By: Rocking Rachel & Sassy Sue

Samantha looked up from her knitting and smiled as her daughter Carol ran to answer the front door.

"Is that your new boyfriend?" she called out.
"Uh huh," the happy eighteen year old replied, "his name is Jace."

A few moments later Samantha's mouth dropped open when her daughter entered the living room with a young black man on her arm.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet Jace!"

"I-it's nice to meet you, young man," she stammered, "and where are you two off to?"

"I dunno;" he replied insolently, "probably just hang out."

"I see," a very nervous Samantha replied softly. I don't believe I've ever seen you around," the frightened woman added.
"So what?" he shot back. "I haven't seen you either!"

Instantly the room was filled with tension so thick could have cut it with a knife.

"Well uh, I was just wondering," Samantha replied weakly.

"Well don't wonder too fucking hard momma! In fact, you might as well get the 411 bitch, right now!"

"What do you mean by that?" Samantha asked with a nervous anger.

"You wanted to know what we we're gonna do tonight," he replied with a sneer, "so you might as well know that as soon as we get in the car your little honey here is gonna suck my big fat black cock."

All the blood draining from Samantha's face as she tried to make sense of the insanity and finally gathering her thoughts and courage she railed back at Jace.

"You can't speak to me that way!" "I forbid Carol to see you anymore, now get out of here this instant!"

An almost malevolent look crossed Jace's face as he replied, "Don't ever even think about telling me what to do, bitch!" "Now watch this!"

With her eyes now the growing to the size of saucers Samantha looked on helplessly while Jace pushed her pretty, little, coed daughter to her knees in front of him. Carol expertly undid his cargo pants revealing the most beautiful, massive cock she had ever seen in her life. Not that Samantha had seen a lot of cocks and the few she had seen were white. Jace was shoving his massive erection into Carol's hungry mouth front of Samantha making Samantha watch the vulgar display.

"You did a nice job raising her," Jace said with a sigh, "she sucks a mean fucking dick.

Does momma suck a mean dick too?"

It was quite obvious from the gusto in which Carol was performing that she loved having his dirty black pecker in her mouth! And while it was certainly revolting to witness her one and only daughter sucking a black monster cock, she couldn't help but drench her panties as Carol let out a long low groan when the thick prick shuddering hard, filling her mouth with a hot load of burning cum.

Jace's cum trickling from the corners Carol's mouth she wiped it with her fingers and swallowed the last drop of Jace's love juice. Jace cock was half hard but Carol was stroking the thick black cock working on making it hard once again.

Samantha cleared her throat and ordered, "I think we've had quite enough excitement for one evening, now please leave!"
After letting his heavy black pecker slip from Carol's mouth, Jace turned to face Samantha and walked slowly towards her, allowing his now semi erect organ swinging freely in front of him. Glistening in the light, it acted like an incredibly powerful magnet on the now stunned woman.

"You ever suck a brother's bone, bitch?" he asked softly while thrusting his hips forward in a decidedly lewd manner.

"N-no," she stammered, unable to take her eyes off the massive piece of cock flesh that was now only inches from her face. Hell, the last time she had a cock in her mouth she was single.

"Lick it!" he ordered gruffly and I mean right fucking now!"

Samantha glanced over and was shocked to see that Carol had plopped herself down on the floor and was masturbating as if she hadn't a care in the world and no one else was in the room. She was stunned back to reality when Jace's open hand cracked her on the side of the head.

"Don't ever make me tell you twice," he said evenly, "now suck it."

Samantha dropping to her knees, her head buzzing like a hoard of bees she gingerly opened her mouth and leaned forward, allowing the huge head to slide into her warm wet mouth.

"Ah," he sighed, "like mother like daughter I always say."

Even though she was sickened by the debasement, Samantha let her tongue explore the incredibly smooth head and his rough and bumpy shaft. She could feel the big prick stiffening in her mouth, inducing a long low moan from the cock hungry white bitch.

"Ya like that, do ya!" he asked with a laugh. "You white sluts are all alike, acting like perfect ladies when all you really want is some of the big black bamboo!"

Then with the wave of his finger Jace motioned Carol to join them. Immediately the young girl took a place next to her mother on the large sofa with her skirt again hiked up over her hips.

"Just look at that fresh, young, tight, white pussy," the black dominator proffered while reaching down to finger the bulging little pussy, inducing Carol to stiffen when he flicked his finger over her hard little clit.

"I think baby here is ready for some cock, don't you?" he asked rhetorically.

