Don't dare me
We were in a club and having a good time,you whisper in my ear - you tell me to go to the toilets take of my underwear and bring it back to you, you tell me you will also take your panties off. Your wearing a short skirt with a see thru top on which shows your bra.

We dance on the busy dance floor my hands on your skirt slowly lifting it - you place my hands higher away from your bum, you don't want the whole club to see your not wearing panties. I find your bra clip - you warn me not to unclip you, I smile. I unclip your bra and try to expose your boobs. You warn me to do it back up or you will pull my jeans down, now you look at me whilst removing my belt you smile.

I look at you and whisper in your ear - you wouldn't dare. You kiss me and pull my T shirt up totally removing it, that's okay. I'm tanned and a few guys have there tops off. You pull your bra out - I can see your boobs, I'm fucking hard, you give me your bra to hold and then..... You pull down my jeans and give me a push....I fall back into a crowd, cock in the air, arse on the floor. Everyone looks at me laughing, you make your way out as I get to my feet and try and put my cock away.

I get kicked out the club, your waiting outside, you tell me it's my fault, I shouldn't of dared you. You pull me into a dark alley, your boobs clinging to your see thru top you kiss me, we kiss passionately and as we kiss you pull out my cock - you tell me you want me - you want me right now- you pull your short skirt up and tell me you want my cock right now.

The tip of my cock meets your very wet pussy and the best feeling takes me as my cock slides in to your body, you make moans of pleasure like we are in a bedroom but we are in the open air near a busy street. I stand naked fucking you for all to see, deep in you my cock is desperate to please you, you don't want long loving sex you want fast deep wild quickie in the alley.

I push my final thrusts into you releasing loads of cum into your pussy to sounds of taunts from some lads watching, you pull your skirt back in place and I hurriedly pull up my jeans we run to the bus stop, we both have massive smiles. We get on the bus, you sit opposite me, you touch your pussy and with cum on you fingers you tease me as you suck your fingers.

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