Donna, a Blind date
It started with a phone call during which I talked about my waterbed and what I would like to do to Donna in my bed. We had never met and yet once we spent a couple of hours of the phone, fucking and sucking each other, it seemed to be a logical thing to do. We agreed to meet at Carrows on Saratoga Avenue and by the time we got there it was probably 2 am or later but we were so charged up it didn't matter.

Donna was inside, waiting, when I got to Carrows, and once I came in we sat for a few minutes and had coffee and pie. Once we mutually agreed that we wanted to go to my place to add some reality to our vivid fantasy we hurriedly left and made our way to my car, leaving her car in the parking lot.

We began kissing as we walked to the car, our mouths opening widely and wildly, tongues sliding plunging licking--we stumbled once and were laughing when I put my hand on the thin cotton fabric of her dress, cupped her breast and gently rolled it around. I immediately found her nipple and pinched, she bit down gently on my tongue. I knew we were both wet and ready because I could feel my wetness.

"This is going to be good," I thought, and a surge of heat filled my chest. She was kissing so passionately I think she would have fucked me right then, right there on the ground.

We started walking again and she began to suck my tongue. I put one arm around her delicate waist and lifted her off the ground. She made me feel strong.

When I lifted her and her toes were pointed at the ground my mind began to race through images of all the different ways I would flip her around in bed.

It excited me that she knew I could easily lift her as she rode my solid cock. I could picture her, legs wrapped around my waist as she slid up and down the shaft of my thick while I leaned against the wall.

Then my cock throbbed and swelled when I pictured myself roughly pushing her down on the bed and suddenly jerking her up by the hips to fuck her then grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.

She ground her tongue deeper into my mouth imagining what the head of my rock hard cock would look like.

We reached my car and fell together against the door. Donna was an extremely small, very attractive woman and her tiny body was an amazing turn on for me.

Our mouths separated and she was breathing fast. Her small hand grabbed my hard cock through my pants. We kissed deeply; she pulled and squeezed harder, wanting it in her mouth.

"Let's go," I whispered.

Before I even had the car in gear she was pulling at my pants, tossing my belt into the back, the buzz of our adrenaline rush making her giggle. She unbuttoned the top of her blouse, yanked my shirttail up, and finally grabbed the waistband of my slacks and pushed and pulled and tried to drag them down to my knees. She couldn't, so instead she reached in and freed my straightened cock.

Already almost fully erect, there was a fat crystal-clear drop of fluid sitting in the slit at the top of my throbbing erection. Donna exhaled slowly to help herself relax and began caressing the back of my neck with her fingertips. As I drove she then kissed me gently on the cheek, then put her mouth fully on my cock and began mouth-fucking me. I moaned, oh did I moan.

My cock was still pointing at the ceiling as she pulled her mouth away from me, dragging one finger down my chest, making sure she dug her nail into my nipple, she lowered her face back to my cock and before touching me she opened her mouth wide and breathed her warm breath over my drenched head.

I could only glance down once in a while to see the back of her head, that cute dark hair. She gently wiggled her tongue into my slit and slowly licked the big drop of clear fluid from the tip.

She savored my fluid for a moment, an angel hair strand of my wetness tying her tongue to my cock, then closed her mouth. Her tongue slid in circles around the roof of her mouth feeling the slippery slickness of my pre-cum. The silver angel hair was on her chin.

One small hand encircled the base of my straining cock--just her thumb and forefinger--and she slowly pulled the skin of the shaft up to the ridge of the bulging head squeezing tightly all the way and my cock was oozing out: more of that glistening pre-cum, now running down and spreading out under the rim. She moaned when her mouth closed around my hard cock.

I knew how ready her pussy was and as her mouth tasted my hard-on I knew I would soon be pounding in deep and slamming against her pussy.

She sucked my cock with increasing energy all the way to my apartment, head bobbing up and down. Her soft lips twisted around and around my hard erection while she fucked me up and down with her mouth, over and over, tongue sliding around the top, then the sides and underside of my cock, ever so gently biting the swollen head once or twice. Finally, she opened her mouth wide and took me all the way in, my cock sliding into her throat.

"Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum in your mouth!" I warned her.

