Today was a good day, maybe even a great day. It's been a long time since I fucked two different women on the same day.

I was tired of my own cooking and went to the local coffee shop for breakfast. I had a tray of coffee and sweet rolls and headed for the only vacant table, a small table for two. Just as I was about to set my stuff down a very lovely young lady pulled out a chair and plopped down in it. I started to turn and look elsewhere and she said that there was plenty of room for two and I should just sit down. I did and thanked her for sharing.

I finished my first cup of coffee pretty quickly and was going to get more. I asked her if I could get her some too. She smiled and said she would appreciate that. That was the first time I really looked at her and was stunned at what I saw. She was totally gorgeous, about 25, and had a marvelous smile.

After getting the coffees and finishing our rolls we each pulled out our computers. This brought another smile and we joked about it while our computers booted up. I was logging on to Velvet9 to see what was new. I was sitting with my back to the wall and figured it was pretty private.

After a couple of minutes I happened to look up and saw her looking over my left shoulder with a slight frown on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me what site I was looking at. I looked behind me and there was a glass covered photo on the wall and the reflection of Velvet9's site was as big as life. I told her it was a fantasy story site. She wanted to see it so I scooted my chair over and motioned for her to scoot right next to me.

She seemed to be engrossed at the content and I passed my computer to her so she could browse on her own. When she came to my Hotlist she asked what it was and I told her it was my favorite writers. She clicked on one that had no fantasies but some photos. Then she opened a photo file. It was a mix of nude men and women with a few sex photos included.

"Ha, you said stories, I don't think this looks like a story," she said.

She didn't looked shocked or like she disapproved of what she saw and I reached over and clicked on one that I knew had only the avatar and lots of fantasies. It was mine.

"Do you mind if I read one?" she said.

"Make yourself at home, I'll get more coffee."

When I came back to the table she said, "This is pretty good stuff, and it is pretty hot. Is that avatar you? Is that a banana in those shorts?

"Yes to question one, no to question two." I said.

"Well, you could have let it hang out a little," she said, "Some of us would like it more that way."

"Then people would know who I am. It's known far and wide. Here I'll bring up some private photos that I sent to a select few." I said as I opened my photo management page and showed her the ones in the private section.

"Wow, that looks great. How did you get those cumshots with cum floating in the air as you shoot it out?" she said.

"Many tries and a good deal of luck." I answered.

"This has made me pretty hot, I've never looked at cock pictures of a perfect stranger with that perfect stranger sitting right next to me. I have a girl friend who lives a few blocks from here, would you like to go over there with me for an hour or two?"

By then I was pretty hot myself and I shut the computer and said, "Let's go before you change your mind."

She wanted to drive so we left my car in the parking lot and were at Gail's house in two minutes. Of course by then we had introduced ourselves. She already knew I was Pat and I learned she was Kim. She had called Gail before we left the coffee shop and made sure everything was okay, as in checking that Gail's husband wasn't home.

Gail answered the door and Kim introduced me telling Gail we needed to borrow a bedroom before we regained our good senses.

"The bedroom's a mess, but it's all yours for the afternoon, just lock my front door when you leave, I'm going to a movie." Gail said.

Kim just about dragged me to the bedroom and was stark naked before I had my pants off.

"Damn, I don't know when I ever felt as hot as I do now. Let me see that cock now." She said pulling my briefs down and grabbing it.

She fell back on the unmade bed and pulled me on top of her rubbing my cock head from one end of her soaking pussy to the other. I tried to kiss her and she said, "Fuck that silly foreplay, just fuck me, we can kiss later."

I sunk it in her wet cunt and heard it slush like a plunger clearing a plugged drain. After four or five good thrusts she came with a wild series of moans and I followed a few hard and fast thrusts later. She was still moaning as she pushed my head down between her legs and then pulled my face against her pussy and said, "Eat me, suck me dry, lick up all that fuck juice, make me cum again."

I felt like I was drowning with all the wetness but it was worth my last breath, she tasted so good. It took about ten minutes and she came again, not as loudly nor as violently, but it seemed to last forever. I had never had a woman have such a long drawn out orgasm before.

Finally I rose up and saw Gail standing in the bedroom doorway. She only had on a tiny pair of panties and a minimal bra.

"Think you got enough left to do the same to me?" she said.

My cock had softened while I was eating Kim I was so intent on giving her pleasure, and trying to breathe. I got up from the wet mess on the bed and looked at her, my flaccid cock was getting hard all over again. She removed what was left of her clothes, turned around, bent over, and said as she looked back at me, "See if you can make me cum but just don't cum in my cunt, when you're ready to blow, stick it in my ass, I don't wanna get preggers."

Compared to Kim she was dry and tight. I was still dripping juices and slipped in without much effort and held her hips as I humped her from behind. She was bent over the bed and Kim looked like she was out for the afternoon. I was going slowly and could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I closed my eyes and kept up the steady rhythm as Gail grunted out the pace she wanted me to follow. She made her "Uhu" sound and I pushed in, withdrew, and went in to the hilt with the next "Uhu."

She accelerated the pace and I was having a hard time trying to hold off. If she didn't cum soon I'd have to pull out and finish in her backdoor. I think she must have known that and she finally let out a series of cries as she came. I could sense her final orgasmic spasm and pulled out and entered her very tight backdoor and started to have my own orgasm within ten seconds.

We collapsed on the bed along with Kim and the three of us just marinated in all the juices we had leaked and squirted out. Kim was the first to get up and she slapped Gail and me on our backsides and told me if I wanted a ride back to my car I'd better get moving. I was reluctant to leave the bed and Gail just mumbled, "Goodbye, nice meeting you, come back again sometime."

Kim and I dressed and she dropped me off at my car. "Put that on that the web site you use, I'd like to read about it before we get together again. We can't wait too long though, I'll get too horny and I'd like to try those kisses of yours and go at it slowly. I'll be here a week from today, but I don't want to waste our time with coffee."

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