Do I Ever Cross Your Mind..
The evening was going well for a first date. As I walked toward the lady's room in this very upscale and expensive restaurant, I passed by a man whom I had noticed upon taking my seat. He was worth a second glance from a distance but up close, he was worth so much more. Not handsome in the truest sense of the word, his was all angles, at least 6 ft. tall maybe a bit more, clean-shaven, even his head. He had large black eyes that seemed to miss very little. I became like one who was blind when those eyes caught mine and held me in place even as my body kept moving forward.

I was released after bumping into a waiter carrying a tray load with food. With great embarrassment excusing myself I kept moving as my vision came back to me. By the time I reached the bathroom I was hot, horny and shocked out of my mind, after all he was just a stranger! I quickly went into a stall, I needed some alone time to gather myself. I sat down on the toilet as my body went through what seemed to be a mini orgasm.

My body twitching, as my pussy muscles contracted as if they were trying to find something to hold. Hell my toes even curled!! As I came back to myself body now humming, hot and wet I tried to take stock of what just happened. This was crazy, but then it had been a while since any man had moved me in such a way. I guess all those evenings with my vibrator was barely taking off the edge of my desire.

Before leaving the stall, I cleaned up the mess that had been created. I had almost convinced myself that is just one of those things that just happen. Standing at the sink in the now empty bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. My copper penny eyes were darker and dreamy against my dark olive skin where my cheeks were flushed and that was what could be seen. Under my clothes, my simple cotton panties were a soggy mess. My nipples had pushed not just the material of the bra out but that of the dress as well.

"Ohh God what am I going to do," I said aloud between a moan and a scream. I had been shaken to the core and it had been sooo long, too long.

Five minutes later, walking out of the bathroom, I passed by the now empty table where the stranger had been sitting. As I made my way back to my table and my date, the rest of the evening was a blur. I do remember glancing a few times at the table where he had sat and it was upon leaving the restaurant that I realized something. From where he had been sitting, the stranger would have been able to observe me. I believe that's what he had been doing.

The following day, on the way to work he was still on my mind. So much so that as I got on the elevator to go up to my office I didn't notice who was in the elevator with me. I had been thinking about him, wondering who he was and how he was in bed. Having a very active imagination, I had played a few different scenarios in my head and it does tend to run wild. The mere thought of how he looked at me made me hot in all the right places at the wrong time.

Therefore, as I stood there dressed in my business attire of black pencil skirt, man cut crisp white shirt, wearing pair of sensible pump and my hair pulled back in a simple low ponytail, I tried to calm myself. Otherwise, It would mean a trip to the Ladies room to spend time with my vibrator. Yes, I have a very small personal one that I carry with me. Ok, my sex life has been lacking and it doesn't help that I am very selective with whom I have sex with. It's safe to say that I have not been getting any for a while ... a long while.

People had gotten on and off the elevator a few times before I realized that he was there. When I glanced in his direction two things happened, I forgot how to breathe and I went head blind again. I stayed that way as he took the few steps my direction and backed me up against a wall of the elevator. With his gray suited body next to mine, he looked down at me, placing his hands on each side of my head. With my face-tilted upward, he lowered his lips to mine, stopping a breath apart. The look in the stranger's eyes, showed the raw hunger of desire, of what he wanted to do to me and with me, I shivered.

Wanting his lips on mine, I went up on tiptoes to cross the space between us. Pulling back just a little, he made it impossible unless I jumped up to kiss him. He smiled a soft crooked smile, and I found myself smiling up at him as I moved to wrap my arms around his neck. He stopped me by grabbing my hands and holding them between above my head.

Ferociously teasing me with his tongue as he licked and kissed my lips, eyes, my whole face, the man had me between moaning and wanting to scream in frustration. Which increased as I felt him squeezing my nipples between his fingers, the very actions sent tremors through my body to curl my toes. Then he kissed me softly, letting me drink in the softness of his lips and the closeness of his body as he released my hands. In response, I wrapped my arms around his neck and all but climbed up the front of him. The heat of his lips against mine added fire to the one that was now burning between my legs as I felt a spasm from deep within.