"Ummmm...." She moaned and purred like a kitten. Unfortunately we were almost at my apartment and I would not be able to cum before we got there.

As the car slowed on the dark street where I lived she pulled the top of her simple pale blue dress off her shoulders and pushed it to her waist. Trying to concentrate on driving and not gawk, my heart began to pound in my chest once again. She reached behind her, undid her bra, and slipped it off. There next to me, close enough to kiss, were beautifully formed breasts, small--but in perfect proportion to her body, firm, well curved softly around the underside and had precise circles of reddish brown areola leading to her erect nipples.

Driving or not, I couldn't stop myself. I pulled to the side of the residential street and leaned toward her and sucked her smooth-as-silk breast, sliding my tongue around the hard nipple. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back. A quiet groan of satisfaction escaped her throat.

After a moment of teasing I started the car back up and drove down the street and turned into my driveway, and into my car port, and eased the car forward, assuming we were finished for now, until we got inside the house. Donna put one hand on my neck and her mouth on the corner of my mouth, breathing heavily, pressing her tongue along every curve, licking me, fucking my mouth with her warm tongue. At the same time her other hand began to stroke my cock in long squeezing pulls. Almost immediately she increased the speed of her strokes until she was literally jacking me off.

Finally the car was in the carport and her furious stroking was bringing me to the edge. My balls were tender and swollen and I felt my cock harden even more as the burning began to rise.

After a moment she turned and bounced out of the open car door.

She stood, facing me, gently rocking side to side, curling the toes of one foot. A sly smile spread across her face, and one hand was absently playing with one nipple that was pressed hard against her dress.

"Come on, let's go in," she said, inviting me into my own apartment.

As she turned toward the door that led in to my apartment I saw for the first time the fine curve of her lower back gently rounding into her smooth firm bottom, and I knew I was in for a special night.

"Totally nice place." She padded around my living room looking at things, barefoot and childlike.

"Thank you. It's much nicer now with you in it."

She smiled--couldn't help it, even at such a goofy line.

Our bodies were close together and she finished undressing me, unbuttoning my shirt, pulling my t-shirt over my head.

"Mmmm, I like this," running her pink fingers through the dark hair that surrounded my nipples and filled the center of my chest.

She stood on tip-toes as we kissed, mouths immediately opening and tongues working up the same heat we had shared in the car. She stepped back and instructed me to watch as she seduced me with her undressing until she was totally fucking naked. Then she pulled me forward and took my hand in hers and slid my hand into her warm, moist between her legs and as I heard a brief whimper-moan, and let out one myself as she took hold of my cock and twisted it.

Wrapping one arm around her back, I slid my hand further between her legs until my palm was open against her pussy. I lifted her, quickly sliding my hand out from between her legs and immediately catching her under her knees.

As we walked toward my bedroom she slowly, playfully kicked her feet in the air back and forth.

"This is so like a honeymoon or something."

Cute and ravenous all rolled into one.

I fell forward with her in my arms landing us in the thick comforter on my warm, waiting waterbed.

While she stood watching and stroking her dark thick hair I removed the comforter from my bed leaving only the sheets. I lay on my back on the bed and she climbed on top of me and spread her legs.

Kissing biting pinching licking caressing, she finally grabbed my hard cock and pulled the fat head into her slippery pussy. We both groaned as she raised her hips and pushed against my rigid cock, then she began fucking me steadily, fast then faster, riding me, fucking me.

I grabbed her breasts and twisted and squeezed them, raised my hips off the bed and joined her rhythm. Now her belly was slapping against mine and my balls flew up and hit her with each thrust.

We rolled over and I was immediately stabbing her pussy, straining forward so that my cock would press against her clit. Her head drew back hard into the bed, chin pointing at the ceiling, her eyes shut and mouth open.

She wrapped her legs around me and dug her heels into my sides as I lowered my head to her and began sucking and licking her nipples. I fucked her faster, harder, didn't know how much longer I could keep that pace.

She suddenly moaned out in a long high-pitched whine, and I felt her waist and hips shuddering beneath me, bucking a little. The harder I fucked her the louder she moaned.

Slowing, I fell onto the cool sheets and pulled her to me so that we were facing each other lying on our sides. Still between her legs, my hard-on still in her pussy, I grabbed her leg that was on top and lifted it high in the air.

