,he flipped me on to my stomach. Then he pushed me to my knees after pulling me to the edge of the bed. Dante position me with my head down,ass up any my legs spread apart. My heart was beating loudly in my throat with sweat sliding into my eyes from my sweaty hair. I watched him move a chair that I kept in my room to sit behind me. I listened as he sat down with in the chair waiting with such desire for what to come next.

"Ohh my, what a lovely pussy," Dante said as he examines me first using his fingers. Then between licks and kisses, he teased me without mercy. Dante included my asshole in his teasing and the game was on. He started by smacking my ass sending tingling sensation up my spine, causing my body to arch as he ate my pussy from the back door. Dancing between pleasure and pain, as sensory over load hit me and my orgasm came roaring over me. God if felt so good!

I bucked up and down, swinging my head from side to side, back and forth. My body was now caught between a jerking and shaking. Dante pushed his tongue into me as he forces his finger or thumb into my asshole. I screamed in orgasmic release, as my hips jerked back and forth on Dante's tongue and his digit. My orgasms hit me like lightening, throwing my head back sending my hair into the air as my body arched. I came soo hard that fell forward on to my face moaning and screaming into the bedding. Holding the sides of my ass between his strong hands Dante held me steady, and I felt the head of his cock at my entrance.

I tried to lift up the front of my body, but was unable to do so at that moment, Dante slipped his dick into me until his balls. With his balls banging against me, I screamed and moaned until my throat was raw all the while he was fucking me in deep long plunges. I was almost out of my mind from it all, and I started to rock back to meet his plunges. The sounds of our wet pounding bodies filled the air that was already perfume with the scent of sex. He fucked, I fucked, and we fucked with total abandonment until fireworks went off behind my eyes, my body tightens, and Dante screamed so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear him.

We both came so hard, that it was like a flood between us running down my thighs and his on to the bed and floor. We fell forward with Dante cock still deep inside me. It seemed that every nerve in my body was open and tears ran down my face to mix in with my sweat-drenched hair. Laying there all we could do was breath until we were able to speak and move.

"Damn, Simone',oh damn," Dante said in a husky whisper from behind me as he moves my hair out of his way to lay his face against mine.

He felt warm, almost feverish and when he found the strength Dante move us further up on to the bed never pulling his cock out of me. How he didn't I don't know as I was almost a dead weight. I had been thoroughly fucked was the only way to explain it. I drifted off to sleep only to wake later to Dante fucking me again, from behind this time on our side. Stroking my breasts, fingering my clit, this time it was slow, deep and easy, decorated with kisses and whispered words.

Cumming,this time was blinding. We held on to each other with my back to his front as went over the edge. Later when he found the energy, Dante withdrew his cock from me, but never letting me out of his arms. I fell asleep that way, under his watchful gaze and in time, he joined me. In the days to come,we would do this again and again, each time in different positions, places,and even at work, after all Dante was leaving.

On his last day at work, we had fucked at least four times at my home,then the parking lot his apartment building,I sucked his cock on the interstate on the way to work, and finally during lunch as he took a transatlantic call.

When it came time to part,we kissed a chase good-bye no words were exchanged as none were needed. We had said them all with bodies through the pleasure that we gave each other. Dante Catavo left to broad his plane and I went home.

The following weeks were busy,as I took over Dante's job even though I knew the major ends and outs. He had called me a few times to talk about his new job and to offer me help with mine. We never talk about our week.... I quietly wished that we would. A month went by,then another, and our week of the "gift" receded into a memory. Overtime,I even convinced myself that was just a fuck feast and assumed that he had done the same.

Then late one night, there was a knock at my door. I stood in the middle of my living room naked, as always. I closed my eyes as I said a pray. Walking over to the door, I looked into the peephole and the world paused. I said thank you and then open the door.

He looked me up and down slowly, with a wicked smile on his face and lust shining soo brightly in his eyes. I stood there watching as the smile grew and then he said...

"Do I ever cross your mind?"

I back away to let in him, turning my back to him as I did so then looking over my left shoulder, I smiled. Slowly I shook my Rose tattooed ass at him,so that he could see the new addition on the tattoo. It was a lovely scripted S/D.

"Of course,I do...,"Dante, said still smiling as he closed the door behind him...
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