Done Deed
I knew Joey was home when my cell vibrated. It was Joey's mother. She asked, "Did you do it?"


"Was he good for you?"

"You taught him well, Mary."

"I am so relieved."

"Mary, we will have to get together and see what modifications we have to make in our plan."

I didn't mean to rush her, but I had to, as Andy was coming up the walk for a visit. There was no time for me to get all of Joey's cum out of me, so Andy would have to be satisfied by a Carol's unique blow job. I barely got everything back on me when Andy was knocking on the door. I had wiped myself with one of the napkins and threw it in the trash. I just knew when he would see me dressed like this, he would want to fuck me.
I would have welcomed it, but I had a new man in my life. I was fucking two men in my life at the same time. It could have been three if my husband ever gets Abe's cock out of his mouth. They are probably both pushing more than that by now. I opened the door.

"You are so fucking hot, Carol!"

"Thank you, Andy. I got something special planned for you."

"Oh, baby, what is it."

"I want to suck you off in public."

"I repeat. You are so fucking hot!"

"Where we going?"

"We, my man, are going to the movies. You pick the movie you would like to see, while I take you out of your pants and suck you off. And I will not care who is around us."

"Carol, sometimes you act like a whore. Will is lucky to have you."

I thought, "Andy, I am the lucky one, fucking you and your son, and soon to be in bed with your wife. How lucky can a gal get."

Andy picked the movie, I didn't even change. I figured that my Andy would be all over my tits and pussy sitting in that darkened theater. We went into the theater, and the ticket taker was obviously interested in the outfit I had worn. We picked out seats without too many around us. It didn't take long with the movie blaring away for Andy's hand was between my thighs. As things progressed with an arm around me, he put his hand inside my right halter top. His hand was cold, and it got my nipple hard instantaneously. The time had come for me to complete my promise. I looked back, and the ticket taker was watching us.

I took the chance and took Andy's hard cock out of his pants. I then realized with the movie playing, it was a lot lighter in the theater. The ticket taker could easily see what I was doing. The ticket taker did not move, so I bent over and found Andy's cock and sucked him off. He did make grunting sounds as he dumped into my mouth. Two ladies heard the grunts and turned to see what was causing it. It did not take her long to know what was happening, and she surprisingly gave me a thumbs up. I told Andy that I was going to the back to wash out my mouth. As I passed the ticket taker, I winked at him, and I said, "Thanks for not interrupting. You are here tomorrow same time. I have a little happiness for you."

"I will be here, same time tomorrow, and I look forward to your appreciation, sexy lady."

I made it to the lady's room, I was washing my mouth out when the older woman who gave me the thumbs up came in the door.

"Honey, you two were better than this stupid movie. I could see when he put his hand in your halter, and I had imaged the was playing between your legs. When you went down on him, it made this old broad wet. My partner and I will have a good time tonight. He always thinks I am doing it with the gal that is sitting by me. I never correct him, cause it turns him on, but she is straight-laced as they come."

"I am glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you and your partner leave your brains on the bed. If you ever want to find out what it would be like to be with your straight-laced lady friend, let me know. I am just as good with a woman as I am with a man."

I gave her my phone number, and by the twinkle in her eye, I thought she probably might call. So many women think about it, but never follow through. Some of the older ones are so appreciative. I went back to my seat, and with the finish of the movie. We left the theater with me brushing the front of the ticket taker's pants with my hand. Andy never picked up on it. We drove all the way home with his hand on my mound. If I was Mary, I would be fighting my ass off to get him back, but losing Joey's size is hard to beat.

I douched and washed out my mouth and jumped in the shower. We have a detachable showerhead, and I like to use it pulsating on my pussy. Always makes my shower last longer when I use it that way. Spraying that water on me got to thinking about Mary. Two things I would like to find out about her. Did her father use her as a young girl, and would she enjoy a woman going down on her? It was time to find that all out.

I knew I had to go back to that movie theater tomorrow to take care of my friend, the ticket taker. I called Mary and asked her if we could get together on the 12th. Right now, she is a stay at home, mom. If she wasn't she would have never got into her son's pants. Will puts up with me being at home all the time, as long as he gets his pussy and cock.