I raised up on my elbow so I could lift my hips off the bed, then began long steady strokes into her swollen, wet pussy.

She pushed her hand between us and drove it down between our rubbing bellies. Using the tip of her middle finger, she just barely touched herself, making light slow circles on her clit. I stared at her breasts while I fucked her, and felt my cock surge again.

We sat up, kissing as I caressed her breasts and pulled at them, leaned in to lick and suck them. She glided into a sexy pose as I took her smooth hard body, her arms floating up to rest lightly on top of her head.

She watched me sucking her nipples and pulling at them with my teeth, first the left then the right then back again. I began licking in circles around her areola, holding her by the waist, and then sliding my palms up and down her sides and across her belly.

Finally, one hand went down to her swollen clit. After a few seconds I pushed deeper between her legs and went two fingers deep into her creamy wet pussy. Being in her pussy like that urged me on and I began sucking her gorgeous nipples fast and rough with a wide open mouth, covering her with my saliva while I fucked her hard with my fingers.

She felt herself cumming, whimpering and moaning loudly, she started bouncing and pushing against my fingers. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could while floods of warmth rushed through her abdomen and thighs. She came hard, covering my hand with her cum.

"Mmmm Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!"

Her whole body twitched and her legs jerked as chills ran over her entire body.

But I didn't stop or even slow and in only a few seconds she began cumming again, raging spasms swelling her slopping pussy. This time it was different as I gently stroked one finger on each side of Donna's clit, very softly, very slowly, very lovingly. When she started to cum it was as if her entire body was levitated magically off the bed. Her legs tightened like closed scissors

"Cumming...cumming...cummiiinnnnggg..." her voice was shaky and quivering.

As I continued to slowly wind down Donna was bouncing up and down on the bed, her face scrunched up in an intense expression of fabulous pleasure mixed with pain.

She was so hot and so loud it was driving me wild! I groaned and growled from deep in my throat. My fingers felt squishy wet still rubbing her warm pussy.

When the awesome gut-aching spasms began to subside she began to settle, gasping, till finally her body hit the bed and stayed, and she was left panting.

I was on my knees in front of her as I pulled my hand from between her flushed thighs. I held my fingers out in front of meboth were sticky and creamy with pussy juices covering my hand.

The air in the entire room seemed electrified. My mind was racing to places I did not she pinched her nipples hard.
Donna loved kissing. I knew that by now.

Our kissing was hot. Our kissing was getting really fucking hot. It was starting to feel way more like sex than just regular kissing. Our lips and tongues were sliding all around, warm breath in and out of each other's wide open mouth, taking turns gently sucking each other's tongue.

Donna touched and stroked my neck and face with her soft hands and perfect nails.
With my mouth still on hers, exhaling heavily, I whispered, "Donna, your nails feel amazing, you're really turning me on."

She was a tease with her tongue--in my mouth, around my neck and under my chin, licking so lightly across my lips. And it was having exactly the effect on me that she wanted. It was driving me crazy with desire for her.

Our hands happened to move at the same time, mine sliding up her sides to touch her breasts, hers sliding down my front to feel my erection. Neither hesitated the least bit, touching each other, feeling each other, now our kissing was so crazy we were like hungry animals. Ravenous, getting each other's face sloppily wet.

We wanted each other, the heat had been building gradually, our desires were becoming overwhelming.

We couldn't stop kissing--now in a slow fucking rhythm. It was totally getting to us and her pussy was still wet and I was still hard as a stone.

Soft lips, warm breath, everything so wet...just like it had been in the car only this time it wasn't making out, it was totally a sex act. Kissing so many different ways, her hands, fingers, and nails were all over our naked bodies.

Both our libidos were raging and we embraced fully, kissing, always kissing, pressing our bodies together and feeling each other's warm flesh.

She ran her nails down my naked back, sliding them down, over, and off my derrière. In front, my cock was hard, fully erect, the tip pooled with clear pre-cum.

Her breathing became shallow and her chest tightened as she stood there mesmerized by the appearance of my thick cock. This was not like our phone conversation, it was no fantasy and she wouldn't need a toy to use while she imagined my cock!