He ate at my mouth removing all but traces of the blush lip-gloss that I had put on this morning, as I felt his hand-taking inventory of my body through my clothes. I felt myself slide down that slippery slope into wanting to fuck a stranger in an elevator on the way to work. Then he let me go as the door to the elevator opened. Thankful that the elevator wall was there to hold me up, I tried to remember how to breathe again as my heart banged away loudly in my chest. He stepped off the elevator without a glance my way leaving me to watch him walk down the hallway as the door closed.

Once my senses came back to me, I realized that I had gone past my floor again! Pushing the button for my floor, I quickly tidy up before the doors opened letting me off. Walking quickly past my secretary, I headed for the Ladies room. Once there I took the stall farthest from the door, went in and locked it behind me. Pulling my skirt up to my waist, pushing my panties down, I took a seat on the toilet.

Reaching into my bag, I pulled out my vibrator, quickly testing it to make sure that it was working. Then reaching for the tissue roll, I pulled off a wad of paper and I stuff it into my mouth with my left hand. With my right I pushed the vibrator found into my slopping wet throbbing pussy. To keep from being a total wreck I stuck to just teasing my clit leaving the heavy-duty work out for later.

My orgasm hit me in a matter of seconds. I came so hard that I squirted as my body tried to shake itself a part and biting down on the tissue to keep from screaming. When I came back to myself, and I could see, again I took stock of the damage. Finding none, I cleaned myself up with the baby wipes that I keep in my handbag. Once I was properly re-dressed, I went out and put my makeup back on. I took the time to really look at the woman in the mirror looking back at me. I could see that my eyes were calm and my face relaxed. I smiled at her at myself and left the bathroom knowing that I was anything but.

On the way to my office, I stopped to talk to my secretary who reminded me about my morning meeting. She informed me that she had contacted all the department heads and told them to be on time. Twenty minutes later, I took my seat at the head of the conference table, as its CCO of the company. I looked around the table at my staff, smiling at some and nodding hello at others. The meeting lasted an hour, and I spent half of it thinking about him and the other half trying not to.

Thank God for my secretary taking notes of the meeting discussion which I could go over later. The meeting ended just before lunchtime and I had ordered out for my staff. I went back to my office to wait for the food arrival and to spend a little time with my vibrator.

With my door locked, skirt up, panties off, I slipped the vibrator into place and turned it on. Pleasuring myself with the vibrator, sliding over my clit and into me I closed my eyes and thought of him. I could see myself legs spread wide and lips parted slightly, breathing hard as the demands of my desire controlled me. I came, as there was a knock at my door telling me that lunch was being served.

Biting down on my bottom lip, I sat there shaking in the chair while my orgasm raged in me. My release was wet, warm, and thick, coating my thighs and scenting the air. I sat there for a few minutes only, making an effort to move on the second knock at my door. I said that I would be there. I got up, cleaned up my mess, and then made my way to the conference room and lunch.

All the food was spread out on the large table and drinks on another smaller table up against the wall. I quickly filled my plate so that I could get back to my office without Merle, my secretary catching me. I knew that she would know what I had been doing behind locked doors. She had been on me, to"broaden my horizons"; basically she said that I needed to get laid on a regular basis. This is from a woman who is old enough to be my mother who is definitely into broadening horizons if rumors ran true. It was said, that she had two regular boyfriends who were ten years her junior. I watched her as she walked over to me with an amused look in her intelligent brown eyes.

"So tell me who is he and when are you two going to meet up again," Merle said as she took a bite of her pepperoni pizza.

"Wellll I humm Merle ... I,"couldn't think of a way to tell her that would make sense other than the truth. So, I told her and watched her face go from humor to shock back to amazement. I sat there not hungry anymore wondering, what-the -hell I had done this morning and why. No, the why was known to me, and I was embarrasses to even admit it to myself.

"Honey, you need to stop thinking so much and let go. I mean take care of yourself and all, but you can't keep holding the desire at bay. One day it will put you in place that saying no will almost be impossible," with that said Merle went off to see if there was any more pizza left.