Wednesday arrived, and I had Mary on my mind. Yesterday, he turned out more than just the ticket taker, as he invited a few of his buddies. I blew the ticket taker but fucked two of his buddies in the movie theater projection room. The projectionist was more than willing just to watch, so everybody was happy, including yours truly. Having them took nothing away from wanting Mary. I showered and put on my flimsy silk robe with it's silk tie. I was going to tell her that I overslept, and she could have some coffee while I got dressed. I never intended to dress. It was just too easy to show my assets with this robe. As previous experience with that tie proved to be impossible not to show what I had, and I intended to wear nothing underneath that robe.

Mary arrived, and she was cute as a bug. No long dress or Peter Pan collar was in sight. A lot of her excellent legs and more breast than I had ever seen.

"Mary, you look wonderful, so sexy. How does your son not beg you for it?"

"Oh god, Carol, he actually has started to do that. It is so hard not to let him have it."

"Sorry, hon, I got up late and never finished dressing. Got as far as my makeup, thank the heavens above, you would not want to see me without it."

"I doubt that Carol, everybody talks about you being a knockout. I love that robe, so stylish."

"How about some coffee. I made it fresh. It is in the kitchen."

I led her to my kitchen, swaying my ass as much as possible without overdoing it. Naturally, the sash fell to my sides, and I quickly picked it up and retied it. She probably didn't see anything but maybe a reflection, but I had more planned than that. As I handed her a coffee, she sat on one of our counter stools. With that skirt, that was so inviting.

"I should change this robe before I put on a show you don't want to see."

"Carol, you are not going to show anything that I have not already seen."

"Except it was never me, hanging out."

"That is true, but being you are the crowned sexy body champion of our neighborhood, that would be awesome to say I saw you. Every party we intend, I hear men say how they would like to see you nude."

"You are so sweet."

I went to her to give her a kiss on the cheek. Bending over to kiss her, the sash did its thing right on time, and the top of the robe came open. I grabbed the bottom to prevent a full show, but let Mary see my breasts.

"Mary, I have to change this robe before I show you all of me. Do you wear that outfit around Joey?"

"Carol, I can't do that, or he would be all over me, and I wish his father was."

"Honey, maybe it is time for you to take a lover."

"I have thought about that, but too hard to do. Where could I go to meet someone that would want me."

"I have a few friends who would love to be in bed with you."

"Oh, come on."

"Now, don't underestimate your being a sexy object. It didn't take long for your son to fuck you once you showed him that side of you. Honey, you are sexier than you think."

I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, and my sash did its thing. This time I did not close the bottom. Mary could see all of me as I kissed her on the cheek. I could tell she was looking down at my pussy.

"You are so beautiful, Carol. I don't blame the men for wanting to see you nude."

"Would you like to see my nude, Mary?"

She swallowed hard, but finally said, "Yes." I took off the robe and put it on the counter.

This time I did not kiss her on the cheek, but fully on the mouth. She responded to me by opening her mouth.

"Carol, we shouldn't be doing this."

"Mary, you shouldn't have been fucking your son either. No, let me show you what it is like to be made love to by a woman."

"Oh god, Carol, you are that way?"

I did not answer her but started unbuttoning her blouse, I was surprised when she helped me even reaching back to unhook her bra. Her luscious tits exposed, I kissed her again. This time Mary did not pull away but felt her hand on the side of my breast. She got off the stool and unwrapped the skirt. Mary put it on top of my robe on the counter.

"Carol, pull my panties down and do with whatever you want to me."

Success! I was about to give Mary an orgasm like no other she had when a sexy woman eats your cunt. Her screams of delight echoed through my house. I guess she had never been eaten on top of a kitchen table. We did wind up in bed, and there Mary decided to taste her new lover. As good as she was, she must have been thinking about this for a long time.

I did fuck Joey a few more times, and Andy did get bored with me. Andy found some young chick to fuck, but Mary always has come back for more.

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