I pulled her and we stumbled our way back to her bed, caressing each other, licking and biting, soft open-mouth kissing as we went. Naked, my erection bouncing before me, I eased her down onto the sheets.

My hands were gliding over her curly covered mound and pushing down into her slick wetness. I wanted to go down on her, get my head between her silky thighs and eat her till she begged me to stop!

When my legs pushed her soft thighs open she raised her knees, looked deep into my eyes and whispered, "Fuck me! Oh god fuck me," with her voice trailing off in a whimper.

It occurred to me that one benefit of phone sex before meeting was that all inhibitions were stripped away and in this case, Donna was free to say what she wanted to say.

I pushed the head of my straightened cock up into her delicate pink lips and lunged forward, driving my hard cock into her, stretching her and causing her to moan.

We struggled against each other, steadily pushing and pulling, grinding together and sliding apart. She was thrilled that her pussy was so gushing wet and it made our fucking incredibly hot. Every part of her felt so deliciously alive she couldn't squirm hard enough as she fought for more of the slippery, swollen electric tingling.

Staring into each other's eyes, we began a fast slick rhythm pounding our bodies together and filling the bedroom with our steady skin-slapping sounds.

Donna wanted to stare into my face while I was cumming. She wanted to feel my body jerk each time I shot a load of my cum deep in her. She craved the excitement that always overtook her when she knew that her looks, her body, her voice, and her sexuality were so powerful we had made a man lose control of himself and pour his cum inside her.

I dipped my head into her breasts and sucked her nipples again. Sucking hard, pulling and stretching each breast with my mouth while I fucked my thick cock in and out of her again and again.

All of a sudden she was breathing hard, gasping and groaning in a high voice as the tension built inside her. No words, but I could see and feel all the signs of her sexual excitement as wave after wave crashed over her in the intense peak of her pleasure.

She watched my arms and shoulders flex, felt me jerk and heard me groan as I continued pushing my thick cock deep into her pussy. She felt a surge of excitement in her chest knowing that I was squirting my sticky white cum deep inside her.

It was wild, crazy wild, cumming together, and cumming so hard. A rush of sensitivities that caused them both to lose control, as if our bodies had taken over our minds.

She kissed me and kissed me, desperately, roughly, those beautiful hands pressing my face and neck and head.

We rolled around on my waterbed, legs all tangled up together, my cock still in her. We rocked and rocked on the undulating mattress, gasping, panting, smiling, laughing, licking and biting each other's neck, lips, and ears.

Lying together, her head on my shoulder, we smiled as we kissed a dozen soft gentle kisses. She pinched my side and lightly scraped circles around my nipple with her nail.

My eyes were silently enjoying the small fullness of her breasts, the fascinating color and shape of her nipples. I knew I could have spent a lifetime memorizing the outline of her beauty.

Donna begs for my fingers to play with her clit as I am nibbling and kissing her neck. She can feel my hand trembling as I part her delicate lips and stroke my fingers up and down her dampening slit. Donna moans lightly as I play with her clit, wanting to be a master with my fingers, rubbing her sensitive button so she could feel her pussy really start to get wet with anticipation.

Donna smiled as she reached down and stroked my hard cock, she could feel me start to gyrate when she smacked it up and down again and again.

She laid back on the bed, exposing herself... playing with her open pussy for me and finally told me to suck on her swollen lips and her clit. I moved closer obediently and started to tongue her clit and lick her pussy... I did it ferociously at first... devouring her and teasing her. Then I slowed down and started to take it slow and easy so she could enjoy it and savor every minute. After a few minutes I added two fingers to the mix and finger fucked her while sucking and nibbling her clit. She squirmed at my attention and sighed when I slipped the two fingers, one on each side of her clit to softly stroke her slippery pink pussy.

As I am slithering my fingertips alongside her engorged clit she positions herself and glides down on my body to suck once again on my cock, licking my balls and taking them into her mouth and rolling them on her tongue.

She is gripping my cock with her hands and her mouth pulling at me as she jacks my cock off... faster and harder she sucks and pumps on my cock.

