Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover
Checking into the hotel, the guy behind her kind of grossed her out. She was watching him in the oval mirrors behind the check in counter. They had gold trim, a script she could not recognize written in the gold.

He's a mouth breather, constantly fogging up his thick lens glasses. Quite a few times he cleaned the fog off with a clean hanky, (he earns a point for the hanky being clean). His baseball cap has some weird fusion symbol on it. Hair sticking out under it looks a bit greasy. She squints her eyes, there's a bit of spittle on his lips. Inward she groans.

She takes a step forward, only one person in front of her now. Mouth breather is standing too close behind her. By a stroke of luck another worker waves her over to check her in.

She spent an hour in the shower, it was hot and humid outside, making her sweat in places she rather not think about. Mouth breather didn't help, even before he was almost up her ass, his hot breath was a furnace blast on the back of her neck.

Sitting on the end of the bed, flicking through the remotes channels, admiring the flat screens sharpness of picture, but not liking anything that was on. She was about to turn it off, then the flat screen started jumping through its own channels, some having nothing but snow, others...she swore she saw a split second of some couple having sex. She stared at the remote, knowing her finger was not on the channel button, but wondering if it was stuck. She looked at the flat screen when it stopped going through its channels, the remote dropping from her hand onto the bed. Mouth breather was on her screen.

He didn't seem so gross now. Maybe because the baseball cap with the weird fusion symbol was gone. Maybe because his hair looked freshly washed, combed straight back. It was certainly an improvement not seeing his mouth hanging open, breathing like a dog in some desert. He wasn't wearing his thick lens glasses either. Plus! A major plus! His body is sexy as all hell. He has a barrel of a chest, arms that are well defined, the shape of its muscles cutting through his skin. A flat stomach that a quarter would bounce off. Her eyes barely drank in his thighs before landing on his jockey shorts, the only clothes he had on.

It didn't look fake, but she wondered. His shorts outlined a huge shaft, thick and strong looking. Whenever she had doubts, she wanted proof. "Take your shorts off."

Her mouth felt like it hit the floor, he stood up, let his shorts drop down his legs, there were no more doubts.

His huge organ swayed side to side, his ball sac is also huge. She felt a fierce burning in her body, wondering if his sac was brewing with cum. "Take off your robe?"

A slew of what the fuck is going on here thoughts went through her mind. In the end, she untied her robe, it whispered off her body. "Your bra...please?"

His cock was ready to cum without even touching it. Her beauty was not only intoxicating, it is captivating, he too saw the hot couple having sex on one of the channels, but...this woman. Her piercing, smokey eyes, they were darker, burning holes into him. Her brown hair is a few shades darker wet, like a silk shade of midnight on her shoulders. His lips ached to kiss her lips, fingers wanting to touch her olive like skin. She reached behind herself, his eyes quickly,, but not missing a centimeter of her lines and curves. His cock pulsed in between his legs. Her bra lifted off her breasts, the straps sliding down her arms. He lost his breath, perfect round moons, rich olive skin, tiny stiff nipples. Gasping, stammering, he asked her to show her ass, her sweet hot ass were his words. "Do you think my ass is that hot?" Her smile is sweet and seductive. "Why do you think I was standing so close to you earlier?"

"Is this what you like?" Her panties slid slow down her petite cheeks, bending her knees, letting her small buns push out, then bending over, her crack teasingly showing some, but not much in between her small split. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

She turned around, facing the screen, he is gasping, stroking his huge sex. The sight of his body, heaving, muscles bulging in his arm as his hand pumped, squeezed his hot cock. Her pussy lips, swollen already, dripped her juice.

She sat back on the bed, her feet resting on the wood going across the edge. Spreading her legs, smelling her own sweet scent, her fingers touched her lips, not surprised how sticky they felt.

Watching a guy pleasuring himself is in her top five sexual delights. His hand is a pumping vice, moving up and down fast and hard.

The taboo, maybe the wrong word, maybe better put by saying taking off her clothes in front of a complete stranger, who, himself, had no shy bones of showing his nakedness had her extremely turned on. Maybe taboo is better here, two strangers playing with their bodies for the other to watch had her cumming as two fingers slipped inside her pussy, her muscles contracting hard as she rubbed her inner g spot.

Breathing heavy, eyes fixed on his hand making love to his cock. Her fingers working her own magic, making her gasp, muscles in her body straining.

Neither able to hold off much longer,ladies first seem to be the order. She came seconds after hearing splashing deep in her pussy. Her eyes closed, feeling the sweet bliss of release, the torrent of sweet pain, her fingers engulfed from her cum, splashing her inner thighs, sticky streaks running down her skin. She moaned and cried out as her body quivered. The deep moan sending chills through her body.

Her eyes lazily opened, her iris's still burning as she sees an empty bed. There's a pounding on her door before its thrown open. He races in, naked as the day he was born. Standing in front of her, his cock an inch from her face, he strokes his cock, his moan sounding like panic. She watches, seeing the small slit in the head widen, a second later a long rope of cum splashes across her cheek. Another quickly follows, covering her partly open lips. Her tongue tasting his sweet cum, its salty taste. An eruption of ropes of cum land on her face, chin, neck, breasts.

She looks up at him smiling. "Want to share a room?"

Should there be a part two?

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