I took my plate of food and went back to my office spending the rest of the day deep in monthly reports. Later when I came up for air, I noticed how late it was. Shutting down what I had been working, I made my way to the elevator. Along the way saying good night to cleaning staff as they went about their business. I thought I would be the only one on the elevator, but I was not. Tired and blurry eyes I got on the elevator to find him there. I pushed the down bottom as my body tremor in remembrance. At this point he had said nothing, just stood there leaning against the far wall of the elevator looking at speculatively. I stood in front of the door praying for strength for hope for ....

"How was your day?" A deep warm voice said from behind me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe trying to decide whether to answer or not. I answered at this point it was too late to do less.

"It was ok," I said in a voice that was just above a whisper.

"Just ok?" he asked now directly behind me.

I could feel the warmth of his body against my back. The scent of his cologne was warm and embracing, and I leaned back into him. We stood there as the seconds ticked by turning into minutes, his front to my back. Then his arms slowly wrapped around me pulling me, closer to him. I tried not to moan, closing my eyes I tried not to moan.

"Did I cross your mind?" he said whispering into my ear, and then flicked it with the tip of his tongue.

"No... noo," I tried to say as his hands stroked slowly but firmly up and down my arms. I could now feel the hardness of him, against my lower back, and I swear it was throbbing. Then the elevator door opened in front of me.

"Come ... with ... me... please," he whispered in measured words against my ear as his hands now massaged my breasts every so lightly.

"I can't, ... I do not know you and you do not know me," I whispered back as I made my move to get away.

He stopped me by grabbing my right hand and turned me to face him. The very action made me look up into his face and all of my resolve evaporates.

"I don't know you," I said trying again to push and pulled myself away from him but he held me firmly in his hands.

"Yes, you do," and with that said he kissed me.

The kiss almost sent me to my knees as sensual waves rushed throughout my body, curling my toes, hardening my nipples and causing my pussy to weep.

He picked me up in his arms with seemingly little effort after releasing my lips. I found myself inside of the car.. his car passenger seat nicely fastened in. Turning to look at him, I watched as he drove with expert grace, weaving in and out of the late hour traffic.

"I want you to pull your skirt up and slide our panties off," he said in a clear, concise voice. It sounded like he was placing an order for food or something. I didn't respond I just looked at him incredulously.

He glanced at me and then cut across two lanes of traffic to pull into a parking lot. Once there he turned to me with a look on his face that said his intent. He kissed me softly, in a teasing fashion that quickly became intense and passionate. Fastened in I couldn't not move and once he started, I didn't want to. I returned his kiss for kiss and passion for passion, as I was made naked below the waist. After achieving his goal, he got back onto the highway. Now driving the car with his left, he grabbed the steering wheel firmly as his fingers danced in my pussy.

So there I was, buck-naked, legs spread wide, with a stranger fingering my pussy. I felt like a slut and I loved it.

By the time, we reached where he was taking us, I had cum a few times, and I was a wreck. Again, he carried me from the car to the door of the house. He put me down long enough to open the door, which he back kicked close carrying me in. The house was dark so it was impossible to see anything but shadows. He didn't stop but kept going until we enter a very large bedroom, with a king size bed. The room was lite with dim ambient corner lights giving a calming effect, something that I was not feeling. He placed me on my feet requesting my body to support me on my wobbly legs, and walked over to the night table touch an electronic pad that was there. The lights in the room brighten a bit but still held their soft calming glow and music ... smooth jazz music seem to flow in the air around us. Yes, the room was like a cup for the sensual desires that seemed to have developed between us. I stood there with the doorframe to support me, looking around taking in the view and him. Part of my brain was screaming to run while I could, but the other part said stay... stay. So I stayed and watched him as he vanished into what I assume was the bathroom and knowing it to be so when I heard the shower running. He walks back out taking off his shirt as he did so he held his right hand out to me.

"Come to me...," he said in a whisper that came from his sensual lip now in a slight smile.

I didn't move, I couldn't, and it was taking all that I had in me to keep standing. Guessing he could see this, he came to me walking slowly toward me on with his shirt, open a strong muscular chest and trim waist that made me drool and panic at the same time, he was everything that I was not! He was beautiful! When he reached me I was sucking air as if I had been running, which I should have done, but it was too late.

