Does Anyone Want To watch?
I closed my laptop, the words were not coming. Walking to my bedroom, my mind thought, maybe the story shouldn't be written.

Naked, staring out my bedroom window, it started to rain. The image of my story, seeing it in my mind, so clear, turning me on, wanting to turn others on by writing it.

Closing my eyes, letting my breathing slow, seeing, relax I told myself, it will come. A bright flash, bright enough to force my eyes open. Another flash, lighting up the outside. A figure startled me, my eyes searched the darkness. I couldn't see anything, was it a trick of my mind? Or was somebody watching me stand naked in my room?

Not such a far fetched idea, I lived here almost a year. I write naked, walk around when I'm waiting for the right words to come to me. My shades are always up, anyone can see me, I never thought about it till now. But would someone stand outside in a bad storm to see a person naked?

Another flash, my breath caught in my chest, there, on the other side of the tree, I saw a face. Hair was blowing in the wind, or was it leaves? Could have been a low branch, makes perfect sense.

Rain was really coming down, blowing in the wind too. How much could someone see?

Just my eyes playing tricks, another flash, did I see someone? No, I saw many, eyes, belonging to men and women, watching me. They're turned on, being hard, wet, nipples stiffing like mine are.

I sat on the edge of my bed, silently beckoning them to come closer. It's a wide window, plenty can squeeze in. The next flash showed many eyes, all wide, wanting a better look. Should I help them? I clapped my hands, the bedroom light came on, great product, of course the song raced through me mind.

I laid back, spreading my legs, feeling how wet I was. The next flash showed them all, wet hair, blown by the wind, rain running down their faces, hungry mouths open, wanting to kiss me, lick my body, taste my skin, my pussy. So many cocks, hard, long, maybe thick. Women wanting me, grinding their pussies on mine. Knowing how to really kiss, making me feel like a woman.

Lighting flashes became camera flashes, they were taking my picture as I rubbed my pussy. My legs opening wider, feeling so turned on. My flame lit, burning hotter in me, my body bucked on my bed, I was moaning, what does it sound like to them? Squeezing my breast, fingering myself, wishing it was a hard cock, fucking me.

More flashing, they really want photos, I spread my legs as wide as I could. My fingers are soaked, do they want to see me suck on them? I do.

My body going wild on my bed, fingers taking me over the edge. Another flash, I see cocks being stroked, breasts being squeezed.

A long flash as I cum, falling over the edge of pleasure.

Would anyone really want to watch me?

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