Anne has been out for the evening with the girls, and is getting a bus back home early one morning. Feeling a bit drunkand a bit frisky, she goes up on the top deck of the bus. Seeing a man sitting on his own at the back, Anne decides to sit near him and chat to him.

His name is Colin, and as the bus is empty apart from the two of them, she decides to have some fun. Parting her legs she flashes him a glimpse of her wet, shaven pussy. Anne has never done anything like this before in public, but is amazed that the experience has turned her on so much that she and Colin are fucking all over town within a couple of days.

Car parks, changing rooms, public toilets, everywhere. About the only place they never have sex is in bed. They are a kinky pair.

One of Colin's favourite locations is out in the woods, at a picnic site. They have a lot of sex outdoors and the fear of getting caught heightens Anne's excitement beyond her wildest expectations. Colin would talk her through what he would do if someone discovered them, during a steamy session on a picnic table.

"I'd pull my cock out of you and let them do whatever they wanted," he says one night. "Would you?" Anne gasps in surprise, imagining some strangers cock thrusting into her cunt as Colin kisses her passionately.

"And you'd let them fuck you, wouldn't you? You're getting wet just thinking about it, you dirty cock teaser," Colin asks her.

Anne replies, "I'd fuck ANYONE that came along. In my cunt, my mouth or even my ass."

The dirty talk turns Colin on so much that he quickly loses control and explodes inside Anne's soaking wet pussy a few seconds later.

This soon becomes a favourite fantasy for them both, and they tease each other talking about what they will do if it ever happened. That's all Anne thinks it will be, fantasy. But one night Colin rings her and tells her to wear something extremely sexy, and be ready as he is picking her up in 20 minutes.

Anne asks him where they are going. Her pussy starts to tingle when Colin asks her if she has heard of dogging. "Of course I have," says Anne, "it's that fad that's sweeping the nation. Is that what we're doing tonight?" she asks,a bit apprehensive. She couldn't believe he was actually going to try it for real!

When the car pulls into a darkened picnic area, Anne realizes that this is not one of Colin's role playing fantasies, this is the real deal. She sees that there are around 6 cars already there, plus a number of people lurking in the undergrowth.

Anne is unsure about this, but Colin reassures her that she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. "If you want, we can keep the windows wound up and just let them watch," Colin tells her. "If you still feel uncomfortable, we can leave."

Anne quietly admits, "The thought of lots of men watching as I get fucked by a stranger is turning me on. Lets do it." Colin puts the inside light on and Anne climbs into the back seat and spreads her legs to reveal her wet cunt.

Colin opens the door, kneels on the ground and begins to lick her cunt. She bites her bottom lip as she feels his tongue enter her and slowly grinds her hips to smear her cunt juice over Colin's face.

This display draws little attention at first. Anne suspects that the lurid rumours she heard about dogging were somewhat exaggerated. Colin takes her mind off her concerns by rasping her swollen clit with the flat of his tongue until she could barely focus. "How would you like another cock to play with?" Colin asks, bringing one of their favourite fantasies into play.

Colin's words seem even more potent this evening. Anne is surrounded on all sides by hard and willing cocks and she knows that she only has to say the word and any one of them will fuck her. Colin starts to dip his tongue all the way inside her cunt.

"I'd love another cock," Anne moans, "As many as I can get. I'll suck and fuck them all." She tells herself that she is just playing along with Colin's fantasy but secretly she knows what she is letting herself in for and violently cums all over Colin's face as she sees a man looking over Colin's shoulders.

Anne tells him and he replies, "I know, just go with it," plunging his cock into her wet snatch. Anne looks up to see another man looking in from above her with his cock in his hand, and Colin asks her what she wants to do. "Unwind it," she growls as another orgasm powers through her body.

He does, and the stranger pushes his cock in the window and asks if he can wank over Anne's face. Colin nods his head and watches as Anne reaches up to start stroking this guys cock. he reaches in to tug at her nipples, gently at first, then gradually he gets rougher with them - just the way Anne likes it.

This excites Anne in ways she'd never been excited before, so she turns around and pushes her bum toward him. "You don't have to just wank off," she tells him, stroking a finger between her moist lips.

She feels his hands grip her waist and his cock swipe against her soaking wet cunt before it finally slides inside her. Anne's grunting soon attracts more attention and Colin calls over a few other men and asks who wants to fuck Anne.

By this time Anne's cunt is like a wet sponge and her entire ass is sticky with cunt juice. The stranger in the darkness finally pulls out of her cunt and splatters his cum all over her lily white ass cheeks. the aroma of his warm juice puts Anne squarely in the mood and suddenly she wants more - as many cocks as she can get - and told the next guy that her ass felt good and slimy.

"Stick your fucking cock in there if you want," Anne growls, pulling her cheeks apart to reveal her puckered ass hole. He poked his tongue in each of her holes, lapping up her nectar and fingering her tight, deep ass. Then after a few minutes of that, he squeezes his fat cock into Anna's taut ring, inch by driven inch..

Anne howls as he stretches her hole wide, but Colin sticks his cock in her mouth and tells her to relax and enjoy it, and before long the stranger was slamming into her back passage for all he was worth. His balls slap against Anne's wet cunt as he drills her bum. Colin kisses her on the lips as the guy shoots his load deep into her ass.

"You're not finished yet," Colin tells her, pointing to four other men waiting their turn. "Are you going to make me fuck them all?" Anne says in a voice dripping with lust. " I ain't making you do anything you don't want lover," Colin smiles, as another enormous cock suddenly appears in the door.

By the end of the night Anne's cunt, mouth and ass have been fucked so many times that she has cum dribbling out of all three holes. Colin finishes himself off by shooting all over Anna's face and tits as the other men all look on. As she cleans herself up, they all melt back into the shadows. just as Anne gets back into the front of the car, she sees another car pull in, and a couple get in the back and switch the light on.

"Hope you left some for her," Colin laughs as he drives her home.

" Did you have a good night out with the girls?" Anne's husband asks as she gets home. "It was a quiet evening," Anne replies as she mentally plans another dogging session next week.
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