He kissed me... Softly at first, like he was trying to seduce me into that last bit of surrendering. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would come out of my chest to meet his. Yes, It felt as if my whole body was surrendering to him and it was only my mind left that was holding out. Then with his hands place lightly on each side of my face we became to dance slowly to music that was play outside and inside. Lips connecting with kisses and licks we moved slowly around the room to the music and each other. Stopping only to remove clothing here and there in a random abandonment we danced around the bedroom. Ending in the shower, a large glass enclosure with a waterfall as the showerhead along the floor to ceiling glass walls there were marble benches.

He let me look around as I came to terms with it all and that I was now naked. I could feel his eyes on me taking in the roundness and curves that my conservative business clothes, my armor hid so well. I found myself looking him over as well and had to close my eyes to that entire maleness stand there in front of me. It was too much, so I stepped back until I found myself standing under the shower waterfall. It was a mistake! My skin, the kissing, the teasing, my skin was so sensitive that I felt every drop and river of waters was like a caress. Finally, I gave up and gave in. With my eyes closed, I let myself fall into sensual overload. Running my hand through my soaked hair and down my neck to my breast, stopping there long enough to lift and feel the weight of them in my hands. Feeling the smooth silkiness of the skin, the light micro pebbling of my nipples as they change into hard nubs, letting them fall as I moved down and over my pug of a tummy.

Fanning my hands out to caress the sides of my hips, then moving to cup my ass cheeks, I move them back around to my mound. Then I threw my head back, moaning aloud my pain and desire that radiated from that place deep inside that only a man can fill. I guess it was like a cry for help, because he reached for me. In the downpour, he reached for me, pulling me to him all wet, hot, and wanting. Lifting me up in his arms to where my tummy was in his face, and then letting me slide down the front of his body. Licking and sucking the water from my skin as I did so. When we were face to face not under the downpour of the showerhead, our lips reconnected.

This time we kissed as if we were devouring the other and ourselves at the same time. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I held on as he cupped my ass with his large hands holding me in place. Kissing from his lips to eyes, his nose, eventually his whole face, I tried to put him to memory with my lips. As I did this, I could feel his hardness in the space between my legs and started to rub against him, feeling the smooth wetness of his skin and its muscular hardness. All at once, it was too much and yet not enough, I wanted so much more. So I asked for it for what I wanted and needed.

"PLEASE." a kiss", FUCK ,"a flick of tongue to his parted lips" Me ,"I asked ending in a deep probing kiss with lips and tongue pushing home my request.

Moaning and roaring against my mouth, he responded as he slipped that entire thick, long, hardness into me. Releasing his lips and arching my back in response, feeling my insides expand to welcome him. Wrapping myself around his body, he blissfully entered me pushing down into the tight muscular walls of my pussy. I heard him hissing thru his teeth as he encounters the tight, hot, wet resistance, and then moving past it, to the end of me and the beginning of us...


The door opens in front of me and I stepped out of the elevator on wobbly legs. My mind is in a sensual fog as I walk to my office feeling the wetness that had all but pooled to a low point in my panties. I made it to my desk and then made a mad dash to the bathroom. Were in the last stall, I stuffed a wad of toilet paper in my mouth and masturbated the tension away.

Sometime later, I returned to my desk, a little flushed, but relaxed as I took my seat greeting coworkers as they walked by. As I was looking down at the conference book for the office, a shadow crossed it. I looked up and forgot how to breathe, and my heart skips a beat or two. You picked up the mail on my desk and then lay a piece of paper face down in place of it. I could smell the scent of your cologne and responded with a nod and a smile to your greeting and questions. Glancing thoughtfully as you walk by me going toward your office, leaving me to admire your dove grey Armani suited form. Breath comes back to me along with a flood of memories, wishes, and daydreams, as well and night dreams. I sigh at the futility of it all. After all, you are my boss and I your assistant.

Before going to talk to your secretary about today's meetings, I pick up the piece of white paper that you left on my desk. Thinking that it is nothing, I start to throw it in the trash, when I see the message. It is written in your strong, bold handwriting and again I forget how to breathe as I read it ...


Music Inspiration:

George Howard: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

Walter Beasley: Rendezvous

Euge Groove: Baby if you only knew
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