Then much to Samantha's dismay Jace literally jerked his cock from her mouth and ordered, "Okay, slut, feed it to your baby's tight little cunt!"

Both women were now completely in the thrall of the young black buck, so without offering even a hint of resistance Samantha grabbed the thick, erect ebony shaft and placing it to the slit of her daughter's drooling pussy. Her baby could never take that cock, it looked impossible that the huge black marauder could fit in such a tiny opening, but the look of anticipation of Carol's face told Samantha that this was not the first time she had taken this monster inside of her. The head was huge, almost the size of a tennis ball, but after Samantha had run it up and down her daughter's slit a few times, the over eager youngster grabbed it out of her mother's hand and fed it into her hungry hole.

"Ohhhhhhh, mama," she sighed as the head popped inside of her, "it's so fucking huge!"
Unable to contain herself any longer Samantha discarded her slacks and slipped her hand inside of her white cotton granny panties. With her eyes glued to Carol's crotch, the older woman watched in utter awe as inch after inch of thick black snake violated her daughter's pussy.

Balls deep in Carol's tight little twat, Jace gave Samantha a wicked smile and whispered, "Now watch this; your little honey is quite the fucking, cock hound."

While her fingers flew over her distended clit, Samantha groaned out loud as Jace reared back and plunged his brutal prick in and out of poor little Carol's pussy with vicious ferocity. Even before the first stroke had hit bottom of Carol's pussy an orgasm of unreal proportions racked the poor girl's pussy.
Jace's Cock was like a jack hammer attacking concrete. Carol's bucked up to meet Jace's cock, and in only a few moments it was quite apparent to Samantha that her daughter was completely under the spell of this giant black satisfier.

The little slut was literally cumming like a faucet when Jace slowed down for just a moment to command, "Okay, slut, off with those panties and sit on her face."

A look of shock crossed Samantha's face, but one hard look was all it took to make her do as she was told. A few seconds later she was carefully lowering her dark hairy muff down onto her daughter's soft wet mouth. Eagerly the little slut devoured the gushing pussy as her over active tongue searched out her mother's hard clit.

"Oh god," Samantha gasped! "Oh yes! R-right there, mmmmmmmm yes, just like that, oh fuck, suck my fat fucking clit, Samantha shrieked!
Jace's pecker was now plowing little Carol's pussy like it was a virgin field and the young, little cock hound wrapped her legs around the black stud's slim hips, effectively locking his meat inside of her molten pussy. So this was the picture, little daughter was getting the fucking of her life from the massive black pecker, while her sex hungry mother was being eaten alive by her cunt loving daughter.

For the next five minutes Jace pounded in and out of Carol's pussy while at the same time she nipped and sucked her mother's throbbing clit While the little slut had by this time cum a zillion times, her mother and Jace were now on the very ragged edge of their climaxes. Jace's big dick began to spasm; his eyes locked with Samantha's and he moaned, with a tidal wave of passion about to engulf him.

"Your little slut is the hottest little cunt I've ever fucked!"

Samantha could barely reply between the pulsing squirts of cum she was releasing, "L- like mother like daughter!"
That did it. Jace's prick convulsed wildly inside of the tight, little, white pussy while Samantha's cunt did the same in her daughter's hungry mouth. Of course not to be out done, Carol's pussy collapsed around the massive destroyer, helplessly trying to grip to the thick piece of black gristle that was so brutally violating her cunt. Samantha and Jace let out long loud groans as their organs squeezed out every last bit of pleasure from Carol's young body.

Both Jace and Samantha slipped to the floor gasping for breath while Carol sighed gratefully, still savoring the two pronged attack on her cute young body.

"Jesus your little bitch is hot," Jace offered softly while caressing Samantha's smooth thigh.

"Like I said," the satisfied woman cooed, "like mother like daughter."

With that comment Jace stroked his cock until he was hard again.

"On your hands and knees Momma, we gonna see it that is true."

Jace got behind her and Carol guided the mammoth black cock to her mother swollen purple pussy lips. With one quick thrust Jace sunk his thick, cock into Samantha. Samantha was panting as they fucked and she loved the full feeing in her cunt. It was her first black cock and he was making her cum again as he fucked her hard. Her pussy lips quivering, sliding on his black pole and then Jace filled her cunt with hot sticky hot cum. She was enthralled with him filling her with cum and cock. Once he came Jace pulled out of Samantha who lay on the floor in a used mass of flesh.

Jace and Carol left the house with Samantha naked on the floor wanting more.

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