As she sucks me she feels my cock sliding into her mouth in an unrelenting pace. She moans and shudders as my orgasm hits and she feels my cum spurting through my cock. Spasms rack her entire body as she sucks and releases and with a handful of strokes she swallowed my cock a final time as she felt me cum deep into her already gushing mouth. She could feel my cum splashing against the walls of her throat as my cock slipped down deeper into her mouth and her tongue wrapped around my shaft. She held me there for a moment or two until my orgasm was complete and the waves subsided.

I felt Donna's body quiver with every brush of my tongue over her clit while the heat from her center grew. It was as if a war of passion was being fought while I ate her pussy. Gently I encircled her clit as I softly licked around her swollen lips picking up speed. "Your pussy tastes so fucking good" I told her as she grabbed my hair pulling my face closer. I could tell she was near explosion when her back arched and pussy tightened around my fingers. "That's it... right there... don't stop" she screamed. I started to flick my tongue against her clit harder and faster feeling the juices begin to flow all around my face. Her moans became higher and louder as I started caressing her pussy with my fingers and flicking my warm tongue as fast as I could. Her thighs clinched around my shoulders like vise grips and I drove my face into her pussy and began to tongue fuck her so I could get the full intensity and explosion of her wetness in my mouth. With a quick surprise I tilted her up on my shoulders and let her straddle my face in the air while my tongue went deep inside. The movement had her screaming with pure pleasure and the rush of warm cum flowing from her pussy into my mouth and down my chest was incredible.

Once she had cum I eased her back onto the bed and very softly moved my tongue up one side of her clit and down the other side. With my fingers I held her pussy open and allowed my tongue to slither and slide, taste and glide all around her clit as I sucked her clit into my mouth and then used the tip of my tongue to very gently massage the areas all around her pulsating clit.

Her hips started to rise and fall again, fucking my mouth with a slow rhythmic flow that gradually increased as she lifted her body higher from the bed and closer to my mouth. She was out of control as she fucked my mouth faster and harder, pushing her pussy to my tongue and my lips and I sucked her juices until she could no longer move. She collapsed on the bed and pulled my cock back to her mouth as we both spent some time licking and sucking tenderly. I could feel my cum on her mouth as she sucked my softened cock while I kissed the tender lips of her pussy, still enflamed with passion.

I rubbed my thumb across her clit and a short, breathy moan escaped her lips as she arched her back.

Her hand moved down trailing her fingers through my matted curls before resting lightly on my cock, sending little twinges and flashes of pleasure through my balls. I raised my hips in response and she grabbed my cock tightly and it felt wonderful.

I was now massaging her breast and her breath came in quick moans as her whole body rolled in slow, sinuous motion. I moved my face down and extended my tongue, slowly circling it around her nipple. Then I took it in my mouth, as much as I could, and sucked it in and out rapidly between my teeth, and her writhing became more violent, almost pulling away from me. My free hand, meanwhile, moved around to her back, traveling up and down exploring freely from her neck to her back.

Her mouth covered mine and our tongues intertwined frantically. Her arms wrapped around me almost hard enough to squeeze the breath out of me and my cock ground hard against her soft curly fuzz. Finally her mouth released mine only long enough to gasp loudly.

Donna was on her back, pulling me on top of her. She raised her hips and reached down to guide me into the right spot.

With slow deliberateness I thrust my cock into her. She was so wet and excited that it slid in with no resistance at all, until I was buried in her as deep as I could go and I felt her fuzz tickling my lower belly. She pressed her hips against mine for maximum penetration as her gasps became cries.

I didn't pump but simply held myself there as her movements grew more frantic and her cries louder. I knew if I moved too much I would cum and I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. Instead I just moved myself from side to side a little, pushing her even closer to the brink as she bucked beneath me.

"Oh God... Oh God..." she moaned, her voice getting higher and louder until her muscles locked and sucked my cock in and I pumped my cum deep into the warm depths of her body for what seemed a long, long time and intensifying our pleasure even more, if such a thing was possible.

We shared an endless moment of agonizing pleasure before collapsing in an exhausted heap, with me still laying on top and buried deep within her.

Gasping for air and trying to regain some of our strength as Donna's eyes looked up into mine and she was so achingly peaceful and serene in the half-light streaming in from the window. In those eyes there was no more fire but warmth and tenderness...

In an exhausted voice she said, "Hi there, stranger."

In a similarly exhausted voice I replied, "Hi there yourself. Cum here often?"

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